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Last Updated on April 7, 2024

Bloggers usually require a lot of tools for their different tasks related to blogging.

In this article we are going to have a look at best chrome extensions for bloggers that are used by bloggers to make their work easy as well as efficient.

We will discuss 33 important extensions for Google Chrome that are very useful and essential to the bloggers and have their own specific utilities.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Below is the list of best google chrome extensions for bloggers

  • Grammarly
  • Evernote web clipper
  • Buffer
  • Mozbar
  • Email hunter
  • Lastpass
  • Linkminer
  • G mass
  • Mailtrack
  • Awesome screenshot
  • Vidlq Vision for Youtube
  • Social Blade
  • Toby for Chrome
  • Whatruns
  • Sessionbox
  • Bitly
  • Save to Pocket
  • Tamper monkey
  • SEOquake
  • Colorpick Eyedropper
  • StayFocussed
  • Similarweb
  • Font-finder
  • Tube-buddy
  • Facebook Pixel Helper
  • Readaloud
  • Loom
  • Page Analytics by Google
  • News Feed Eradicator
  • AddtoAny
  • SEOminion
  • Easyblog Commenting
  • Screely and Awesome Screenshot

Let us see one by one



Bloggers are usually involved in writing a lot of content in form of blogs and articles. It is important for them you have proper grammar for their write-ups.

The Grammarly extension for the Google Chrome helps the bloggers in writing content which is accurate and correct in Grammar.

This extension automatically detects flaws in the content and also provide suggestions to correct them and make them correct in Grammar.

This is one of the best google chrome extensions which are required by bloggers. It is the content quality which is important and which will bring a lot of visitors to the blogs in a long-term.

Download Grammarly

Evernote web clipper


This is great chrome extensions for the bloggers.

Through this extension one can clip the complete website or part of the website for further use.

This web clipper can clip the websites in different forms which can be saved to your directory and there are many tools provided to enhance them like adding callouts, blurring some areas, modifying some texts etc.

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One can use these web clippings in their email as well as in their presentations while showing important concepts to the viewers.

This is best google chrome extensions as it is the presentation of the blog or presentation of the website which is very important in case of blogging and Evernote web clipper helps the bloggers in this regard.

Download Evernote Web Clipper



For any blogger, it is important to get sufficient traffic on the blogs in order to earn from these blogs.

Traffic is a very important consideration and social media plays a very important role in getting this traffic.

In order to get consistent traffic from the social media one is required to post continuously on social media and the buffer extension helps you in this task.

Now you can schedule your different posts by the use of this plugin and can also analyse the traffic which is achieved from various sources.

Both scheduled posts as well as traffic analytics are the important functions that are performed by this particular extension.

Download Buffer



This is a great chrome extension from MOZ which helps you to perform various SEO related tasks.

It helps you to determine the domain authority and page authority of various pages and also helps you in determining the spam index.

When you install this plugin or extension you will find that it will help you to determining the domain authority and page authority of all the pages that you are visiting.

This plugin also helps you in determining the on page optimisation of the page that you are visiting and the ways to improve the on-page SEO.

It is a very vital tool from the point of view of SEO and very useful for all the bloggers to get high ranking of their blogs on the search engines like Google

Download Mozbar

Email hunter


For any blogger or internet marketer, it is important to contact various website owners and email is the medium to contact them.

However, many times it becomes difficult to find the email address of different websites and here it is where email Hunter helps you.

It helps you in finding emails of authors of different websites very easily. When you visit various websites this tool works in the background and extracts the email addresses and save them for the further usage. You can avoid all the hassle in finding the email addresses.

Email Hunter will find you the email address through which you can contact the webmasters for various purposes.

Download Email Hunter


These days there are many online portals which bloggers are required to use and there are separate logins and passwords for all these platforms or portals.

It is very difficult for bloggers to keep a track of all the login and password credentials of different platforms and maintaining an excel file is also a tedious task for this purpose.

This is where the Lastpass tool helps the bloggers, in saving all the password credentials, in automatic sign in to the different platforms as well as saving of critical information.

Different shopping profiles, credit card information and other critical information can be saved in this extension.

Download Lastpass



The linkminer is a great chrome extension that is used to find the link structure of the website or the blog that you are having. It also helps you in finding broken links and all the links with no destination.

This tool will help the bloggers to find these links which are broken or are faulty and will replace them with a valid page so that the search engine ranking of the blog as a whole can be improved.

The link miner extension is useful in interlinking the blog and also is useful in in attaining a good search engine ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Download Linkminer



Email marketing is a must use google chrome extensions for bloggers to get traffic and to promote their products. Through the G mass extension you can mail to a large number of recipients from your Google dashboard or Gmail dashboard by importing the details from an excel sheet.

This extension helps you to manage your email campaign as well as to analyse it in form of clicks and other interactions that are being done on the emails that you have sent to the recipients.

This is one of the best tool that you can have if you want to launch your email campaign by using your own Gmail account.

Download Gmass


It is important for the bloggers to send emails to various people in order to promote their products as well as to get traffic on their blogs.

The mailtrack extension helps the bloggers in understanding the status of the emails that are sent to the recipients. For example, it helps to understand if the mails have been delivered, whether they are opened, how many times they are opened and in what time interval.

All these features are provided in mailtrack with your Gmail account and it becomes very handy in using this extension in managing all your email campaigns.

Download Mailtrack

Awesome screenshot


It is usually seen that bloggers are required to present various concepts on their blogs as well as in presentations related to web pages and other web platforms.

The best way to present is to take a screenshot of the focus area and annotate it completely, so that the concept become very clear.

Awesome screenshot helps you in taking screenshot of the complete web page for a part of the webpage and also helps you in annotate it.

It can also help you in making a small video, blurring the required area and annotating it to help you in presenting it in an efficient manner.

Download Awesome Screenshot

Vidlq Vision for Youtube

Videos are able to attract the attention of the customers more than the written content. Hence, for any blogger it is important to do video marketing, creating videos and promoting them on various channels like YouTube.

This extension helps you in the SEO of videos so that your videos rank higher on the search engines.

Important SEO parameters of different YouTube videos which are ranking high in the search engine can be found out and can be applied in in your video as well so that it also ranks higher.

Download VidIQ vision for Youtube

Social Blade

This extension is a must use google chrome extensions for bloggers for improving the rankings of your YouTube videos.

Along with improving the rankings it also helps you in knowing the number of views, subscribers and details of the subscribers.

For any blogger video marketing is important and this extension will help you in carrying out your video marketing campaign effectively.

You can create videos promoting your products and services as well as bring traffic to your blogs. This extension will help you to carry out these tasks efficiently and with productivity.

Download Social Blade

Toby for Chrome

This tool is a tab management tool which is very useful in in managing all the current websites and blogs that you are working with.

The ability to save the current session as well as the information of the current session is very useful and is an important feature of this particular extension.

When the new tabs are opened, this extension presents an interface where different priorities can be sorted out and different sessions can be arranged so that effective output from the working on these tabs can be availed.

Download Toby for Chrome


The bloggers are required to visit different sites and many a times they want to copy the functionality of these sites on their blogs or websites.

This particular extension helps you in identifying the important information related to the blogs that you like as well as web sites that you are interested in.

Functionalities like the themes of the websites, CMS plugins and other important aspects related to the websites can be easily mined through this plugin and then you can use them in your own websites.

Download WhatRuns


Fashion box is an amazing google chrome extension that is used to create multiple sessions of the same application running in the same browser.

For example if you are using multiple profiles of Facebook in the same browser you can do so with the help of this particular extension.

One of the important features of this extension is that it is completely secure to use these different accounts of the same application in the same browser.

So if you want to work with multiple accounts of different applications at the same time you can use this extension and it will streamline your work completely.


This particular service is a link shortener service which helps you in shortening the links of different blogs, websites as well as videos.

Different affiliate links can also be shortened by using this tool and it will help you to mask the URL addresses of these websites.

An important feature of this extension is that it helps you in monitoring the traffic as well as the views that are achieved by your URL.

The proper analytics will help you in taking important decisions related to the traffic on your website or blog. This tool is one of the amazing google chrome extensions that you can use for hiding the information contained in your URL.

Download Bitly

Tamper monkey

If you use internet extensively or are an avid user of the internet then this extension is for you.

This extension helps you in managing different automatic scripts that you encounter while you are surfing on the Internet or visiting different sites.

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First of all this is basically a script manager that manages different scripts to carry out different tasks related to these scripts.

For example downloading the YouTube videos, making your Facebook feed clear and other important tasks can be automatically performed by using of this extension.

Download Tamper Monkey


This extension is a complete SEO extension that helps you in doing different tasks related to SEO of your website.

It can help you in determining the number of backlinks, can help you in determining the page authority domain authority as well as other important parameters like Alexa rank which will help you in in your SEO campaign. Information related to any website and related SEO parameters can be found out easily by the use of this particular extension.

It is the complete SEO extension that you can have and you can also do keyword Research and find out effect of various keywords by the use of this particular extension.

Download SEOQuake

Colorpick Eyedropper

This extension is useful in finding the hex code of different colours.

For successful blogs, it is important that the design of the blog or the website is attractive and will help you to retain the visitors.

The colour theme is an important factor that decides the overall look and feel of the website or the blog and this extension helps you in deciding the best colour that your blogs can have.

Complete analysis of the colours by using the hex codes can be done and an interesting design can be availed by the use of this extension.

Download Colorpick Eyedropper



Staying focusd and productive is important for any blogger to achieve success in his activities and here where this tool can help you.

This tool or extension is useful in making you stay focused and don’t waste your time on other sites which are useless.

For example many people spend a lot of time on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites without any productivity and this will hamper their progress.

The stayfocusd extension helps you in limiting your time on this useless sites and try to help you become more productive.

Download StayFocusd


This tool is a competitor analysis tool that helps you to have a complete analysis of the competitor’s websites.  Important information like the traffic sources and other important factors related to the traffic can be mined from this tool.

In order to get good traffic on your website it is important to do the analysis of the prime competitors and to find out the tactics and strategies they are using in getting this traffic.

Complete competitor analysis can be performed and the details can be used so that traffic can be increased on the blog and revenue can be generated.

Download SimilarWeb


For any website or blog to have a good On-page SEO, it is important that the fonts are proper, the styles of fonts is proper as well as the sizes of the fonts are accurate.

Hence it is important that proper font styles should be used in your content in the blog so that better on page SEO can be achieved.

This tool helps you in doing the competitor analysis of on page SEO of different websites and helps you in finding the different details related to the fonts.

This detail can help you in understanding the best fonts for your blog and to apply them in your own website or blog.

Download FontFinder


Video marketing is a very important way of marketing your products as well as services and to get traffic on your blogs and websites.

This Extension can help you in organising your video marketing campaign and in conducting the complete SEO of your videos.

For example different tasks related to the videos can be performed by use of this Extension and a proper keyword analysis can be done so that more visitors and more organic traffic can be attracted towards your videos.

This will make your video campaign a success.

This extension can be considered as a YouTube Optimisation extension that will help you in optimising your YouTube videos for traffic.

Download TubeBuddy

Facebook Pixel Helper

For any blogger, it is important to go for different paid advertisements network like Google AdWords and Facebook ads.

If you are a blogger who is using Facebook ads in his campaign than this particular extension is for you.

It helps you in finding out whether the pixels are fired on your blog or not.

This extension can be helpful to you in understanding the pixel firing of any ad that is shown on different blogs especially the Facebook ads.

For successful ad campaigns and for successful PPC campaigns, this extension is useful and you must try it out to understand its utility.

Download Facebook Pixel Helper


This extension is a text to speech converter that will help you in reading out different long texts or write-ups effectively.

Many times there are long contents that are important and you don’t want to read them as it takes efforts.

You can use this extension so that it will read out the content for you and you can understand and gain the important information related to that content piece.

This extension is useful for bloggers who are doing research and want to read long text as it will save time.

This extension will read out the content completely for you and thereby increase your efficiency

Download Readaloud


Extension is the best chrome extensions for bloggers free and is especially for YouTube bloggers or the bloggers who are working on video campaigns.

Different videos can be created by the use of this plugin or extension and also it also helps to communicate with your videos.

Along with creating the videos and communicating it with your viewers there are many extra functionalities related to video marketing that can be performed by using this extension.

It is one of the best extensions for YouTube optimization and video marketing individuals who want to carry out their video campaigns effectively and efficiently.

Download Loom

Page Analytics by Google

For any blogger, in order to achieve success, it is important that the proper analysis of the traffic is done as well as different potential traffic sources are identified.

Google Analytics from Google will help you in doing real time analytics of the traffic that your web page or blog is getting as well as will identify the sources from which the traffic is coming.

You can understand the different traffic sources, the traffic that you are getting from these sources and will be able to focus on the source that gives you most traffic.

Real time analytics of the Google search engine is an important capability of this Extension and will be very useful in your blogging success.

Download Page Analytics from Google

News Feed Eradicator

This extension is a very important extension that will help you in making your Facebook feed clean and clear and will add motivation to it.

Many a times we go through the Facebook feed and there are many unnecessary messages and posts that we want to skip.

This particular extension will help you in showing motivating posts in your Facebook feed that will help you to carry on for a longer durations as well as with high efficiency.

You can try out this extension and once you try it you will feel the difference and effectiveness of this particular extension


An important traffic source for the bloggers is the social media networks from where traffic comes in the form of organic traffic.

Hence it is important for any blogger to share the posts on social media and this is where this plugin will help you.

By the use of this plugin you can share your post to different social media networks instantly and with a click.

This extension is very useful in creating and sharing social media posts as well as is compatible with all the major social media networks that you can think of.

The use of this extension will help you in driving traffic from social media to your websites and blogs which will lead in higher revenues.

Download AddtoAny


For any website or blog to rank higher on Google search engines it is important that on page SEO of the website or blog is properly done.

If you are a blogger who is struggling with on page optimisation of your website then you can use this extension.

This tool or extension will help you in performing On-page SEO of your blog as well as will help you in finding broken links and other links related information for your website or blog.

All the important factors related to on page SEO like Meta data, sitemaps are properly considered by this extension.

This extension will help you in listing your website on a higher rankings in the search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Download SEOMinion

Easyblog Commenting

Blog commenting is an important way of getting backlinks and is very important in off page optimisation of the website and blogs.

This tool and extension will help you in doing commenting on various blogs and forums in a very fast and effective manner.

Repeated information can be automatically filled by the use of this tool and very fast and effective commenting can be performed.

When you are doing commenting with multiple profiles and multiple accounts this will save a lot of time and help you in doing productive work.

Download Easyblog Commenting

Screely and Awesome Screenshot

While presenting any information it is important for the bloggers to take screenshots of the relevant website as well as relevant screens.

The screely and awesome screenshots are the important tools which help you in taking screenshots effectively.

You can take screenshots of the focussed area as well as of the complete website based on your preference and information that you want to present.

There are many other tools like annotations that can be used to annotate the screenshots that you have taken.

Conclusion on Top Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers in 2024

Thus, we have discussed all the best chrome extensions for bloggers that are useful to the bloggers in their day-to-day tasks and help them to complete their activities efficiently.

Most of the extensions that are discussed above are all free and require no investment for their use.

However, for extended usage and detailed features they may offer a paid version which can be taken if you want to avail those features.

If you are also in the field of blogging and want to make your work efficient and easy, you can try out some of the extensions mentioned above.

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