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How to Write Effective Blog Descriptions in 2024 (Examples + FAQs)

Last Updated on February 15, 2024

Writing a good blog description is a perfect combination of art and a sales pitch to basically sell your content to the right group of people.

The blog description can either make or break the deal for achieving a successful blogging career.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important a good blog description is for attracting traffic and creating a brand for your blog.

When someone tries to search your website on a search engine, the first thing they will read is your blog description on the search page.

Therefore, it is extremely important to create an amazing description to have all the eyes on your blog.

Rest assured that you don’t need any writing development software to create that perfect description for your blogs.

This article will help you with all the aspects that need to be covered for you to have your own successful blog in no time. Following these steps will guide you to make your blog description crisp and catchy.

What is a blog description?

A blog post description is a description that appears below the blog post link on SERP.

Here are a few ways you can build a perfect Blog post description if you are using WordPress.

You have to go to the post editor and use Rank Math Plugin for editing your post.

You can enter your blog post description for the search engine on the search result page easily.

But you have to keep in mind not to be too descriptive in the blog post description and only give a quick peek at the content to make them come to your blog and read through the entire content.

You want them to read your entire blog and not just overlook it after reading the description. The game is to draw them into your content.

Let us give you a few effective hints on what to exactly focus on while writing a post description.

There are two types of descriptions that are found in Blog Posts, one is the short description, and another one is relatively longer.

Keep in mind, that the long post does not help in increasing the ranking of your post, as the short post does. So, make sure to add an adequate number of keywords in your short description.

Important Parts Present in Blog Description

There are basically three parts to a blog description:

The Title: The title is either length specific or not, and its importance is often underrated. It is often used to clickbait the readers to click and go to the final blog. In cases of restricted word limits, the last part of the title is often cut off.

The URL: Claims the trustworthiness of your website. It has some power over the mind of the readers as it creates value in the sense of ingenuity amongst many other websites which often turn to spam.

 The Description: The most important part is to draw the readers’ attention. It describes the content of the blog as optimally as possible, striking the right balance between the information and interest generator for the readers. As mentioned before, a blog description can make or break the game.

A good blog will have a good title, a proper URL, and an exact description of the content. Why am I saying that blog description is the most important?

Because a title can often mislead you and be a clickbait to something you did, in no way, ask to read. The URL may or may not be avoided, depending on the readers’ discretion.

But the blog description hammers that nail on the wall to what you are exactly heading for. You can use SEO and make use of several keywords in your description to help you grow and develop an ideal group of audience for your content.

Do not worry if you have fewer audiences and your ranking is not up to your expectations for your post in the first few weeks.

Make content constantly following the steps in this article, be consistent in your endeavours, and you shall see the difference throughout the process.

How to Write a Blog Post Description

1. Concentrate on your niche

It is extremely important to make your niche clear in your description as it will help you do proper branding in the genre and help the search engine create the right set of audiences for your content.

There is no use of making the audience just look and overlook your blog. Therefore, concentrating on a single niche will not only help you to concentrate and give you a clear view of the path to tread.

2. Make use of SEO

To make that grasping blog for yourself, you need to have a relatively decent idea about SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which helps search engines sort and to bring the right audience for your blog.

There are many SEO boosting apps available in the market which can help you with the keywords that can boost your blog by producing them to the right audience.

For example, Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress can help you add the right description for your blog. the Rank Math SEO Plugin is yet another feature of WordPress that can create a better meta description (another word for blog description) for your page.

3. Do appropriate branding for your blog

Use keywords that are relevant to your needs and use them throughout your blog to create a repetitive structure for the search engine to identify.

Examples of Perfect Blog Descriptions

Here is a list of a few examples of perfect block descriptions to give you a clear picture

BloggingLift: It covers all the necessary details and adds a catchy line, “earn some money from the blog” to immediately grab the attention of the readers and quench their curiosity.

Source: BloggingLift

FitnessAbout: The niche is clear from the very title of the blog, and the description is just the icing on the cake. It creates emotional engagement with the readers with the line “Running or jogging is one of the top past times that people choose to do”. People immediately click on the blog to get quick weight loss tips.

Source: FitnessAbout

Engadget: They took the game of trust one notch up by writing their founder’s date, giving an idea to the readers about the experience and reliability of the blog.

Source: Engadget

Yummly: It immediately snatches the attention with colloquial words like “sidekicks” and showcases that it covers the food needs of the readers in every way possible.

Source: Yummly

A Broken Backpack: The description is precise and audience-specific, which clearly mentions that they will focus only on “long-term travel featuring budget travel tips”.

Source: A Broken Backpack

Backlinko: The use of the keyword “backlink” works wonders for the blog ranking on this keyword. The phrases demand the reader’s attention and pull them into their content.

Source: Backlinko

CashOverFlow: They are clear with their expertise by writing, “I am known for my personal finance management skill” by providing additional information on their content.

Source: CashOverflow

Lonely Planet: The very start of the description throws a question by writing “Love travelling?” and immediately arrests all the attention of the reader

Source: Lonely Planet

Nerd Fitness: Its blog description wins in simplicity. Just going through one line is enough to describe what the blog is all about, “Helping you lose weight, get stronger, live better”.

Source: NerdFitness

Tech Radar: Why is this description perfect? They arrest all the attention to themselves in the very first line, “The latest technology news and review” – clear in idea and straightforward in approach.

Source: TechRadar

ShoutMeLoud: Placing their authority right in place from the very first line, ShoutMeLoud builds a sense of trust with its readers. By using all the keywords naturally and effortlessly, the blog uses them to the optimum by writing, “ShoutMeLoud is an award-winning blog that helps you live a dream”.

Source: Shoutmeloud

Now, let us move to the next section of the Blog Post Description.

Working Tips to Use Keywords in Blog Description

Here is a short guide with tips and tricks to use the right keywords for your Blog Description.

  • Use and repeat main keywords repeatedly and as naturally as possible. It helps the search engine to understand your main keywords.
  • Using powerful words not only grabs the attention of the readers but also drastically increases the chances of your post being placed with a better ranking on the search page.
  • Make the description short and crisp. Not more than 150 words. The readers tend to read quickly and the more clear and concise the description is, the better its chance for ranking.
  • Add some call-to-action words for better reach.
  • Uniqueness is what the readers demand. That little flick on your blog description can make a huge difference in the reach.
  • Your blog should be very interactive. Using conversational words can do the trick. Using simple sentences can also make the audience feel more connected to the content.
  • LSI keywords are another key factor that affects the ranking system of search engines drastically. Use them as generously and as naturally as possible. If you see the difference before and after using LSI keywords, you will understand how much difference it makes in your reach and ranking.

Let us give you a tip. Google search the main keyword of your blog content and find some ads that are on that keyword. Now, use some LSI keywords from the ads in your post description. Voila! You have boosted the CTR of your blog.

FAQs Related to Blog Description

Let us answer some frequently asked questions about Blog descriptions.

What are blog descriptions?

Blog Descriptions are a particular set of words that appear just below the URL of your SERP website.

What are blog post descriptions?

Blog Post Description is the description that appears just under your URL in SERP. There are two types of descriptions – short and long. A proper blog post description comprises a right balance of short and long descriptions. Blog Post description varies with every blog post.

What is the maximum length of the blog description, also known as meta description?

The maximum length is 160 words. The optimum length of a good blog description should not be more than 150 to 160 words. If you type more than 160 words, some words will be removed from the words typed before exceeding the word limit.

Should or should I not use keywords while writing the meta descriptions?

Yes, adding some main keywords and some LSI keywords is vital for your blog to grow and reach the right audience. The right set of keywords helps a post to get a good ranking on the search pages.

Conclusion on Blog Post Description

So, the wait is over to stop thinking and start making good quality content for your blog. Write a powerful blog description for your website and snatch your reader’s attention.

With a good website ranking on search engines, all the eyes will be on your content.

Blogging is not only an excellent mode of expression but can also be a constant source of revenue in the long run, if you are consistent and post content regularly with proper main keywords as well as LSI keywords.

With the steps mentioned in this article, you will feel no need at all to buy an SEO tool or Blog Description generator for better ranking and reach of your blog.

So, go ahead and make the best out of your creativity from scratch.

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