Flikover Review 2019 – Best Group Buy Service For Premium SEO Tools

Flikover Review 2019 – Best Group Buy Service For Premium SEO Tools

Are you looking to buy Flikover service for your SEO campaign?

If yes then you are on the right place

In this post I will share with you my flikover review with you all so that you can understand the power and easiness of this service

Before I get start I want you to tell SEO is an important part in the success of any blog or websites

Without SEO your blog will be dead you wont be getting visitors to your blog and eventually you will lose your time and money.

If you are complete beginner you should know SEO.

Mainly on page seo and off page seo are the two main techniques which helps you rank in search engines.

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There are many SEO tools available in the market such as SEMRush,Ahrefs and so on

Some bloggers use Google Keyword Planner for their SEO campaign.

I must say that it does provide you with keyword volume and keyword competition but GKP(Google Keyword Planner) is mostly used by advertisers so that they can find out the value of keywords

As a blogger we need more data metrics to find out about any keyword.

We also need to find out the competition to our blog.

What others are doing in our own blogging niche

You can’t do competitor analysis in Google Keyword Planner

So your SEO efforts are limited by using GKP and other free tools for SEO metrics

Many expert bloggers recommend their followers to buy premium SEO tools.

The reason behind that is very useful as by using those tools you can get very important data which can change your blogging life.

One such service is provided by Flikover.

Lets start with my post on Flikover review which will help you to understand it more better.

Flikover Review 2019 – Best Group Buy Service For SEO Campaign

flikover review
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flikover review

Flikover is  a group buy service which helps us to get access to premium SEO tools which are used by industry experts.

I have mainly used Ahrefs plan and Majestic pro plan for my SEO purpose.

Try Flikover For FREE..!!

Flikover Features

Instant Tool Access

Once you install both the plugins you can access the premium tools provided in your account

24/7 Customer support

They are always available to help you in case you meet with an issue.

95% Access Guarantee

Their systems are reliable enough to provide uptime guarantee and provide you access to premium SEO tools.

Flikover Advantages

Access to all premium SEO tools

You will get access to all premium SEO tools at cheaper cost which will help you save money for your blogging journey

Instant access

Once plugins are installed you can access premium tools using their service in no time

I personally haven’t faced any issue using Flikover.

I must say they are good service to use and completely legit.

Disadvantages of Flikover

Works only on Google Chrome

Their plugins work only on Google Chrome browser.Other browsers such as  Mozilla Firefox and Opera browser doesn’t support it.

Less Marketing

Flikover team is not doing much marketing of such a great group buy service.I hope very soon they will increase their marketing efforts

Flikover Review 2019 – My take

As I said earlier they are really good.I haven’t faced any issue yet.

I would personally recommend bloggers who cant buy premium SEO tools at high cost and are facing difficulty in their SEO Campaign.

I hope you found my post on Flikover review useful.If you did kindly share it with your blogger friends so that they can also benefit from such a good group buy service provider.

Click here to try Flikover for FREE

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