Buysellads Review 2022: Direct Advertisement Network for Bloggers

Buysellads Review
Buysellads Review

Advertising is the most primitive yet the most convincing way to gain new consumers.

There are various methods to advertise anything and everything, but you would need to know the difference between direct advertising and advertising via Google AdSense.

Always remember that direct advertising yields for better results and profit than AdSense.

However, it is really difficult to find direct advertisers.

Today, we will discuss one such direct advertising platform BuySellAds, and also do a complete BuySellAds Review.

BuySellAds is a marketplace that prioritizes buying and selling of ads.

With a lot of BuySellAds reviews being considered by various users, it is declared to be one of the highest paid ad networks.

There are many sectors of blogging and publishing that are some of the frequent users of the BuySellAds platform.

We need to know everything about this platform since we invest time here, don’t we?

So, let’s discuss all the information that BuySellAds platform has including the bad ones if any.

Let’s move on to have a look at the BuySellAds Review.

What is BuySellAds?

BuySellAds is a platform that helps connect advertisers and site owners or publishers.

The publishers or bloggers will input their site on the platform, and the advertisers will check the stats of the site or blog and then buy the advertising space.

Once the advertising space is old, the publisher or blogger will have an option to accept or deny the ad.

Being smart, you know what type of ads should be accepted that will help your niche.

Check the advertising link beforehand to ensure that the link is not a spam and doesn’t frequently ask for downloading stuff.

Once you accept the ads, they will reflect on the site and money will be reflecting on your BuySell account.

You also need to know that BuySellAds will not accept your site if it is not well designed.

You need a quality website with excellent design to be accepted by this platform.

So, this is just the beginning of the BuySellAds Review. Moving on further into the topic, let’s talk about the price, which can be a major issue of concern.

Is it a free service?

You could say that it is a free service and that it isn’t at the same time.

There is a reason for this contradictory statement.

You can use the platform without paying anything to BuySellAds, however, when an ad slot is sold, 25% of the value of that slot will be collected as a commission by the platform.

So, it is free to use platform with a minimal commission on any sold ad space justifies the first statement.

Many such marketing and advertising platforms charge around 35-40% as commission.

So, the 25% is a much better offer in this case.

You would still be making 75% for the ad spots instead of being empty and earning nothing.

75% of something is way better than 100% of nothing.

Registration and Approval – BuySellAds Review

Now that we know that it is a free yet not so free service, let’s get to the registration and approval process, which is an important part of the BuySellAds Review.

Like any other website, sign in with your credentials along with the information on your website or blog mentioned.

Within 4 to 5 working days, you will receive a reply from BuySellAds whether the application has been accepted or not.

Once you have received the go from this platform, you can log into your account.


There is a technical term here used by the platform called zone.

The meaning is quite simple which defines the type of space you are providing for ads placement.

It could be a sidebar, top or bottom bar or more.

You would need to specify the amount along with the position of the spot you need for the ad to be placed in this Zone to be activated.


When we hear the word coding, you might think about various languages used to code the website.

However, it is completely different here.

After creating the zone, you should be able to see something called Action icon; click on it to see “Install ad codes”.

You will find two types of codes here – header code and zone code.

Header code should go into the header of the blog and you need to add this code only once.

It is not required to add this to every ad spot.

Zone code should be added to the sidebar using the WordPress text widget.

In case you don’t have that widget, you could always use BuySellAds WordPress plugin to add ads to the WordPress site.


BuySellAds proactively provides statistics or an idea of how good or bad your ad spot is performing.

Depending on this information, you could try to provide a different ad space to increase the price of ads.

An important thing to remember here is that the “above the fold ads” perform better than the “below the fold ads”.

Above the fold, ads would be those ads placed at the top of the site or on the homepage, visible to the viewer without scrolling.

It could be placed even above the main content of the site itself.

This helps provide more exposure and hence it has more value.

Below the fold ads would be those ads placed on the lower sidebar, which usually don’t gain much attention since viewers have to scroll down until the end to check the ad.

Not all viewers go to the end of the page each time.

This attracts less business and hence is low in value.

Another important part of our BuySellAds Review are the types of ad-options you get here.

As we know there are different types of ads being developed or created.

It could be an image ad or a text and image ad, RSS ad, tweet ad or more.

You can choose any of these based on the fact that your site has options to hosts such ads.

For bloggers, an image ad is the priority since it keeps your blog and designs clean.

The latest RSS feed and sponsored tweet program added to this platform is a huge bonus for all bloggers and publishers.

Many tend to buy ad space along with the sponsored tweets.


The payout is the next part that we will cover in our complete BuySellAds Review.

With two checkouts every month, PayPal is the best option provided here to make withdrawals or transfers to the bank accounts.

You are welcome to choose this program to see if it is really worth the effort since millions of bloggers and publishers are doing it.

So, why don’t you give it a try?

Direct advertising can be acquired by sending personal advertisement email or with the help of a third-party advertising firm to see advertising.

This is an excellent concept with a supporting platform for bloggers and marketing agencies to buy ads.

There are many similar platforms that offer such services, however, they aren’t as reliable as BuySellAds as per user reviews.

Plus, the 25% commission to the platform is a bonus as it seems really reasonable for the services they offer.

The Pros and Cons of BuySellAds – BuySellAds Review

We know what the platform is about, how it works, how to register and place ad requests and even the payment process.

However, we are not yet aware of the pros and cons of this excellent platform.

This BuySellAds review will not be justified if we don’t talk about these two important aspects.

Good Side/Pros

With as many advantages you find using this platform, these are the most prominent facts proven by the site that we will discuss here in our BuySellAds Review.

You have all these functions and features to explore and exploit while using this platform.

  • Everything this is taken care by the platform once you have set up the blog or site listing and add the relevant code at the appropriate place in your blog or site.
  • You have the option to set up automatic and manual features to approve ads
  • A payment gateway is via the platform, you need not have to worry about it
  • Excellent for new and smaller blogs with less traffic to earn a little extra income
  • Your site or blog is exposed to a larger audience which is a difficult task to achieve
  • Competitive prices for ads helps you understand the ad market and its secrets
  • Niche related ads can be attracted
  • Similar ads are always attracted by the blog
  • Research before placing your blog listing in the publisher directory
  • You have options to check on other blogs which similar niche for competitive ad prices
  • Flexible on type and amount of ad space
  • Maximize earning potential by offering multiple ad sizes, locations, prices and more

Bad Side/Cons

Like every other platform, there are a few drawbacks too of BuySellAd platform. And, our BuySellAds Review covers them all.

We saw many excellent options and features on the good side, but we also need to understand its bad side before we use the platform.

  • Commission of25% is high as per many consumer reviews
  • If you are not willing to pay that much commission, then this is not the place for you
  • Cluttered publishing directory makes it hard to find the blog
  • Cluttered publishing directory also doesn’t assist in the site or blog to stand out

The bad side of BuySellAds has remedies too.

These issues can be resolved with a little effort from your end. And, we in our BuySellAds Review are going to cover that too.

  • In order to avoid the cluttered publishing directory issue, use the maximum number of keywords to be tagged to your blog listing
  • Maximized keyword count will maximize the keyword search hits
  • Another resolution for the cluttered directory would be the use of demographic statistics
  • These demographics will be unique and desirable niche viewers would be attracted to the blog
  • Pricing should be competitive, not too low nor too high

BSA with DFP – BuySellAds with Double-click for Publishers

This is a surprise element of our BuySellAds Review.

It is an interesting combination of platform and server.

The platform would be BSA while the server would be DFP.

There are 3 major advantages here:

  • Both these service providers communicate via API to regulate serving over a fixed 30-day period and there is no frequency cap to the line item
  • Traffic is handled automatically since the moment you accept an ad, DFP create BSA order and also create a line item for the ad
  • Easy to set up BSA with DFP with a few steps and you are good to go

This ad marketing platform assists to monetize your website.

You have complete control over the prices of the ads and you are dealing with the advertiser directly.

This helps with a transparent transaction with the information being posted on your site, the period and the price for the period will all be decided by you directly with the advertiser.

Conclusion on Buysellads Review

So, that was it!!

A complete BuySellAds Review for you to understand every single aspect of this platform and make the best use of it.

Overall, this is an excellent earning platform for new and upcoming bloggers and publishers.

This has to be one of the very few reliable platforms for ad marketing with direct contact with the advertiser.

There is no middleman or broker business here and the only time you would be charged would be the commission for using the platform and earning out of it.

With that being said, a few minor quirks and glitches have been observed by our BuySellAds Review in the system out of which, many have fixes already.

A little extra income via this platform for amateur bloggers would be really helpful.

Give it a try since it is free to register and wait for an advertiser to approach you.

You need to be prepared with a rate depending on the size you are offering.

So, do your research well enough before entering the platform.

Hope this piece of detailed BuySellAds Review was helpful in creating knowledge about the BuySellAds platform.

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