19 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs in 2024 to Earn Huge Money


Last Updated on May 16, 2024

Looking for information on best web hosting affiliate programs to make money ?

If yes then you are on the right post.

Web hosting affiliate programs are one of the best ways to earn money online.

In this guide I have covered in-depth all features and top rated web hostings which pay high commission to their affiliates.

But before we get started let us clear our basics.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing obtains a unique and great welcome among business people.

It is one of the exact ways that the blogger utilizes to make more money on their blogs without spending much money over it.

The affiliate marketing is best in the web hosting niches, so most of the bloggers make use to promote the brand and other products in the market.

If you are new and don’t have ideas to go with the right web hosting affiliated programs, you follow my below words which to pick the best hosting plans effectively.

Let us discuss the top 20 web hosting affiliate programs along with these features and other detail.

Why is Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing So Profitable?

Web hosting is a profitable method to sell as the affiliate marketer.

Why because it committed to making payments as long as the referral remains a customer.

They thoroughly understand the lifetime value of visitors.

Though there is several higher commission rate never significant mean more profitable, it is based on your sell.

When there are low commission programs that you want to convert well for you and then it might of more comfortable with making a lot of money on it.

Therefore web hosting affiliate marketing is more profitable, so most of the bloggers always with to go with the affiliate marketing method to make a lot of profit.

How does Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing Works?

Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing works in different ways to promote web hosting service in the part of the blog.

At first, you need to write a post by reviewing its exceptional service, and you need to complete the post with the link with the web hosting service.

Next, you must display a banner over the site, and it provides its brand banner and other material.

Therefore you can make use of the website and link in your footer or else in the header.

Hence you can collect exclusive discount coupons and another visitor for hosting service.

If a customer visits the site and hits over the link and ends up buying a product or else service from the respective website, then you can collect a commission from the range of the $50 to 1,000.

It has the chance to get various as per the web hosting affiliate programs.

Who can join Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

This program is specially designed for bloggers who can write top such blog creating and website and much more.

Commonly the site owners can host affiliates and well promote their hosting service to the next level.

To influence the audience, you need to build trust among customers by delivering expert content over the blog.

In case if you are famous with the right affiliated marketing and other blog topics, then you can make more earnings in a short time.

If you are searching for the best web hosting related marketing programs, you need to go with the below 20 best web hosting affiliate programs to earn massive commissions along with features and details.

20 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2024

DomainRacer Affiliate Program

DomainRacer is one of the biggest gains of enlisting in their affiliate program is that they give you access to the WordPress premium themes and another universal plug-in.

It becomes the best and trustworthy web hosting affiliate programs in India platform for every blogger and business website to promote the content in a risk-free manner.

You will receive higher commissions of up to 70% per sale. 


  • Earn Commission rate up to 70% per sale
  • Earn $2500+ Credit Bonus based on leads
  • Get Promotional material and posters
  • Affiliate marketing is performance-based
  • Cost-effective customer acquisition
  • Highest Conversion Rate (13.11%) 

1. Liquid Web Affiliate Program

This hosting program is entirely US-based provider, and it provides a massive list of the service like VPS and dedicated servers. It offers a unique coupon code and free giveaways.

You can collect the personalized commission also get the special sale and huge discount.

This affiliate program offers the well-managed WordPress and another woo Commerce hosting.

I hope it is considered the highest paying web hosting affiliate program so every business peoples can try with this program and make more money off it.


  • Get special coupons code
  • High sales and offers
  • Great commission

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2. Kinsta Affiliate Program

Are you searching for the premium WordPress hosting service, here you can try with this Kinta Affiliate Program?

It is one of the premium WordPress hostings which increase the high traffic to the website.

It featured with the cloud servers which are powered by the Google cloud platform.

It let to obtain the commission back up to $500 for each sale by you.


  • Get a consistent commission along with the churn rate of minimum 5%
  • Secure monthly pay option
  • Filled with the eye-catchy content to meet the want of the customer

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3. WPEngine Affiliate Program

It is one of the best choices for the blogger who write quality content and post on the WordPress themes and another universal plug-in.

It built with high-security features so every blogger can feel free to try with it.

It created with the cloud flare and different multi-datacenter cluster environments.

It provides high-speed performance and support to bloggers to host content.


  • Premium commission rate up to $200 for every sale
  • Get a bonus of every referral up to 200$
  • Less rate over the reversal
  • Get sub-affiliates
  • Get high promotional content

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4. Cloudways Affiliate Program:

It is several manager web hosting providers, and it allows bloggers and users to deploy sites over the cloud service like Digital Ocean and other AWS.

When the blog is developed based on WordPress, here the cloudways affiliated programs best option for you and it is one of the high paying web hosting programs.

It has three commission structures such as performance-based, performance and recurring based and customized performance-based.


  • It has more Flexibility
  • It has High security
  • It provides Cookie tracking support

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5. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program:

Most of the bloggers are looking for high-speed hosting services, so they are suggested to pick A2 Hosting Affiliate Program, which is 20X faster support.

They committed to living upon their promise so it will be more comfortable for a blogger to promote the content. They obtain the updated continuously over the affiliate program.

It is user-friendly to host the content in much faster

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  • It provides tow tier bonus overall referral conversion
  • It gives high payout on each sale
  • It provides 90 days cookie expire
  • It helps to collect promotional material

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7. IPage Affiliate Program

Most of the site owner looks for right affiliate programs, so I suggested trying with the famous Ipage affiliate programs providers.

They guarantee to deliver huge plants as per your needs.

Hence it becomes more comfortable to pick the best choice.

The payment needs 15 to 30 days, but it is well secured.

Therefore you can try with these programs which assure you to meet all wants in a risk-free manner.


  • It provides better commission rates
  • It has a large amount of promotional material
  • It is complete geographical independence

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8. HostGator Affiliate Program:

The HostGator is a famous and well-known program, and it is around 20000 businesspeople using such applications.

It has a number of international endurance groups so you can feel free to make use of it and get the best support and service.

It designed performance-based commission, and it obtains minimum charge up to 50$ commission.

Hence it is considered as the top hosting affiliate programs that preferred by a number of the people.


  • It has a monthly payment structure
  • It provides a dedicated support system
  • It has active customer support at 24/7 hours

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9. BlueHost Affiliate Program

It is a high paying commission for the customer, so most of the business people and other blogger love to go with it and make a lot of money.

It is ready to pay commission up to 5 million.

This program becomes a member of EIG which helps to host the site to the next level.

It provides high-quality support with low-cost offering services and policies, and another method becomes stronghold between bloggers.

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  • It has a low reversal rate for millions of user
  • It has 24 hours support team
  • It built with the cookie tracking
  • It gives a commission rate up to 65$.

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10. WPX Hosting Affiliate Program:

It is one of the best game-changer for bloggers, and it is a well-managed program to deliver the best service at all time.

It is highly preferred for hosting providers among other providers. It lets to start payout rates form 70%, so it is considered as high paying commission provider when a look of others.

This program is better comfort that assists in deriving more number of visitors.

It is one of the most top paying hosting affiliate programs that every blogger can try and earn a lot of money.


  • It gives 70 $ commission up to 25 referral
  • It has exclusive face timing to the manager from the week
  • It has premium promotional entities support

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11. Dreamhost Affiliate Program

This program has an excellent hosting plan that becomes suitable for all bloggers.

It has a lot of experience in curated via with these years. It becomes of the right affiliated programs all over the world, so the blogger and other site owners love to make use to promote the site to the next level.

It provides commission up to 120$ on each sale and this commission price required to take up to 97 days.


  • It built with high-security support
  • It has no limit in earning money
  • It becomes more popular among 400,000 people.

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12. InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program:

These programs built with robust tracking support which helps to track major sales simply and effectively. It offers s custom landing page that gives a hand to earn more commission.

This hosting provides a commission based on the performance, and you get a minimum up to 50$.

It is one of the top web hosting affiliate programs that commonly hired by bloggers and other business people to turn a lot of money.


  • You can earn up to 120$
  • It is quite simple to access
  • It offers more commission on promoting their product

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 13. FatCow Affiliate Program:

Ongoing with the expert and top leading hosting provider is always safer for bloggers and another marketer to promote the business at the next level.

Here the FatCow Affiliate Program becomes the best choice also suitable for the people and small business people. It has a lot of attractive payouts, which is more comfortable to pick the best choice in the market.


  • User can get 150$ free sign up, and each referral can collect up to 50$
  • It provides attractive offers
  • It has an affiliated team to fix all your errors and clear all your worries.

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14. Web Hosting Hub Affiliate Program

Around 40, 000 people are commonly using such the program to promote the site to the next level. It has reliable plans with a decent commission for all their affiliated programs and much more additional support.

When an individual makes any sale between the months of the 21st December to 20th January, and then he/ she will connect commission before or after 20th March.

It is user-friendly and provides the best support and solution for the customer to get the best result in a short time.


  • It has a real-time stack
  • It never needs a cap on the amount of commission which you earn
  • It has a monthly payment method
  • It has 24 hours afflicted team to clear all your worries.

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15. FlyWheel Affiliate Program:

It is the number one dedicated WordPress hosting solution for all marketing agencies and another designer. Hence they can check out the right plan and find out the best plan to hire and get benefits over it.

It allows paying 500$ per referral, so it is higher when compared with others.

The payment will be transfer after every month holding time up to 90 days. It is user-friendly you can get helpline support to fix al your problems at the time of the using such the program.


  • It has no minimum threshold limit
  • It has a lot of promotional material
  • This program can access to the commission.

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16. Pressidium Affiliate Program

It is well developing a hosting platform that provides the right plan at an affordable price in the market.

It offers a wide range of industry-leading payouts and another plan to promote the business so it will be more comfortable for the customer to get the best support and solution.

It gives payment commission according to their performance. Each winning payment is made after 60 days of hols, so it is more comfortable for the user to get money soon


  • It provides a special bonus
  • The payment method well secure and faster
  • it provides 24×7 hours helps line and much more

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17. HostRocket Affiliate Program

It is the best web hosting affiliate with the option of multiple plans from SSD to shared hosting.

On the other hand, you will get dedicated hosting services at the best price in the market so the blogger and marketer can try with these programs.

It has a minimum threshold up to 150$ and is committed to providing sales up to 150$, so most of the bloggers love to spend their money on these programs.


  • It has tow tier commission support
  • It provides reliable and affordable support
  • It offers 24 hours helpline to fix al your worries in running such program

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18. HostPapa Affiliate Program:

A number of the marketer look forward to going with the award-winning hosting provider so they can feel free to try out and get the best plan to promote the product and service in a much faster manner.

It delivers a quality service from the shared hosting to reseller hosting, so you reward up to 200$ on each successful referral.


  • It has unlimited choice to make money
  • This program has customized material
  • It has a thirty-day limit
  • You can get instant access to the manger

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19. Just host affiliate program:

It offers a cheap plan but it works better on you to promote the business to the next level.

Though it is too low cost, most of the small scale and people hire these programs and make more money off it. It provides a commission on each referral that makes more money it.


  • It provides the best tracking in an easy manner
  • It provides steady and even promotion support
  • you can obtain direct access and other promotional content

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Conclusion on Best Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting in 2024

From the above article, the new blogger and marketer can collect accurate data about the list of the best web hosting affiliate programs along with their features.

So I suggested that you can go through and get the best ideas to pick the right program to earn more commission on each sale and referral.

Leave a comment below about which affiliate program works well for you.

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