[BI – 05] An Interview With Deepak Kanakaraju – Founder of DigitalDeepak.com

An Interview with Deepak Kanakaraju
An Interview with Deepak Kanakaraju

Hey everyone so I am back with another interview continuing my interview series with you all.

This time I got the opportunity to interview Deepak Kanakaraju who is one of the well known Digital Marketer from India.

So without wasting your precious time.

Let’s get started

An Interview With Deepak Kanakaraju – Founder of DigitalDeepak.com

1. Please introduce yourself to BloggingIndian readers?

Hi All! Many of you may know me already. I am Deepak Kanakaraju and I run a blog called DigitalDeepak.com.

I also run India’s Largest Digital Marketing Group – Learn Digital Marketing on Facebook.

I am the co-founder of the performance Digital Marketing agency called PixelTrack and we work with corporate clients helping them with their digital marketing strategy. We also do corporate trainings and launch training programs online.

2. What inspired you to start blogging? What are your favorite blogs that made you what you are today?

One of the first bloggers that I followed was Yaro Starak’s blog. A blogger from Australia who launched a blogging course in 2008 called Blog Mastermind.

I learned a lot from him and learned from his students who started their own blogs.

One of his students started CarAdvice.com.au and I was inspired by his work. I started BikeAdvice.in focused on motorcycles in India.

3. What are the skills that can help a beginner to start living a laptop lifestyle?

A good command over the English language is not a must but helps a lot in moving forward fast. Apart from that a laptop and an internet helps. A lot of people ask me if a mobile phone is enough – and it is obviously not an option!

A curiosity to learn new things, invest time and hardwork and being ready to experiment and fail is the No.1 attribute for creating a successful online business.

4. What are your income sources? How much do you make every month at an average?

It’s a very tricky question. And the answer usually surprises people.  

If you want to answer the question honestly, I make only 50,000 INR per month. This is the salary I withdraw from my company PixelTrack.

I have a co-founder who owns equity stake in PixelTrack and I have investors who own some percentage of the company as well.

The company makes more than 1 crore a year in revenue. Revenue sources for PixelTrack include:

  • Digital Marketing Services to clients
  • Sales of Leads & Ad revenue (affiliate and display ads) from web-properties owned by PixelTrack including YouTube Channels, Blogs, Newsletters etc.
  • Sales of books, ebooks and online training programs
  • Sales from tickets of our flagship event – HighTraffic Summit
  • Sales from our corporate training wing – Marketing Masterclass
  • Commissions from hiring and placement services – part of PixelTrack Careers.

Our goal is to take PixelTrack to 20 crores a year in revenue by end of 2019. If we manage to achieve that, the brand & the company as a whole will be worth 100 crores.

Coming back to my income – if we take the company to that level, I wouldn’t hesitate withdrawing a salary of 3-5 lakhs a month from the company.

Right now I am not making much money. But I am building a company that is becoming valuable day by day and my networth is going up because of the equity I own in the company.

5. Which revenue source do you think is the most effective for bloggers/marketers?

Selling own products – could be tools and softwares or it could be information products. Information products are easy to create, is never a winner take all market and it is possible to make a good income by being an online trainer.

6. What do you think about future of blogging?

Content marketing is here to stay because the source of all human attention is good content. Blogging is a core part of content marketing and it would always be the primary communication channel for a personal brand. Other content channels including social media, email and video content channels should be used to grow the primary blog.

A blog has to become a brand and a business. Else the blog has no future. Blog is a content channel, which is a part of your content marketing strategy. And your content marketing strategy has to be part of your business strategy. That’s how you make sure that your blog as a future. If a blog is just used as a content channel without having a business strategy behind it, the blog will fail.

7. How to convince parents to start supporting their child to start a blog? How did you convince your parents?

Parents should reduce the expectations they have from their kids. If they have high expectations, then there is a performance pressure on the child and they end up making “safe” decisions such as going to a good college and getting a good job.

I have always been a last bench student and didn’t score too high marks at school. That way, I really did not have to convince my parents to do something on my own. They didn’t have high expectations from me and that helped me try things even if there was a high risk of failing.

So my advice for the kids, act dumb in front of your parents even if you are not. Reduce their expectations from you and then you are safe to do whatever you want!

8. What are your favorite ways to generate traffic to your blog?

Paid advertising and email marketing. SEO is a side-effect of the brand I have built. SEO is still the highest percentage of traffic I get for my blog, but traffic from my email list comes on demand.

9. Which blogging tools do you recommend?

Any tool that helps you convert your visitors into email subscribers would be the first on my list. There are too many tools today and I wouldn’t want to name any because they keep evolving and new ones comes into the market all the time. The No.1 Blogging Tool that one should use always would be optin tools.

10. If you had to start from scratch, what would you do different? What’s your #1 blogging mistake?

I would have started building an email list and launching products long back. I should have launched my first product in 2014. If I had done that, I would have reached my revenue goals by now.

11. What role did school and college shape you in making you a marketer?

No role. Seriously 🙂

12. What is your life mantra?

Be useful to everyone around you. Leave the world a better place than you found it. Everyone who wants to make this world a better place has a unique path. My path would be capitalism above everything.

I hope you found this interview useful. If you did please share it on your social media.

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