[BI – 04] An Interview With Pradeep Kumar – Founder of HellBoundBloggers.com

an interview with pradeep kumar
an interview with pradeep kumar

I am back with interview series of famous and top bloggers in India.

This time I got the opportunity to interview Pradeep Kumar – Founder of HellBoundBloggers.com

So without wasting your time

Let’s get started

An Interview With Pradeep Kumar – Founder of HellBoundBloggers.com

1. Please introduce yourself to BloggingIndian readers?

Hello. ^_^ I’m so glad to here. My name is Pradeep Kumar; I’m a Blogger and an Internet Marketer. I’m running a blog network and web consulting media called Slashsquare. I’m a complicated curious guy; I love to explore and experiment a lot.

2. What inspired you to start blogging? What are your favorite blogs that made you what you are today?

I was wholly occupied in the “Books” world before Blogging, after that I came to know about Blogging via random online sources and my elder brother explained the concept further. I was curious enough to start my own blog and see what it is about. It was just something that happened without any reason. I’m a big fan of my brother’s first blog, MillionClues, and ShoutMeLoud, they all taught me essential things in this field. I stalked each and every blog I encountered; I learned a lot from each of them.

3. What are the skills that can help a beginner to start living a laptop lifestyle?

Autopilot income can definitely help them to have such a lifestyle, but they shouldn’t honestly brag about this, maybe a little, but not like this is an achievement. This is a part of our work, to be far away from home, to have a mini office on our laptop and do the things we love doing… making money, networking and teaching others.

There is no skill for this. You need to build a platform; it could be a blog or YouTube channel or even a Shopify store, which can do the work for you even without your presence. We can’t make that happen correctly within a few weeks if we are targeting for a quality result.

4. What are your income sources?

Slashsquare is both a blog network and a web consulting media, we have some clients, and they pay us either a fixed amount or on a recurring basis. Apart from that, most of our income comes from our blogs, especially HBB, we monetized our blog via sponsored posts and affiliate ads/links.

5. Which revenue source do you think is the most effective for bloggers/marketers?

I think that should be “Affiliate Marketing” because, if done properly, this is the best natural way. Let’s say you have a “Problem,” and over a period you found the “Solution” as well. The name of this Solution is X, and it’s quite natural to refer this product/service to other folks who have the same “Problem” you had. This ‘referral’ is like a promotion to the X, and you get paid for this as well, like a commission. Start with the Amazon Associates program and promote the products you find useful.

6. What do you think about the future of blogging?

The Future of Blogging aka Text Content will be plenty strong but more competitive; you will be forced to find out other traffic or revenue sources. The whole point of having a blog, at least for me, is to create a valuable brand. Let’s take “Example” as a brand you just started for sharing tech news. This is just a blog for now, but this is not the goal. You can launch a YouTube Channel, a Forum Community, a Shopify Store, a Facebook Group, a Mobile App, etc. All these mediums will help you a lot to generate traffic and revenue, most importantly, they will allow your brand to reach more people. We kick started our forums – HBB Forum and DeviceBAR Forum for the same purpose… Google can easily index the content, thus reaching more people.

7. How to convince parents to start supporting their child to start a blog? How did you convince your parents?

My parents realized this would be my profession during 2012 or something; I started my blogging journey around 2007-08 time… I had a lot of time to decide how to make this as my full-time profession. There can be three scenarios here:

1] You heard about Blogging from someone, and you wanted to start a blog as well. Tech events, Product reviews, Online money, etc. might have tempted you because this is going to be your profession and you can’t do anything unless it gives you money or something in return.

2] You are already a Blogger, and you are doing well with your blog. You are making a decent amount of money every month.

3] You are already going for another job, or you are studying right now, you want to quit everything and jump into this field.

Scenario #2 is pretty safe here. You can show the income proof to your parents, you can show the bank statements and if they can see a consistent flow of money, then maybe that could help them to feel comfortable. Some parents still think job = money; it’s much more than that, your job should make you a perfect person, it should teach you more about the world than what’s in a specific field.

Scenario #1 is cool as long as you are confident enough to do that. Unless you are financially stable, you may not work for months without getting paid for that. You might have some debts, some responsibilities, or even health issues; this is the real-life scenario. Have a proper strategy and think about what you will be doing for the next six months. Dedicate yourself to this, if you can get targeted traffic, if you can make people stay on your website, if you can make them buy, then you are almost there for your successful venture.

Personally not a big fan of Scenario #3 unless, again, you are financially stable or you are confident enough to pull this off. If someone says “Pradeep Kumar is making millions of dollars every month” they might look at me like a God*, but they may not care which source I used to make that money… anybody can become rich, it’s not a difficult position, but it all depends on what you did to reach there. I can start an adult website and make 10x of what I make now, if I tell them this, will they see me differently? Will that God* status still be relevant? Maybe. But, it depends on who sees you.

Don’t get fooled by online posts and other courses which brag and falsely motivate you to make instant money. There is no shortcut here. You give solutions to people online; you make money. Are you going to provide answers that make the world a better place? Or make it worse?

There should be a personal connection between you and your parents, if you are good at taking proper decisions or if you are someone who loves trial & error experiments, then you need to be clear about that and explain them. Unlike other typical 9 to 5 jobs, this is not a field with limited income; you earn what you worked for. Explain to your parents about Digital Marketing and how it is changing the world. Be honest about why you want to be a part of this.

8. What are your favorite ways to generate traffic to your blog?

I love to browse online and see what people are searching for the most. I divide that by age group – 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and so on. This helps me a lot to analyze what they’ll be searching. There are some things the 20s will search but 60s won’t and vice versa. You need to figure that out and proceed.

What I mentioned above is something I usually do for the content strategy of our blogs. I love to provide solutions… or suggestions.

We focus heavily on Google and other search engines. We are also active on Facebook and Twitter. We may try our best to enter YouTube very soon.

9. Which blogging tools do you recommend?

Paid: Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz.

Free: All the Google tools. If you can master them, you are already into Digital Marketing properly.

10. If you had to start from scratch, what would you do differently? What’s your #1 blogging mistake?

All these years I migrated from various servers (web hosting), and I lost a lot of valuable content as well. This is not something I can recover at the moment (even Internet Archive couldn’t help!), that’s why I realized the actual value of “Backups.” I use VaultPress now, and we have a reliable server (BaseZap) as well. I didn’t make any other mistakes which I can profoundly highlight, all of them are my precious experiences, and I learned a lot from them.

11. What role did school and college shape you in making you a marketer?

Almost 0% I guess. 🙁 Both School and College gave me wonderful friends, that’s all I can say for now. I studied because I have to remember the answers to my exams to get a degree which will take at least half an hour for me to find now… it’s complicated. :’(

12. What is your life mantra?

Learn as much as possible from everyone. If possible, make them happy as well and tell them how grateful you are because of the indirect knowledge they provided to you. Be happy till you can.

13. Which hosting will you recommend to newbie bloggers?

We have a positive experience with: BaseZap, SiteGround, InMotion Hosting (I still recommend) and Digital Ocean.

14. The most challenging moment in your Blogging career and How you dealt with it?

We have a lot of Facebook Groups for our brands under Slashsquare network. Each and every day there will be an issue on the group. A few months back, a parent messaged me on Facebook, she was not on my friends’ list so that message went unnoticed. After some time, she commented on my profile update and asked me to check my message asap… as if like a demand. I checked it, and it was like: My son (a minor) purchased a domain name from your group, my credit card showed $10 for this (also mentioned some other charges) and asked me why did I do like this. He didn’t buy it from me or using my website or something, it’s from a group and it’s from a member. I understood what could have happened and I told her your son could have approached, or someone else could have approached your son for this, helped him to buy a domain name, maybe he wanted to start a blog, and for that a domain name is crucial. And I got a reply from her asking “What is a Blog?”

We have a lot of minors in the group, more than making them safe, it’s about educating them and making them go in a proper redirection… money shouldn’t mislead them or deviate them from their formal education at this point. This is probably the most challenging moment… at the moment.

15. What special tip you would like to give to newbies who are just starting out in blogging?

There is no point in refreshing your AdSense and Analytics window if you are not providing consistent content for your blog. You can publish something, share it on Facebook/Twitter, get some traffic, but it won’t be the same after 2-3 days, so you need to be consistent and provide valuable trending content to reach more people. All the very best. <3

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