How to Start A WordPress Blog on GreenGeeks Hosting in 2023 [Step by Step Guide]

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Important Features of GreenGeeks Hosting Plan

GreenGeeks is an environmentally conscious hosting company and WordPress. You use environmentally friendly tools to handle the servers and help to clean up the atmosphere. In 2008, Trey Gardner and Kaumil Patel established the company in California.

Presently more than 35K+ registered users are hosted on their servers and over 300,000 websites. They use environmentally safe strategies to fuel their servers and to maintain their servers still functioning. This service provider organization has data centers in Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal, and Amsterdam.

For each company owner and webmaster who wants to build their own website, GreenGeeks provides many services. They usually provide dedicated servers, WordPress, VPS hosting, and shared.

Hosting WordPress is strong and has excellent accessibility and will help you get the WordPress Blog working. The following features are:

  • Unrestricted Domain Name
  • Bandwidth and limitless storage space
  • Let’s Encrypt Wild Card SSL
  • Switch of Free Website
  • 1 click Installer WordPress
  • High-quality protection
  • Backups Regularly
  • Softaculous and Cpanel.

Its high-efficiency hosting network for WordPress pages is optimized and provides simple functionality such as a one-click download of WordPress and automated updates. Advanced WordPress creation tools such as WP Staging, PHP 7, and command-line tools such as WP-CLI or Git are also supported.

The following points must be considered in how to start a WordPress blog with GreenGeeks hosting.

1. Pricing

GreenGeeks provides a strong and inexpensive WordPress hosting kit. They now deliver 3 plans to host WordPress. Eco sites Starter, Pro, and Premium.

The take-off plan costs you about $2.95 a month, and this is the perfect beginning blog set. Nevertheless, you must purchase the “Eco site Pro” plan ($5.95 a month) because it not only help you begin your WordPress blog but also lets you expand. Both efforts and costs are saved.

2. Unlimited Website Transfer

GreenGeeks provides free Domain migration on all possible outcomes if you want to switch your current site. So that you can do that before you step. You can then use it to measure. This lets you move your website without issues or even inactivity.

3. Outstanding Network Uptime

GreenGeeks promises outstanding throughput for the network. In previous uptime checks, the Company reports that 99.99 percent of the networking and data are up to date. Excluding downtime, GreenGeeks promises an incredible 10-month period.

4. Eco-sustainable hosting

GreenGeeks claims to be an eco-conscious supplier of web hosting. They use renewable energy credit simply to power their servers and maintain the service of their website. This ensures that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and over 615,000+ kilowatts a year are also substituted. You still have the United States Environmental Protection Area (EPA) as a respected Green Power Affiliate.

5. Customer Service

When we are searching for a reputable web hosting service, customer care is an integral aspect. GreenGeeks also has a very broad knowledge base in comparison to a dedicated customer service staff, which is open 24/7, where consumers can easily find the responses to questions.

6. Money-back Assurance

Through a 1-month payment return guarantee, you have securely purchased your WordPress hosting profile. You should claim a refund and collect the money if you’re not happy with their schemes.

7. No overselling

They could not oversell their servers and placed multiple users on one server, as did some inexpensive web hosting firms. The website’s pace and efficiency were slowed down.

GreenGeeks Hosting Plans: Are They The Best Green Hosting?

GreenGeeks provide multiple kinds of hosting services, namely web hosting, WordPress hosting, hosting of resellers, and hosting of VPS. As a novice, you can commence with a shared hosting plan or WordPress plan that is relatively inexpensive and also appropriate to build a blog

Key features:

  • Webspace for unrestricted SSD
  • One account infinite domains
  • Authorization for a free domain
  • The constructor of Free Site
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate Free Let’s Encrypt
  • Secure email accounts without restriction
  • Integration of Free CDN
  • Backups free at night-time
  • Live-support 24/7
  • Friendly to exchange

How to Start a WordPress Blog on GreenGeeks Hosting in 2023 [Step By Step Guide]

The first goal is to estimate which hosting package of GreenGeeks is better for your blog. Here is the guide to how to start a WordPress blog on GreenGeeks hosting for beginners as well as professionals.

First, click on this link to visit GreenGeeks official website which looks like this;

Step #1: Which GreenGeeks Pricing Plan is best for you?

Below are the pricing plans which can best suit you.

Choose anyone of the plan as per your budget and click on Proceed.

Package Information on GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks provides different common hosting or hosting plans for WordPress. Just when it comes to the beginning, we suggest joint hosting plans. Thus they deliver 3 different kinds of hosting with specific purchasing choices, as per GreenGeeks hosting plans.

  • Eco site Lite: In this plan, the regular monthly rate is $9.95. Whereas the one-year plan term is $4.95, for 24 months the price range is $3.95, and for 36 months term, the price range is $2.95. It is suitable for small websites or blogs at the beginner level.
  • Eco site Pro: In this plan, the regular monthly rate is $14.95. Whereas the one-year plan term is $7.95, for 24 months the price range is $6.95, and for 36 months term, the price range is $5.95. This plan is suitable for growing firms that can deliver speed and resources.
  • Eco site Premium: In this plan, the regular monthly rate is $24.95. Whereas the one-year plan term is $13.95, for 24 months the price range is $12.95, and for 36 months term, the price range is $11.95. This plan is suitable for busy sites or online stores.

The ECO Lite Plan for 36 months is the cheapest plan with a price range of $2.95 per month with a free domain name.

Get GreenGeeks Hosting Now

Step #2: CLAIM Free Domain with GreenGeeks Hosting

select new domain or existing domain

For the first year, GreenGeeks will provide FREE Domain Name. Through your selected extension, you can purchase your chosen domain name. It is suggested that you purchase a .com web domain instead. Then search for any if they haven’t been identified.

The name of a domain is a professional website form of identification. But users should be conscious of two issues, which we are addressing below, before moving for a specific domain name.

Next, consumers can ensure that the domain name is connected to the content they blog. Because of this, users will claim what their blog is really all about to their regular visitors.

Secondly, users must also strive to preserve short and clear domain names in order for people to recognize them quickly.

Step #3: Provide all Personal Information for Your Account

Order form greengeeks hosting

You have to subsequently send you all the confidential info you need, including your name, email address, cell phone number, etc., to obtain from GreenGeeks all the information you need when you buy a host.

Step #4: Choose the correct Datacentre for Your Site

server location

GreenGeeks deliver 3 network infrastructure: USA, Canada & Europe. So as per the web traffic, you should pick the right server farm. For e.g., you can select the USA Data Centre if you are trying to get information from the USA. This will easily update your website in the USA. You can choose the closest server farm and established FREE CDN facilities in any other nation to load your website in any country quicker.

Step #5: Choose GreenGeeks Payment Options

Only a credit card transaction is agreed upon by GreenGeeks. So, ensure that your payment information is given and that payment is completed. A 1-month cash refund assurance is also offered. You will save a great deal of money with the 36-month hosting contract. Only estimate how much you’re going to pay for this GreenGeeks deal per year.

Notice that you get a better GreenGeeks FEE upgrade from 2nd year onwards if you are going for a period of 1 year or fewer. So the easiest way to save big on GreenGeeks hosting is by selecting the 36-month package only.

Step #6: How to Install WordPress on GreenGeeks Hosting

This is the last phase in the installation of WordPress, a content management system used on almost 60 million websites by consumers. It is quick to update WordPress, so users can quickly update it, particularly if they do it for the first time.

Fortunately, if it is hard for someone to install WordPress, then they must take the measures to be addressed below.

  • The first thing to do is to tap the “User Login” button. Users would be able to find two login pages if they tap on “Client Login.”
  • The users must register their email identities and credentials in the first login screen and then eventually tap on the option “Login to Account Manager.”
  • Upon clicking on the “Connect to Account Manager” button, clients will be taken to the Account Manager home page to tap on the cPanel Login link.
  • In this stage, consumers must check for Softaculous using another search function cPanel in the cPanel account, and then press the Softaculous icon as soon as it appears.
  • When accessing Softaculous, consumers must browse the WordPress menu and access it by clicking on it.
  • Upon accessing the Menu for WordPress, users must input information such as ‘Choose Protocol,’ ‘Choose Domain,’ ‘Database Name,’ ‘Blog Name’, and ‘Page Overview.’
  • Users must provide a special “Admin Username,” and a secure “Admin Password,” after filling out the form described.
  • Users must eventually tap on the “Setup” button below the current window after accessing all the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GreenGeeks web hosting?

GreenGeeks is a web hosting provider that offers eco-friendly hosting services, utilizing renewable energy to power its servers.

2. Is GreenGeeks hosting good?

GreenGeeks is generally considered to be a reliable and environmentally conscious hosting option with positive customer reviews.

3. Is GreenGeeks shared hosting?

Yes, GreenGeeks offers shared hosting plans, which means you share server resources with other websites hosted on the same server.

4. Is GreenGeeks good for WordPress?

Yes, GreenGeeks is a good option for WordPress hosting, as they offer optimized plans and support for WordPress websites.

5. What about GreenGeeks web hosting plans?

GreenGeeks provides various hosting plans, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

6. Do I get a free domain name with GreenGeeks?

Yes, GreenGeeks offers a free domain name for the first year with their hosting plans.

7. How do I start a GreenGeeks blog?

To start a blog with GreenGeeks, sign up for a hosting plan, choose a domain name, and install your preferred blogging platform like WordPress.

8. How to install WordPress on GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks provides a simple one-click installer for WordPress. You can find it in your hosting control panel, often called cPanel, and follow the installation steps.

9. How do I cancel GreenGeeks?

To cancel your GreenGeeks hosting account, you’ll need to contact their customer support team by phone or email and follow their cancellation process.

10. Which is better for web hosting Bluehost or GreenGeeks?

The choice between Bluehost and GreenGeeks depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both are reputable hosting providers, but you should consider factors like pricing, features, and customer support before making a decision.


GreenGeeks is a managed hosting firm in comparison. Their budget looks very competitive and has plenty of fantastic premium features that draw entrants and they also offer green hosting services packages. As a newcomer, GreenGeeks can be used as a useful replacement Hostinger or Bluehost substitutes for US servers.

Start your WordPress blog with GreenGeeks for better results. You must consider them if you are searching for secure, cost-efficient web hosting strategies.

Click here to Start a WordPress Blog on GreenGeeks Hosting Now!

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