Cuddeback Black Flash Model E3 Review

The Cuddeback black flash model E3 camera is the upgraded version of the E2. The E3 has some interesting changes compared to E2 which is great, though some customers may miss the changed features. The E3 still has the same power and pixels but it has 0.25 trigger speed.

The E3 is a day time as well as night time camera, while the E2 has a longer flash range. The black flash is a nice touch and keeps people or animals from being alerted that they are being watched. And so, they can also be used as security cameras.

The Cuddeback black flash E3 camera gives high-resolution pictures and videos. It is also inexpensive when compared to other cameras. This E3 camera has different features, modes and customizable settings which can be set as per the customer’s choice and preference.

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Cuddeback Black Flash Model E3 Review

Image Quality

The image quality of the Cuddeback black flash model E3 can be a bit tricky to understand. The camera shoots in color in the daytime and in monochrome at night time which can provide you with 24-hour surveillance of any location.

As a day time camera, it has the best high-resolution images. The day time images are crisp and clear, with superb color balance. The camera is featured with the 20MP resolution, this can be changed or reduced to 5MP is needed. Such high resolution of 20MP gives high-quality images, with clear details even when zoomed in on and does not get blurry or pixilated.

The E3 has two formats: Standard 4;3 full-size image, which is mostly used for normal photography or shooting videos and 16;9 widescreen images which are used when a landscape wants to be photographed or a video of the landscape.

The 20 no glow LEDs offer an infrared flash range of approximately 50 feet. The nighttime images are not so great when compared to the daytime images. The nighttime images are not clear and appear to be blurry.

This the main drawback of the black flash cameras due to the amount of time it takes to shutter, which is supposed to be open to capture the image. Especially when there is no moon or if the camera is situated at a place where there is a dense forest where the moonlight cannot pass through the dense overgrowth of the forest.

This does not happen when there is a full moon or the camera is placed in an open field. The more of the moonlight the less haziness of the image.

If this part of night photography is the main reason to buy this camera then you must not purchase this camera, instead buy the Cuddeback Long Range IR. This camera has a red glow infrared in the camera which gives a better quality of nighttime images.

Burst mode is another feature for photos where up to 5 photos may be taken each time the camera is activated by movement. The camera can also be set up to capture videos when movement is detected, and a user-defined set of up to 30 seconds of video per activation can be set.


The same situation is faced with the videos which were faced with the photographs. The daytime videos are taken in 720p HD with a frame rate of 15fps (frames per second) which give excellent quality. For nighttime, videos are also taken in 720p HD but with 8fps (frames per second) which suffer from the same haziness as photos.

The videos can be set for 10, 20, and 30 seconds in length and the videos are recorded with sound. This feature is great when used during recording noisy animals like bucks during rut or bobcats. Additionally, when recording video, the E3 can be set to only record the video, or to capture a photograph along with a video.

Detection Circuit

The wide view is best for fields and other open spaces where the game can approach from anywhere. The centered view is best for monitoring trails, pinch points, and food plots. It also has “zone control.” This feature allows the user to select either a wide or centered field of view. The No Glow E3 has a detection range of 50 feet under ideal conditions.

Tigger Speed and Recovery Time

The Black Flash E3 is approximately 3 times faster than a lot of trail cameras. This camera ensures that you would not miss put on any deer or any other animal which is fast. As it has this super-fast trigger speed of 0.25 seconds. This may sometime startle the wildlife, but you will still get your shot as it is fast enough.

The E3 camera has the right around industry average of the recovery time. It recovers from the first captured image just in 1-2 seconds before it is ready to take the second image.

Operational Modes – Cuddeback Black Flash Model E3 Review

Time Lapse Mode

The time-lapse mode can be set for both motion detection or to ignore any motion detection. When motion detection is used the camera detects the motion and captures images as per the intervals are set for the image or for shooting video. Each time the motion is detected this happens.

The intervals for capturing an image or shooting video can be set between 10 seconds to 24 hours.

Burst Mode

When burst mode is used, the E3 will take several photos in rapid succession each time the camera’s sensors are triggered. Burst mode can be set to take between 1-5 images with each trigger.

Delay Mode

The delay means the time taken by the camera once the first picture is captured and the camera waits to take the second photo. This can be set between 1-2 seconds and 60 minutes.

The delay time can be set as per the area the camera is situated for or as per the animal it will be capturing. As the FAP (fast as possible) is mostly used for following trails and fast animals.

For other feeder animals like where deer congregate and mull around for longer time period, the delay time can be set for 10-15 seconds. This will save your space on your SD card and also your battery.

Day and Night Mode

You can set different settings for day and night in your E3 camera. You can program time lapse, burst and delay differently for both. Like for day time you can keep the delay time as 10-1 seconds and for a night you can keep delay time as FAP which is 1-2 seconds.

No Card Mode

There is never enough space in your SD card when it comes to taking photos of wildlife, landscapes or forests. This E3 camera helps you with its 120 MB internal storage which means you can capture about 100 images without your SD card.

This is really handy when you forget your card at home or when your card is full of the images which you later have to transfer to your computer.


This E3 camera has a decent battery life as it works on 8AA batteries which gives more battery life than the C or D type batteries. This one set of batteries can mostly last you for the whole hunting season. It also depends on the conditions the camera is used in like extremely hot or cold weather. Also, on which settings is the camera running on.

You set the camera on less motion detection so it will capture fewer images and it should be on user definable setting. With more images being captured the more battery is used. It can take up to 10,000 images before you exhaust the battery for the season.

No Glow IR

The No Glow IR LEDs do not scare away the nocturnal creatures and it also illuminates the shot for a distance of 40 feet from the camera. Yet this is not always possible. It will happen when the camera is in a suitable position and the weather is good, then you can expect the 40 feet long clear shot from the camera.

Even though the No Glow IR LED is just a small portion of the camera, the bonus is that there are 24 LEDs to illuminate the shot, so you will get a brighter and clearer image.

Wide Angle

Whilst this camera isn’t the smallest on the market, the larger form does give a great advantage to the user. A wider range of camera angle means that the camera will capture a wider area when it detects movement, which could mean the difference between the camera capturing the animal that triggered it and the animal escaping the view.

Conclusion – Cuddeback Black Flash Model E3 Review

The Cuddeback Black Flash E3 camera is the best deal trail camera with an affordable price in the market. This camera has a lot of benefits like the size and the resolution is great, the wide-angle lens and the No Glow IR LEDs which do not scare the animals that appear in the frame. It is also easy to set up and be customized as per the user’s needs.

The only drawback of this camera is the haziness and grainy images and videos it captures during nighttime. Which can be a negative point for most of the buyers, as they can buy Cuddeback Long Range IR or the Browning Strike Force HD to get better nighttime images and videos.

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