How to Start a Tech Blog and Make Money in 2024 (Step by Step Guide for Beginners)

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There are different niches in which writers usually work to share the details and even make money out of it. Tech is one such well-known niche that often, the start-ups in the blogging sector usually chooses. No doubt that technology keeps evolving now and then, and every piece in no time become a replacement for the older one.

With so many people who always have the zest to explore such details, the blogging platform contributes to growing with such a niche. If you are planning to join this always-growing niche, you must know well about starting a tech blog, making money, and seeing the results yourself.

If you also have the zest to write on the tech niche and think that your knowledge and skills in tech would always be a great pump, it is best to share the expertise with the huge audience seen online.

Remember, technology is one ever-growing niche, and some big tech giants have managed to uncover the new technologies. That is why follow the guidance properly so that even in such competition, you can also make your position on top.

How to Create a Tech Blog and Make Money (Step by Step Guide for Beginners)

How to Start a Tech Blog and Make Money
How to Start a Tech Blog and Make Money

1. Choose the Focus of Your Tech Blog

The tech blog itself is the first thing you should focus on to know how to start writing technical blogs. It would be best if you gave it a direction. Certain options can work as a jumpstart for your tech ideas process.

Reviews on tech products where you can share knowledge with the audience on a certain technology and tell them whether it can meet the expectations if used or not.

Mobile technology is another great option in which you can cover a different segment called mobile as the subcategory or use mobile technology as a whole.

There are also the concepts of criticism and tech recommendations that are gaining demand as the blogging platform. You can share the criticisms or recommendations with the tech lover audience.

Besides, guides on certain techs, news, future of tech can also be some catchy platforms to start your blogging.

2. Select Your Tech Niche

The crucial part is choosing the right tech niche for starting a successful tech blog. Although tech itself is a niche, it is good to keep the readers updated about it since it is an ever-changing one.

Since tech is one broad concept, you should be focusing on the area where competition is not much, but at the same time, there is enough audience who can read your articles. There are different types of tech niches on which you can focus very well.

Being a PC gamer, you can review PC hardware; if you are a smartphone lover, then maybe Android or iOS tech options can work. Choose the niche in which you would enjoy writing.

3. Select Your Blogging Platform

There are different blogging platforms from which to choose to start my tech blog and earn money.

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Ghost

Of all the self-hosted platforms, initially, WordPress is the best one to choose, while it is better to stay away from the platforms that offer free blogging. It eventually would lack versatility as compared to WordPress. It may not be a great idea to start with your blogging simply as a business instead of being a google blogger first.

But to be precise, WordPress, especially the WordPress CMS, is the right platform for bloggers. The community is huge, and there are a variety of plugins, themes, and forums. Besides, people who have zero experience in coding can even start with this option.

Even studies say that early 30% of the people usually start their blogging career using such a platform. Besides, if you go for the self-hosted WordPress site, you must pay $50/year only.

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4. Choose Your Domain Name

Selecting a domain name is also a crucial task. Be it a tech blog name or the site, there will be a URL or an internet address that the users would use to visit and view your content.

Suppose if your blog name is the Titans of the tech, then you can keep the domain name as It is even possible for you to have a domain name that can be different from the blog name, but it is always better to use the blog name as the domain name to not confuse the visitors.

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You may think that choosing a domain name is simple, but often, people get stuck right here because they often choose the name already used by the other bloggers to get the perfect name. It is always better to give yourself some time before coming up with a unique domain name.

A lot of domain extensions are related to tech, such as .app, .technology to name some. You can select a name for the tech blog with some authority, unique, and easy for the readers to remember.

Make sure that the name of the tech blog is kept simple and short and without the use of complex words, hyphens, or even numbers. This would make it easy for the visitors to remember the name.

5. Buy Your Hosting and Domain Name

This is one important stage that you must do because there are ample hosting provider options that you may come across. While starting with a bunch of writers, you may want to have good traffic to hit in a short time. But to host huge traffic, you need to have a good cloud hosting service that is extremely dedicated to your platform.

If you are just a beginner in this game, you are advised to go for the SSD-powered shared hosting provider. Options like GreenGeeks and Bluehost are amazing hosting services that can handle quite a good traffic. Besides, it just costs hardly $5/month as per the plan that you are choosing.

6. Select and Install a Theme for Your Tech Blog

You already have covered up all the important setup processes to start my tech blog and earn money. But there are few things that you must do to post the above steps, such as choosing and installing a theme for the tech blog.

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A theme is a software piece that shall determine how your blog looks and would have an impression on the readers in terms of design. There are a fine set of designs and layouts of different pages on the blog. It is always better to select a more specific theme for the tech blog and go with the niche. This would make it easy for you to customize the whole blog as per your choice.

There are also options of paid theme or free theme to choose from. You can always start with a free theme, but it is better to go for a premium theme of WordPress since they come with different options and features to play with. It would give you a better scope for customizing the site the way you wish for it to function. This is crucial for tech review blogging, where you may want to showcase many things to the users.

WordPress themes can be a great choice since they offer a complete customization feature, amazingly crafted templates, designs, and themes that don’t need coding experience and are extremely easy to use.

7. Setup Essential Pages & Logo

Every website or blog needs to develop foundation details like who you are or why people must choose to read your blog. You must already have certain pages in which the common questions are already answered. This means, as you start with the technical blogging setup, you need to focus on some crucial pages such as the About us, Contacts us, Privacy policy page, etc.

Along with creating the pages, you must also focus on creating a good logo for your blog. This must be done with a fresh mind, and you should be sure that it has not been used elsewhere.

To start with it, it is always better to surf around and look for some unique blog logo concepts or create one using the help of an expert graphic designer. There are also some platforms where you can surf around a free logo for the blog and only pay if you need the high-resolution files of the logo. The amount for this would, of course, be minimal.

8. Start Blogging

Content is the most crucial part of the whole blogging business. Because whether you give your best to set up the whole thing will work only if quality content is delivered. To be clear, this is one primary factor to determine whether your blog shall have failure or success.

People often don’t prefer reading blogs simply because they look quite enticing, or the content is often published. But the main reason is that they care about getting some solution, answers, or advice through your blogging that can help them in real life. That is why it is important to come up with quality content that must be plagiarism-free. It would grab the attention of the readers and can help you earn better money from it.

One of the finest ways is to first decide on the possible pillar of your tech blog. Such a content pillar would be like the foundation that will help in holding the rest of the blog. You can even use topics such as the guides or how-to’s that you might refer to later.

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Creating certain content pillars would help you keep the blog well focused, and your voice can be heard from your writing through the blog very clearly. Talking of the pillars, some of the common ones for tech blogging are:

  • FAQ Posts
  • Interviews
  • How-to Guides
  • Product Reviews
  • Trending Topics
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid

9. Promote Your Tech Blog

Once your blog gets life, it is now time to see how well you can grab your site’s readers’ attention. Attracting more visitors should not be a challenge for you if you have good content on your site and stay consistent.

Many bloggers believe that they must spend more time simply promoting the content instead of writing it down. That is why given below are some efficient ways that can work:

  • Friends and Family

This should be your first source where you can share your live blogging link. You might want to request them to visit the blog, read the post, and share the content.

  • Social media

This is also one good way via which your tech blog can be promoted. Options like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Reddit are some of the best platforms bloggers usually use to grab the ideal audience’s attention.

  • Tech clubs

Some clubs or, say, groups on Facebook where the techies usually gather to share ideas and content. You can use this platform to earn good returns for the time and effort investment you have put into a date.

10. How to Make Money from Your Tech Blog

Once you think that your blog has been stable for some time now and it is time for you to generate income from it, there are some blog monetization strategies to help achieve it.

These methods can, of course, help you monetize a tech blog without much of a hassle. The best options are:

  • Affiliate marketing includes suggesting products and services to your blog readers.
  • Consult with some business aspects of one of your services to earn money from your blog.
  • Google AdSense, through which you can earn money by displaying ads to the website visitors.


How do tech bloggers make money?

Tech bloggers usually make money with options like Banner Ads, Sponsored Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Sell Own Product/Service, to name some.


Is tech a good niche for blogging?

Yes, this is one trending niche, but your focus should be to offer quality content that would add value to such blogging.


Those who are full-time bloggers can often look for the right option to start a tech blog in a much easy way. But those who are new to this and want to make a career out of it must initially have some patience.

This type of platform is best to show others what your vision is at the same time as you can even share your experience or journey in the world of technology. Part-time blogging never works because eventually, once you start with it, you will have to focus and give your best to streamline your tech niche on the blogging platform.

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