How To Create Blog On for FREE in 2021

How to Create a FREE Blog on Blogger
How to Create a FREE Blog on Blogger

Are you looking for post on How to Create Blog on platform?

If you have a blog it is really great as you can share almost anything.

If you are really serious of your blog you can even earn good income from your blog.

I usually suggest creating a blog for yourself using your own domain and hosting that is by using


You should understand that self-hosted WordPress blogs are better than free blogging platform like and

Although many beginners don’t want to invest money on their blog.This is very realistic thinking.

Once you got an experience about blogging you can move ahead and become a professional blogger and start using self-hosted blogs.

Now coming to the topic

Blogspot allows you to create a free blog but it has few limitations

As I mentioned earlier for beginners Blogspot is a good platform to start with and to know about how blogging works.

This post is for the beginners who want to start blogging with

Lets first understand the basics

Blogspot is powered by Google.It allows you to create free blog on their platform.Also all your images will be stored via Picasa of your blog.

To be specific Blogspot is Google oriented blogging platform

The next thing I want to say is if your goal is to make money online from your blog.I will suggest you to use self-hosted blog.

You can read my step by step post on create WordPress blog in less than 10 minutes

Step by Step Guide on How to Create A Free Blog On in 2021

If you dont like to read steps on how to create a free blog on blogspot you can watch the video below :-

To create a free blon on Blogspot blog you need to navigate to blogger

Homepage will look something like this Homepage Homepage

Once done you need to login via your Gmail account.You can create a new Gmail account if you don’t have.

You need to fill some of the basic information to complete the profile of your Google Plus account.

Once logged in click on “new blog” or click on this link to directly go there –

Create a free blog

Give your blog a Name

The very first thing you will need to do is select a name and domain for your free blogspot blog.

Create a new blog on Blogspot
Create a new blog on Blogspot

My advice is avoid using your personal name for your blog.

If you decide to make your blog a brand you need to choose a domain which is generic and brandable using custom domain name.

The next step is to choose a template for your new blogspot blog.

Your blog is now created

But wait.

Your work is not done yet.

You need to do few settings in your blog for making it easy to use.

You need to add description of your blog so that you make your blog search engine friendly.

Blogspot Basic Settings and Meta Description
Blogspot Basic Settings and Meta Description

Once done save the changes.

Now you are ready to publish your first blog post.

For doing that you need to go to Posts->Add Post

Before you start posting I suggest you to add an “About” page.

It will give an idea on who you are and what is your blog all about.

After that you should change your blog template as the default template is quite generic and simple.

You can get your blog templates from Gooyabitestemplates

To change your blog template you need to navigate to Layout options where you can adjust the settings as per your need.

You can also add your own logo to your blog to give it a professional look.

Once you have few posts on your blog.You can start making money from your blog.

To do that you need to click on Earnings and enable Adsense for your own blog.

This will allow you to earn money from your free blogspot blog.

Note – This post is only for beginners who want to start their first free blog using Blogspot and are looking for way to create a free blog.

If you want to take professional way right from the beginning you can read and follow my post on create a WordPress blog in less than 10 minutes.

Conclusion on How to Create Free Blog on in 2021

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