How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Your Blog/Website in 2021

In this post I will share with you how to get google adsense approval with a new blog

Many people ask me how to get google adsense approval for my blog?

Getting Google Adsense approval is very easy you just need to follow Google Adsense Terms and Conditions

As you know Adsense is one of the highest paid ad networks.

This is the reason every blogger wants to get adsense approval for his blog.

So if you are also searching for how to approve blog for adsense.

This post is for you.

Once you follow the below mentioned steps you will get definitely get Adsense approval.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Blog in 2021

1. Buy Custom Domain Name

First thing you need to do is buy a custom domain name.

It is nothing but or in other case

If you don’t buy custom domain name your blog address will be which doesn’t look professional and good.

Also getting adsense approval is very difficult

Hence you need to buy custom domain name for your blog or website

2. Create Specific Email Address

The next thing you need to do is create custom email address for your blog.

You can have email like [email protected]

You can use Zoho to create free email address for your blog.

If you have purchased hosting you can even create email from your hosting account.

3. Add Important Pages To Your Site

Another important thing you need to do is create important pages like About Us,Contact Us,Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for your blog or website

These pages are important from aspect of Adsense approval that is the reason you need to create these pages.

Watch my below video on How to create Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Page for Your Site.

4.Simple and Clean Theme

You should also need to keep in mind that your theme should be lightweight and user friendly and fast loading

Some bloggers use heavy themes to make their blog look professional

That is very wrong you need to use simple and minimalistic theme which is SEO friendly and fast loading

I recommend you to use Schema lite which is one of the best free fast loading SEO optimized theme for blogs.

5.Write Quality Articles

This is an important point to get Adsense approval for your site.

You should have atleast 10-20 blog posts having minimum 1000 words which provide value to your blog readers

Never post copied content on your blog by doing this you will never get Adsense approval

Adsense approves those blogs who have lot of text content on their blogs and are useful for their readers

6.Avoid Using Copyrighted Images

If you have ever downloaded images from Google and uploaded and used in your blog

Stop doing it right now

Even if you did make sure you mention as Source – Google in caption of the image

I would suggest you to use copyrightfree images from or or

7.Add Logo To Your Site

It is good to have logo for your own website or blog.

This shows you are serious for your blog and want to take it to the next level

8.Make your Sidebar and Footer Properly

I would request you to make sure you use your blog sidebar and footer widgets properly

You can add categories,recent posts,recent comments,subscribe newsletter in your Sidebar

Also make sure you add categories,recent posts and recent comments in your footer widget section

Laslty don’t use widgets which are of no use

8. Use WordPress

Lot of people ask me how to get adsense approval for wordpress blog?

If you follow the above mentioned step. You will surely get the approval

Conclusion on How to Get Google Adsense Approval for Blog in 2021

So friends these were some tips on “How to Get Google Adsense Approval for Blog or Website”

If you find any difficulty or questions please let me know in the comments I will surely help you out.

Make sure you share this post with your friends who needs Google Adsense approval

Happy Blogging 🙂

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