How To Do Keyword Research With BlogBing


How to do Keyword Research with BlogBing

It all begins with typing the words in the search bar!

The keyword research is the most valuable, and high-return activity. Actually, it can be said that the ranking of the right keywords holds the making and breaking perspectives of a website. As a blogger, you will always need visitors to your website, but the right visitor gets the value to your website.

The keyword research shifts in demand and changes due to market conditions and thus makings predictions to target the phrases and words difficult day by day, and this is where SEO will need a keyword planner and not just the keyword planner, but the “best keyword planner” to keep the website above all in the industry.

So, if you are looking for a perfect keyword planner, then the only buzzing suggestion you would get is “Blogbing”.

Before you give it a thought of using this, let’s have a look at the reasons for why you will need BlogBing:

  • It is a Global Keyword database that you will be missing out on other competitors like SERPStat.
  • The easy-to-use interface that lets you forget moving between the pages to find the piece of data you need.
  • Understands your keywords in a better way by getting the most important and powerful metrics. Few latest metrics introduced are Minimum and Maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) that replaces the average CPC value and Blogger’s CPC.
  • Outrank your competitors by knowing the important SEO metrics.
  • Make a complete analysis as we provide you the real-time data of Keyword difficulty, CPC and search trends chart to always keep you ahead of your competitors.
  • It uses the multiple keyword suggestion methods through Adsense, LSI, WH Keywords, Google suggests and few more on the way.
  • And the top-most feature is more accurate and meticulous form of multiple sources and complex algorithms to make it quintessential because ultimately the keyword research is all about accuracy and so, think we.

Though you may find a lot of convincing reasons to use BlogBing, you might still be on the fence to use it because you also have other keyword research tools in the market. So, why choose only BlogBing for keyword research?

So, if you are among the ones who have the question “why BlogBing?” cropping up in your mind, then you need to know how it differs from the other players in the market like KWFinder, Serpstat,, and other prominent keyword planners.

Here are few aspects of Blogbing that stand out from the crowd:

  • It uses multiple keyword research methods through Google Adwords, Google suggests WH Questions and Deep LSI.
  • More accuracy with minimum and maximum CPC range while others use the useless average CPC value for Adwords.
  • It has the latest introduction to metrics that are BCPC which represents your earning from Adsense again with maximum and minimum range.
  • More accurate and meticulous calculation with real-time monthly search volume historical chart.
  • Uses multiple SEO metrics like DA, PA, MR, MT, and Backlinks for each SERP competitors.
  • Forget outdated cached results, as it provides real-time SERP and Keyword SEO difficulty.

What else do you seek from a keyword planner?

So, if you think the above elucidations have justified BlogBing as the “best Keyword planner”, then here are a few more things ready to get served on your plate by BlogBing which will leave you amazed.

  • You will soon get to use a keyword suggestion based on competitor URL instead of just seed keyword method.
  • Use City level location selection instead of the limited number of countries.
  • More advanced keyword search method.
  • More advanced metrics for SERP competitors.
  • More powerful SEO difficulty algorithm.
  • Find more useful features like keyword filters, Bookmarks, export, copy and many more.
  • UI/UX improvements and bug fixing with a responsive interface.
  • Get access to monthly search history volumes of last few years instead of just 12 months.

Bottom Line

So, on the whole, it is all about which keyword planner gives you the best.

And no doubt, it is BlogBing, as it offers you everything you will need for SEO to outsmart your competitors in the industry.

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  1. Yes, keyword researching is the best part to start a blog. if this is chosen in the right way then you will rock. thanks for sharing such amazing knowledge.


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