How To Install WordPress On DigitalOcean

How To Install WordPress On DigitalOcean

Hello friends in this tutorial I will show you how to install WordPress on DigitalOcean.

ServerPilot allows you need to control your DigitalOcean in a very easy manner.

For this tutorial purpose I am using Free plan of ServerPilot

There are various other ServerPilot Plans for your Server you can check them out.

So let’s get started

Install WordPress on DigitalOcean

Step 1 –

Create an  App In ServerPilot

An app is an application such as WordPress

In ServerPilot you need to click on +Create App it can be done once you have connected your server or by going to Apps page.

You need to give your App a name also select your domain name which you must have bought from your domain registrar.

You may also need to select the user for this installation who wants to run this app.

create an app in server pilot
create an app in server pilot

Step 2—

Using the One Click Installer

Now you need to check the WordPress checkbox

New fields will be visible to you as soon as you check WordPress option

In this you need  to put your Site Title,your administrator username,password of the administrator user and the email address of the same.

Click on Create App to submit the form

One Click WordPress In ServerPilot
One Click WordPress In ServerPilot


Step 3—

Verify your Database Information

ServerPilot’s one-click installer will automatically generates your MySQL database name,username and password.

You can review all the details in your ServerPilot admin panel

One Click Database Information In Server Pilot
One Click Database Information In Server Pilot

That’s it 🙂

Now you will be able to login to brand new blazing fast WordPress Dashboard when you visit your server’s ip address or domain once you configure DNS to point to your server.

App Details in ServerPilot
App Details in ServerPilot

WordPress files of your  server will be stored in your  app’s public folder (also known as root directory) at apps/APPNAME/public

ServerPilot will keep your server’s system packages updated with security updates.Also best thing is ServerPilot also configures firewall for your server hence no need to worry about security.

Now it’s your turn to install WordPress on DigitalOcean

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