Top 20 Best OptinMonster Alternatives 2023

Technology has evolved in a lot of different forms.

It has provided more entertainment options, shopping options and even earning options.

Many people use the internet to do business.

Having a social media presence is a vital thing in today’s time.

Thus, many brands and companies prefer to have a website.

With a website, you can easily acquire information about your readers by building a subscribers list.

Most marketers believe that money generates from the subscriber list.

You can promote your services through the list.

Apart from that, you can notify your subscribers about a new product or generate interest in your upcoming event.

There are a lot of ways of generating leads through your subscriber list.

Thus, it is important to have a proper tool for the subscriber list.

It requires a lot of effort in building a subscriber list and, if you do not have the right tool, it becomes harder.

OptinMonster is a great tool for the same.

It has some amazing features and it is considered as one of the best lead generation tools in the market.

It can perform a lot of functions but the only problem is that it is quite pricey.

The basic plan consists of $29 a month. For a start-up business or newbie blogger, it would become very expensive.

Thus, it is important to look for OptinMonster alternatives.

There are alternative tools which are as good as OptinMonster and are also free.

Read on to find out.

To make it easy for you here is table considering their keypoints

Top 20 Best OptinMonster Alternatives 2023

1. GetSiteControl

This tool comes with a complete package of 7 widgets for lead generation and calls to action purposes on the site.

The call to action includes subscribe, share, follow, etc.

It is the best alternatives to optinmonster.

It works properly and customers face no issues while setting up the app with the website.

The best feature that the app has is the live chat widget.

You can add a nice live chat box on your website so that the visitors can contact you directly from there.

The app can simply be connected to other apps via the Zapier integration which makes it easy to work with it.


  • Complete 7 widgets available
  • It comes with a fancy live chat option
  • It has proper Call to Action buttons

2. GrowthFunnel

It is second in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

This is undoubtedly the best OptinMonster alternative.

They have an amazing technology where they will be turning website visitors into customers and social fans of your business.

You can not only collect emails with this tool but, also turn your visitors into customers.

It is also known as word of marketing and nothing can beat this process.

You can make sure that your business reaches all the social media platforms without spending a lot of money on content marketing and branding.


  • List Building Tool
  • It greets the visitors by their name
  • It consists of huge social media to reach technology

3. KyLeads

It is third in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

This particular tool has quiz makers and opt-in forms both.

It helps small business owners and marketers to increase their email leads.

You can create creative pop-ups, in line forms, floating bars, lightbox models and full-screen takeovers.

Besides that, it is also possible to create quizzes to capture leads and segment your subscribers.

You can use the insights to send personal messages to your customers.

Reports show that personalized messages generate 58% of the marketing revenue.


  • Multiple targeting options available like UTM parameter, page level, and score percentage
  • You can customize each detail in the template for branding purpose
  • Intuitive reporting to understand how the pop-ups are performing
  • Connects with all the website builder platforms
  • The free version is available

4. Sumo

It is fourth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

Sumo is a lead generation tool and is a good free optinmonster alternatives for wordpress.

It has a number of tools which can collect leads and help you grow your followers.

It offers list builder, smart bar, share buttons, and welcome mat.

It provides plugins, apps, and integration for Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Google Tag Manager, and WordPress.

It is free up to 200 subscribers.

If you want to access all the features of the tool, then you need to upgrade yourself to a premium plan.


  • Provides ranges of premium plan to fix everyone’s budget
  • Easy to use tool
  • Provides ample of features
  • Each plan is customized to the specific need of blogger, e-commerce platform, etc.

5. ThriveLeads

It is fifth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

It falls under the list of top OptinMonster alternatives.

It is a product which is designed as a WordPress plugin.

You will receive a good amount of conversion boost for money.

Also, the makers have paid attention to detail and even resounding experience for this plugin.

It also includes easy to design forms with advanced testing and drag and drop editor.

It also has an advanced A/B testing engine. They have in-line forms and content lock as well.


  • Includes screen filler overlay
  • It comes with actionable insights and reporting
  • ThriveLightBoxes- They pop up only when the customer clicks on them
  • Comes with signup segue option which attracts the existing customers to register for webinars and other activities

6. Convert Pro

It is sixth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

Convert Pro makes a great wordpress optinmonster alternatives.

The plugin is developed by the Brainstorm Force.

They are the same people who developed the popular Astra theme.

It has a great drag and drops popup builder functionality.

It comes with referrer detection and ad block detection too.

The plugin is designed with page builders like Elementor, Beaver builder and some others.

The pop-up building is very systematic and the UI/UX is well refined.

It is considered as the most refined OptinMonster alternative.


  • Yes/No forms
  • 30+ mailer integrations
  • Ready to use templates
  • Page level targeting
  • Google Analytics Integration

7. Bloom

It is seventh in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

This is a wonderful plugin.

It is the latest plugin developed by Elegant Themes.

This company is known to develop a lot of products in an elegant style. 400,000 users use their products.

Bloom can be easily configured with Mail Chimp and Convert kit.

They come with 6 different types of forms which can be placed on different places on the website to engage with the audiences.

With Bloom, you can also get access to all the different plugins, Divi builders and themes from Elegant Themes.


  • Offers a huge number of templates with visual designs
  • Easy display settings
  • It is possible to customize the templates, animations, and behavior on the website

8. ConvertPlug

It is eighth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

It comes with the best deal that you can get in the market.

You will just have to pay a one-time payment of $21 and you can get lifetime access to all its premium features.

ConvertPlug makes the best OptinMonster alternative because it can be used by small companies and newbie bloggers both.

It comes with full-screen welcome and exit gate.

It also consists of two-step pop-ups and scroll trigger.

The plugin can be customized as per your needs as it comes with a coding skill.


  • Properly optimized mobile modules
  • Comes with various options of pre-designed templates
  • Consists of user inactivity triggers which helps with reducing the bounce rate on your site
  • Has cookie control and referrer detection

9. Ninja Popups

It is ninth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

This particular plugin is available only for WordPress sites.

It is a famous popup plugin on and Envato Market.

It consists of a drag and drops visual editor with which you can make creative popups.

It is also possible to align your popup in any direction on your website.

All this is possible without writing a single line of code.

60 different popup designs are available.


  • It comes with jQuery which lets you add animations to the popups
  • Time delay settings
  • Google Analytics event tracking
  • It comes with full API integration especially for mailing services

10. Privy

It is tenth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

This tool was launched with a completely different initiative.

The developers wanted the tool to connect different brick and mortar stores to the online world so that they can track their conversations.

However, that did not work and thus, they changed Privy into a popup tool.

It is the top OptinMonster alternative now. They basically focus on e-commerce websites and businesses.

They also have some specific features in their tool for the same.


  • It comes with multiple opt-in designs
  • It comes with a feature called gamification through spin for client conversions
  • The editor is very easy to use
  • Offers deep e-commerce integrations which include coupons

11. OptiMonk

It is eleventh in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

It is a very powerful lead generation tool and is also considered to be one of the best OptinMonster alternatives.

It contains a lot of features which consists of a drag and drop editor, e-commerce integration, email, professional templates, and even exit intent technology.

You can run a lot of different campaigns with OptiMonk.

It is possible to grow your mailing list with various user opt-in forms.

You can also increase your reach on social media platforms with their social media pop-ups.

They have a list of after purchase pop-ups which might help you with offering discounts to buyers.


  • It comes with a variety of different pop-ups, including video pop-ups and product recommendation pop-ups
  • It is possible to create a customized pop up too
  • You can add an opt-in form on widget areas
  • It has affordable pricing plans

12. Picreel

It is twelfth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

It is a lead generation tool which can be used as an OptinMonster alternative.

It is popularly known for exit intended offers.

The developers say that the exit intended offers can increase the conversion rate of your leads by 25%.

It is possible to use Picreel to collect surveys, emails, special promotions, and even event registrations.

The basic plan starts with a nominal price of $19 per month.

Although, the page views of the site need to be around 30,000.


  • It offers a 30-day unlimited free trial
  • It offers customizable templates for all its features
  • It is available at an affordable price range

13. Icegram

It is thirteenth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

It is one of the best OptinMonster alternatives that you can use on your website.

The amazing part of this popup plugin is that it is constantly being developed.

It provides with a lot of different types of opt-in forms which include header and footer pop-ups as well.

They also have a feature which is known as the toast notification.

It basically gives you notifications for the messages on your website.

They come with slide in messengers as well.

The messengers are used for welcoming new visitors on your site.

It recommends them new content.


  • It comes with a wide range of designs for the popups
  • It integrates with a wide range of email services
  • It is very easy to track the analytics of the popups
  • The premium version has A/B testing too

14. WP Subscriber Pro

It is fourteenth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

It is another OptinMonster alternative. WP Subscriber Pro helps in boosting email subscribers.

It provides robust features which you would need for the smooth running of your website.

It is available at a very nominal price of $29 per year.

MyThemeShop has developed this plugin.

These developers have also created fast themes for WordPress.

The plugin can be synced with Mail Chimp, Aweber and other email marketing services.


  • The forms come with attractive designs
  • It has a higher conversion rate
  • It gives popup previews as well
  • It shows custom HTML and shortcode
  • It has cookie expiration and flushing too
  • The tool consists of popup triggers and animation as well

15. MailOptin

It is fifteenth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

MailOptin is very new in the market. However, many people consider it to be the top OptinMonster alternative.

It is a wonderful WordPress plugin.

You can collect your client’s email addresses with the help of the beautiful opt-in forms for your website.

With this plugin, you can create list building with accurate reporting analytics.

It comes with after conversion smart behavior which redirects the leads to the new URL.

It also has a new post notification system which notifies your subscriber as soon as you post a new blog post.

It has a click launch trigger which displays an opt-in form.

This is the best feature for content upgrades.


  • It comes with a scroll trigger
  • It gives you an accurate reporting list

16. MailMunch

It is sixteenth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

It is the best OptinMonster alternative.

It is a great popup builder which will let you focus on your goal of getting more email subscribers properly.

For this particular gain, they have stripped down other features which most pop-ups have.

It is very simple and easy to use the tool. It will just take minutes for you to build pop-ups of your choice.

They have a choice of common displays like slide-ins, lightbox pop-ups and also floating bars.

It can be best used as an entry-level tool.


  • It helps you narrow down your goals and focus on them
  • Easy entry and exit in the tool
  • It is extremely easy to use

17. Leadpages

It is seventeenth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

Leadpages is a wonderful tool as it offers a lot of things.

It basically enables you to connect with your visitors and generate leads with the help of your website, social media accounts and even landing pages.

It has three different premium plans which offer a lot of benefits.

As compared to OptinMonster, Leadpages offer many impressive features at the same price.

They also ensure lead generation.

The basic plan starts with $25 per month, which caters to an unlimited amount of traffic in a month.

This is the main reason that Leadpages is considered as the best OptinMonster alternative.


  • It comes with an unlimited number of popup form designs for WordPress websites
  • You can easily design forms with drag and drop editor
  • It comes with 160+ design templates of landing pages
  • It has an integration with 40+ tools and platforms
  • They provide with dedicated specialists via email, phone, and chat for support

18. Yeloni Exit Popup

It is eighteenth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

Yeloni Exit Popup is the best free tool available in the market.

It is perfect for bloggers and brands who are just starting out.

It offers a lot of different features which include exit intent, page load, time delay triggers, customizable designs, and email marketing services.

The best part is that this tool offers chat integrations as well.

The plugin is extremely lightweight and hence, does not hinder with the performance of the website.

It will allow you to store emails locally as well.

It is a good OptinMonster alternative for beginners.


  • It is completely free
  • It gives a complete package of different tools

19. Popup Maker

It is nineteenth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

It is the best popup tool or plugin for WordPress sites.

The amazing part is that this plugin is completely free.

With different lead generating mechanisms like banner bars, floating stickies, loading screens, and video light boxes, it is the top OptinMonster alternative.

It consists of a special popup editor which allows you to design and curate amazing popups of any type.

It comes with a conditioned feature which allows you to target the different popups to your visitors. The plugin comes with cookie tracking which lets you set the frequency of the popups.


  • Endless opportunities for coders with Popup Maker
  • It comes with different templates of opt-in forms
  • The tool has a notification bar
  • It includes the slide-out feature as well

20. Sleeknote

It is twentieth in the list of optinmonster alternatives.

It is another beautiful tool which can make good lead generations for you from your website.

It is also one of the best OptinMonster alternatives.

It collects email addresses of the visitors. It also guides them to the sales page.

It is a wonderful tool as it offers goal tracking and split testing.

This is a wonderful tool for established business owners as it is a little pricey.

The premium plan starts from $83 per month.

However, it is possible to use the free version.

Also, if you get high traffic on your site, then it is worth testing.


  • It comes with a lot of customizable options
  • The tool is very user-friendly
  • It is the perfect option for websites who get high traffic

Conclusion on Top Optinmonster Alternatives for Lead Generation in 2023

These were some of the best OptinMonster alternatives.

You can surely test some of them. Most of the tools are either free or come with an affordable premium plan.

Email Marketing is necessary as it can generate the highest amount of leads for your online business.

It is also considered to have the highest ROI as compared to other lead generating platforms.

Choose a proper tool based on your budget and requirements.

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