Browning Dark Ops Review

Another small camera referred to as Browning Dark OPS HD 940, is a part of the functionality, physically, and sub-micro series similar to Strike 850 HD Force model. It also uses internally with 8 AA batteries that allow shrinking the camera’s footprint. The Dark OPS camera uses the LCD display screen with two small lines backlit.

Both the buttons and as well as the LCD are backlit for the dark mode use. The screen will be much brighter during the dark time and able to use and view it at the appropriate angles. This camera provides poorer night imaging quality which utilizes the 940nm LEDs that can produce within invisible flash (which cannot be seen by the human eye) during the shot.

The camera’s surface has molded texture that covered with brownish tan color at the rear side and camo pattern at the camera’s front surface. This texture helps to reduce the flat surface that reflects the camo pattern and light to hidden within the background. The LED array which consists of random and black in color break up the pattern used to reduce the sunlight’s glint and hide the camera in its background.

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Browning Dark Ops Review

BROWNING BTC 6 / Dark Ops BTC-6 Trail Camera
  • Lightning fast 0.67 second trigger time
  • Records HD videos with sound 5 seconds to 2 minutes in length
  • Long battery life from 8 AA batteries, Batteries not included
  • 70 foot flash range
  • Includes Browning Buck Watch time-lapse viewer software

Detection Circuit

When compared to the Browning Strike Force model, our Dark Ops provides 2.3 seconds of recovery speed with trigger speed at 0.67s. This camera will never miss any shots with this impressive speed. However, many reviewers informed that the recovery speed is not so fast when compared with the other camera models. But, Dark Ops camera provides the recovery time and trigger time with a perfect balance which is not even offered by any high rated cameras.

You can capture the most interesting images when it comes to Wildlife photography which offers a good idea by Darks ops security. With the comparison of detection range, the Strike Sub Micro Force ranges higher than the Dark Ops. Strike Force offers detection range with 100 feet while Dark Ops offers 70 feet. But, you should know that 70 feet are the best average range when compared with various trail cameras that are available within the market.

Image Quality

When compared with Strike Force, the Browning Dark Ops produce the images with a few dull coloring through the no glow camera. However, the image quality is crisp and clear. The sharpness and the color quality are accurate and provide real-time experience.

The Dark Ops camera will never let you down and more reliable in various weather conditions. We have not received any reports from the customers about the blurriness. The only difficulty if the animal is closure to the camera while the picture is taken, which produces white spots within the picture.

Battery Life

Dark Ops camera works based on 8 AA batteries and does not provide with the package, which needs to be purchased at extra cost. To get extra longevity, we recommend you to use Lithium batteries. You can also go with a low budget by using the Nimh rechargeable batteries. Most of the reviewers recommend using the alkaline batteries but it is not consistent to use with this trail camera.

While resting time, this camera uses the lower current. That is the night time uses higher consumption and day time uses lower consumption. We recommend you to use the Lithium batteries which can offer a better battery life to shoot a full-fledged session.

Ease of Use

The simple camera can offer various features with straight forward programming by the Dark Ops trail camera. It is very easy to start up. Along with the package, you will receive an instruction manual which will guide you to set up, mount, and use the camera features. Even the beginner can easily handle this camera and set up without any issues. The user interface is very much easier to navigate.

The camera case is very solid and provides the smallest size trail camera within the market place. This camera can be hidden within the woods by using the camouflage finish. The built-in bracket which is available at the unit bottom can be used to connect the python cable lock.


This trail camera can be placed much easier within the hidden or outdoor area with the help of tree bark style. The details are very well blended within the surrounding environment. You can easily capture the perfect shot and even animals cannot find the difference between their natural environment and the camera. Dark Ops series comes with handy shape and mastered with the design of finer qualities.


The weight of this camera including the unit will not over than a pound when compared with other larger cameras. However, it may create some issues with the placement but this product is much consideration when it comes to weight.

Depending upon its durability, this camera offers the best amount of weight. But this could be depending upon the stress level to be a miss or hit.

Recommended Level

We say that this is the best trail camera for all level of people, especially for the beginners. Browing’s software provides the manual with user-friendly and offers starter tips with valuable information.

The advanced and intermediate users are happy with the best amount of specifications offered by this trail camera. However, the intermediate and beginner range are much interested to buy this product.


The Dark Ops trail camera provides a strong looking case which is more powerful when compared to the other camera cases within the market. The durability is just above the average with its strong look (which is similar to illusion). This camera does not survive heavy hitting since it does not offer waterproof or weatherproof. However, its durability is average and does not fall under the poor category and much better to go with.

Pictures and Video

Browning’s Dark Ops Pro trail camera offers the effective pixel resolution (2304 x 1536) to shoot 18MP pixel images, which offers the higher resolution by this camera when compared to the earlier Dark Ops Extreme product. This camera comes with picture quality at four levels.

You can choose the best picture quality of your preference such as 4MP with Lowest setting, 8MP of Medium setting, 12MP of High setting, and the last one with 18MP of Ultra setting. This is the useful settings for the users.

You can get the great quality images from either the Ultra setting or High settings. If you prefer to shoot numerous quantities of images about the animals that are present within an active area then you need to consider of choosing the Low or Medium settings to produce the smaller file size for better results.

This Dark Ops Pro trail camera improves the day time still images quality much better when compared to the other camera models. Most of the reviewers informed that this camera model leans heavily towards the photographs with the green or yellow tint. They also not sure whether this photography issue persists due to the fall and winter season.

You need to turn off the hue saturation of slight green color to get the super crisp clarity. The video recorded by the camera along with sound at a resolution of 1296 x 720. You can also switch over the option between High quality or Ultra quality. The same set of the resolution was offered by both settings however, the compression of the video file differs.

For e.g. the manual Browning Dark Ops model including 32GB memory card can save with the ability of videos with High quality settings at 714 29 seconds and the videos with Ultra quality at 535 20 seconds. You will be provided with the Day time video recordings for 2 minutes or 1 minute and even with 30 or 20 or 10 or 5 seconds. You can also make use of another option named Smart IR Video what Browning calls for.

With the help of Smart IR video, you can use the camera to continue with the video recording up to a maximum of 5 minutes until the camera receives the detect movement. This feature is majorly used to capture the video recording of an animal’s behavior without cutting out.

You can use the grace period of time to change the SD cards to choose the High video recording without missing any shots. Similar to other Browning trail cameras, the night time video recording can be recorded only for 20 seconds.

Battery Usage

As always, the Browning brand offers the best mastering and good battery life for entire camera models. The Dark Ops Pro trail camera makes use of the 8 AA batteries. This brand can utilize one set of 8 AA batteries for a year even with the low power, only if you are shooting the images. Even one set of 8 AA batteries can also be used with this camera for videos.

The camera which has an external power jack with 12 volts can provide you various options for camera power. If you are worried about the battery life for shooting numerous videos and pictures within a year then you can easily opt for the Browning’s external battery which can be utilized as a backup option.

How do People view it?

You can receive the most favorable reviews from the users about the daytime viewing resolution at 10MP. Even the Battery efficiency offers the killer feature, which can be better utilized on other different brands. Night time quality may be good for some people and not for a few.

This camera offers the best interest point of Trigger speed with a better power type. The display system shows the separate section for both Photo memory and the Battery life. This product offers the best part of the workload and also keeps up to date.


This camera offers its price point at reasonable and quite low. This camera is the best first-time purchase and can be used from the beginners to the advanced users. The major drawback for this product’s price vs. value is the night time quality. The average casing of this product will impress the user to purchase this brand.

Lasting Appeal

We would like to inform that the buyers can make use of this camera model for at least five years without any issues and also depends upon their usage. When compared to durability, the device appeal may be down for a few users who are looking for a long term plan. There are so many other cameras which can offer better Night time videos and images, you may look for a camera which will be better for both Night time and day time media.


It should not be added to the Rarity bin at any point of time when compared with its valuable features. The respected brand named Dark Ops designs the collector’s edition and only available in certain locations. Dark Ops is still in live, due to the good portion with the product features offered by this brand.

Personal Opinion

Browning had spent a lot of time to design the best brand of Dark Ops with various features. With regards to our opinion, this trail camera offers a lot of potential options but limited to night mode and durability.

However, the Browning offers a better warranty and hard to neglect with night vision and durability issues. You can purchase this product only if it is for sale or available for cheap. If not, we suggest purchasing other models from Browning.


Even this smaller size and modern standards of this camera offer the best battery saving and features. You can get the fastest Trigger speed with a target of 0.67 seconds. With different conditions, this full HD camera delivers astonishing videos and images.

The Flash range covers the larger area with 70 feet long. This camera includes the time-lapse viewing software named Browning Buck Watch to provide the best feel of customization options with Browning trail camera. It uses the great design of camo casing and shot the cleverest animals within the wilderness.


The casing of this trail camera does not survive on extreme conditions and on average durability. The viewing at Day time will be sharp and crisp however, it will be grainy during Night time view. In a real-time scenario, night time videos and images are not much with a great effort. This trail camera offers various features, but it not truly groundbreaking and innovative.

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Conclusion – Browning Dark Ops Review

We are happy to inform that the above-provided information to help you to understand about the Browning Dark Ops Pro trail camera and its importance. You can also refer the document to know the various aspects and important features of this camera model.

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Browning Dark Ops Review
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