How To Buy Hosting From Hostgator India Within 10 Minutes

buy hosting from hostgator
buy hosting from hostgator

How To Buy Hosting From Hostgator India Within 10 Minutes

Hello friends,

Looking for web hosting for your blog or business?

Don’t worry I am here for you.

Web hosting is nothing but a place where all your files are stored of your blog or website.

There are numerous web hosting in the world of internet

Many of the web hosting offers unlimited bandwidth,unlimited diskspace and unlimited emails

But let me tell you don’t get fooled by the term unlimited.

Nothing is unlimited in the world not even our universe!!

In hosting terms unlimited means web host will provide you with a limit upto which u can use their resources.

Resources can be RAM,diskspace and bandwidth.

Once you exceed the resources the web hosting will politely ask you to upgrade your web hosting plan.

So coming back to the post I am  here to share with you exact steps to be performed when buying hosting from Hostgator.

This tutorial is to buy hosting from Hostgator India which is an Indian branch of US based web hosting provider Hostgator.

So friends.

Let’s get started with steps on how to buy hosting from Hostgator India

Buy Hosting From Hostgator [Step by Step Guide]

Step 1:-

First of all you need to go to their website which is

Which will look something like this shown in the screenshot below


Step 2:-

Once the site is loaded you can see a “Get Started” button on the page.

Step 3:-

Once you click on “Get Started” a new page will be opened where it will say “Choose a Plan”


Step 4:-

After clicking on “Choose a Plan” the site will scroll u down below to show Hostgator India Plans

Which will be something like this


Let me explain you the Hostgator India plans

Hostgator India Plans

  • Hatchling Plan
  • Baby Plan
  • Business Plan
Hatchling Plan

In hatchling plan you can host a single domain.With this you will get unlimited bandwidth,unlimited diskspace and unlimited emails.

Prices of Hatchling Plan are as follows:-

  • 5 years at Rs 222/mo
  • 3 years at Rs 255/mo
  • 2 years at Rs 305/mo
  • 1 year at Rs 355/mo
  • 6 months at Rs 375/mo
  • 3 months at Rs 395/mo
  • 1 month at Rs 400/mo

I have one suggestion for you.If you are at start of your blogging  I will recommend you to buy 1-month plan.

What will happen is if you are unsure of continuing blogging you can stop it after one month.Hence you wont be wasting any money yearly which will avoid getting in loss.

Step 5:-

Once you select 1-month option a new window will get opened which will say “Do you already own a domain”

Which will look something like this.

If you select “YES” a new window will get opened which I will explain it in sometime.

If you select “NO” a new window will get opened where you can register a new domain for your blog or website.

Step 6:-

If you have selected “YES” in previous step you will be shown the following window.

In this you will have to put your domain name which you have already purchased it from Godaddy.

If you want you can read my post on How to buy domain name from Godaddy.

I will recommend you to buy domain name from Godaddy as they are reputed and well known domain registrar.

Once you have put your existing domain name you can see 2 options below

  • Codeguard
  • Sitelock

The only thing you need to remember is Sitelock will prevent your site from hackers and Codeguard will prevent your site from getting crashed.

You can buy these additional services buy paying some amount as shown.

Once you have selected the desired options you can click on “Continue”

Step 7:-

Once you click on “Continue” page you will be redirected to Checkout page.In this page there will be  a summary of items you bought.

In this summary you will be having Product name,product description,duration and its price.

You can check if all the option is showing as per the choices  u made earlier.

Click on “Continue” and follow step 8.

Step 8:-

After clicking  “Continue” button.A new tab will get activated which will be your Login form.

If you have already registered on Hostgator India,simply put your username and password and go to step 9.

If you are new user you can fill up the signup form which says “Create an Account”

Step 9:-

In this step you will have to select Payment options.

Payment options for Hostgator India is as follows:-

  • PayTM wallet,Netbanking,Debit/Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Netbanking/Debit Cards/Credit Cards
  • Pay via Cheque/Demand Draft/Direct Deposit
  • Pay via Account balance

I will select Netbanking/Debit Cards/Credit Cards option for this tutorial

After this just select on “I agree to new customer agreement” and click on “Pay Now”

Step 10:-

After clicking on “Pay Now” button a new webpage will get opened where you can see all banks listed out.

Click on the option in which you have your bank account as we will be using the same to buy our web hosting

As I have my account of ICICI account I will click on “ICICI Bank” option as shown

So friends,

After clicking on “Pay Now” button you will have to login to your net banking account of your bank and complete the payment.

So friends the process is extremely simple.Just follow the steps I have shared with you and your are done.


In this post we have learnt “How to buy hosting from Hostgator Within 10 Minutes”.If you have questions or suggestions you can use the comment box below.

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  1. This very nice last month i register my domain with godaddy but its take more steps and very confuse to choose the hosting plan but it very simple thank you


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