Bluehost Shared Hosting Review 2023: Types, Plans, Price, Pros & Cons

Bluehost is a very popular web hosting provider in the web hosting business.

Bluehost excels specifically in the web hosting services and is famous for being a top class WordPress web hosting provider.

WordPress officially recommends Bluehost as a web hosting platform for its users.

Let’s get started with our “Bluehost Shared Hosting Review”

Bluehost Shared Hosting Review 2023 – An Overview

Lets see what are the types of shared web hosting plans Bluehost offers their customers.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

Bluehost is a reliable and quality web hosting service provider.

The plans provided by bluehost are listed as below –

1. Basic

The base plan provided by Bluehost is named as ‘Basic’ and costs $2.95/month which increases to $7.99/month at the time of renewal.

It provides hosting for one website along with 50GB of storage space and unlimited bandwidth.

You also get one free domain with this plan along with 25 subdomains and a total of 5 email accounts with 100 Mb of storage space for each account.

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2. Plus

The plus plans is an intermediate plan between the basic and the prime plan and comes with a price tag of $4.95/month and provides unlimited web storage space and bandwidth.

You can host unlimited websites with this plan and you also get a free domain to register.

Unlimited email accounts with unlimited email storage are also included in this plan.

You also get $200 worth marketing offers included in the plan.

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3. Choice Plus

The third plan is named as prime and offers the best features.

It costs $5.45/month and provides unlimited bandwidth along with unlimited storage space and you can host unlimited websites with this plan.

One free domain name is also included in this plan.

Free unlimited email accounts with unlimited space in each account with a total $200 worth marketing credits are also included.

You also get free 1 year domain privacy included in this plan.

If you are just starting out, you may choose the Basic plan as it is the best value for money for small scale websites, and even when your website grows you can easily upgrade to a better plan.

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4. Pro

This plan features support for unlimited websites. 100 GB SSD storage is provided with this plan.

Free CDN, SSL, Domain Privacy and automated backup has been provided.

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 Performance test –

Performance is a very important aspect of any web hosting service provider.

The better the performance of the service providers the better it is for the websites hosted on them.

Here we will perform a performance test on a website hosted on the Bluehost servers to check the quality of hosting provided by bluehost.

Website –

Host –

Bluehost Site Performance
Bluehost Site Performance
Performance Insights
Performance Insights

From the server performance test we can see the statistics which shows a load time of 6.38s with a page size of 831.4kb implies that it is faster than 23% of other tested websites.

A total of 130 server requests were ,made and considering the amount of traffic the website still managed to get a 94 grade point which is a remarkable thing.

Except the server static content from a cookieless domain all other test performed exceptionally well with 96-100 points in each test.

These statistics shows that Bluehost is a well managed and optimised web host with great quality of servers.

Time to First Byte Test –

Uptime Tests
Uptime Tests
Uptime History
Uptime History
Raw results from Bluehost
Raw results from Bluehost

Time to first byte refers to the time taken by a server to establish a connection with a client and transfer the first byte of data as per the client’s request.

The minimum is the time taken by a server to transfer the data, the faster is the server in terms of page loading speeds and data transfer.

Here we will run a TTFB test on a website hosted on the Bluehost servers and monitor its speeds.

As we can see from the results, Bluehost servers did a very good job in terms of the connection speeds and the time taken to transfer the first byte of data.

On an average the website servers took 0.227 seconds to load the first byte of data and established a connection within 0.019 seconds that is very much impressive.

The overall grade achieved is A+ which is an indication of a top notch server facility.

Uptime –

Another major aspect of a good web host is its uptime.

Uptime refers to the period of time for which the website is up and functioning properly without any downtimes.

Better or higher uptimes means lower downtimes which can surely affect your website traffic if regular downtimes are faced from time to time.

A downtime can be caused due to multiple reasons such as server malfunction or server being offline.

From the given statistics we can clearly see that Bluehost did not face even a single moment of downtime.

The graphs show that the Bluehost servers have been running perfectly 24/7 over the last couple of months with no or minimal downtimes.

This is more than enough to prove that Bluehost is a great web hosting service as far as uptime is considered.

Bluehost Customer Support

The technical part is one important thing, but customer support is also a great aspect that should be kept in mind while choosing a web host.

Bluehost provides help and support via a lot of different methods such as support via their customer care number and online chat option.

You can also contact them via their social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and many more.

If you need a reliable and quality web hosting for your blog or website, then Bluehost can be a very good option for you.

In many of our tests, we have found Bluehost better than Godaddy. 

With its high quality hosting services and affordable plans, it offers a very good combination for the customers to avail reliable services with minimum investment.

Pros of Bluehost Shared Hosting

1. Uptime

 Bluehost has been known for a long time for their uninterrupted uptime stats.

Since Bluehost underwent a major hardware overhaul, Bluehost’s uptime has improved tremendously, achieving 100% uptime rates most of the time.

2. Free domain

With each and every plan of Bluehost you also get a free domain name for 1 year.

3. Pricing

Bluehost provides one of the best pricing in the industry which is affordable and cheap.

4. Money back guarantee

Bluehost provides 30-Day money back guarantee which you can avail if you are not satisfied with the services provided by Bluehost.

5. No hidden charges

Unlike many web hosts out there, with Bluehost you pay for what you get.

There are no hidden charges that you might need to pay at checkout or at a later stage.

Cons of Bluehost Shared Hosting

1. High domain renewal prices

Though you get a free domain name for 1 year with every plan, the renewal fees for the next year is pretty high as compared to the average pricings.

2. Upselling Add-ons

Bluehost puts an emphasis on buying the extra addons while checking out but you can easily uncheck them to avoid accidently buying them.

3. Only yearly plans

Bluehost provides affordable plans but there are no monthly plans available that you can buy.

The available plans are available only for a period of 1,2 or 3 years.

I hope you found “Bluehost Shared Hosting Review 2023” useful.

If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the comments.

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