100 Day Blogging Course Review – Contents,Price,Pros & Cons

Blogging is an art.

Someone rightly said it 🙂

If you have decided to start a blog for yourself then you are on the right track.

I have even published a blog post on 10 reasons to start a blog make sure you read it too.

Blogging is such a thing that it needs dedication, determination, and motivation to go ahead.

It is like planting a sapling and watching it grow slowly into a tree.


One day I was just surfing my news feed and I happened to see an Advertisement of Digital Deepak

The advertisement was about 100 day blogging course.

I was a reader of DigitalDeepak so I clicked on the advertisement and read the content of 100 day blogging course.

So in this post, I will be sharing my 100 day blogging course review with you.

I request you to read my review until the end so that you get the complete idea of this 100 day blogging course.

So let’s get started.

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100 Day Blogging Course Review

100 day blogging course review

100 day blogging course review

Before I start with the review I want you to talk something about trainer of this blogging course

About Trainer of 100 Day Blogging Course

Deepak Kanakaraju is a digital marketing author, speaker, and consultant.

He blogs about digital marketing at DigitalDeepak.com and heads digital marketing at Razorpay.com.

He has previously worked in well-known B2B and B2C startups such as Exotel, Practo & Instamojo.

Before that, he founded a publishing startup called BikeAdvice.in and had an exit.

He has invested over a million dollars in digital advertising through the course of his career.

He has extensive experience in all the major digital marketing channels such as Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, Display Marketing and Integrated Digital Marketing.

This was all about the trainer for this course

Now let’s check what this 100 day blogging course has for you?

About Course

As the name suggests in 100 days you will be taught blogging or you will become an avid blogger

But frankly, the course has gone more over than 100 days which is not a big deal for the students of this course

Well the content of the courses are pretty straightforward and to the point

Below are the contents of 100 day blogging course.

1. Choosing the topic for the blog (talent, passion + opportunity)

In this module, you will learn about how to choose a blog topic considering the factors such as your talent, passion along with the opportunity.

You will get the complete idea of why to blog and which topic to choose for your own blog.

2. Analysing revenue opportunities for the project

In this module, you will be taught on how to analyze the revenue opportunities and take the necessary steps to your blog.

3. Registering a domain name

In this module, as the name suggests here you will be taught on how to register a domain name for your blog.

4. Getting the right web hosting for the blog

Once you have got your domain ready you will need a hosting for your blog. This module will teach how to buy web hosting for your blog step by step.

5. Installing WordPress

In this module, you will be taught how to install WordPress which is nothing a popular CMS (Content Management System) to develop blogs and websites.

6. Configuring WordPress to suit your needs (themes, plugins etc.)

This module will contain steps to configure your WordPress blog after installation. Things such as installing a WordPress theme, installing a WordPress plugin will be explained and shown practically step by step.

7. Content generation and publishing

Content is king of any blog.

In this module, you will be taught how to get content ideas, how to publish your blog post.

Also how to generate content such that it is user-friendly and search engine friendly

8. Basic SEO configuration

In this module, you will be taught on how to install SEO plugin and take benefit of your blog SEO success.

Step by step configuration of SEO plugin is shown which will definitely help your blog in SEO and boost rankings.

9. Creating a Social Media presence

In the age of Social Media, you just can’t ignore the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and various other social media

Also, there will be some bonus lessons shared by trainer to learn and follow

Isn’t this really great?

Now the very important question you might ask

What is the price of this awesome 100 day blogging course

Keep reading below

100 Day Blogging Course Price

The price of this blogging course in 2999 INR (includes taxes)

The above mentioned price is discounted price for my blog readers 🙂

If you are from India you can pay via Instamojo else you can pay in USD via PayPal.


Let us see what are the pros and cons of my 100 day blogging course review.

Pros for 100 Day Blogging Course

1. Lots of learning

You will get to learn a lot of new things also you will be connected to a lot of bloggers like you some might be experienced and help you with your blogging queries.

2. Access to videos forever

Once you are enrolled in this blogging course the videos in your account will remain forever so that you can refer them as when needed.

3. Guaranteed satisfaction

After watching the course videos you will have a sense of satisfaction like yeah! I can do it.

I can have an online presence for myself which I can show it to my employers or clients.

Cons of 100 Day Blogging Course

1. Not consistent in uploading videos

It has been observed that due to busy schedule of trainer videos were not uploaded on time

But this is not a big deal as far as you are getting to learn time should not be a big issue

2. Live QnA’s not happening

As it was promised during the beginning of the course that Live QnA’s will be conducted.

Although very few times they were conducted but not anymore.

3. Poor support team

Many of bloggers including me had any query or technical issue regarding it was not answered on time

4. No interaction of Deepak in WhatsApp group for 100 day blogging course

There were groups created citywide and even main groups so that students can interact with each other and help in blogging queries.

But due to a busy schedule of Deepak, he does not reply or provide support in WhatsApp group.

I hope Deepak and his team will look forward into it and take the necessary steps as required.

Frequently Asked Questions on 100 Day Blogging Course

Here is the video made by Deepak himself where he talks about FAQ about this 100 day blogging course.

100 Day Blogging Course Student’s Testimonials

Below are some of the testimonials of 100 day blogging course.

My take on 100 Day Blogging Course

I would say this indeed a good course of beginner level to start your blogging journey

Blogging needs consistency which cannot be achieved quickly.

It needs time and dedication.

If you are ready to invest time and money so that you have a blog for yourself this course is for you.

This course will definitely help you if you want to become a blogger or full-time digital marketer.

If you liked my 100 day blogging course review make sure you share it with your family and friends who are interested in doing blogging.

If you are really interested hit the button below to enroll in 100 day blogging course now.

Check Price For 100 Day Blogging Course

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