9 Reasons To Have SSL On Website Which You Should Know

9 Reasons To Have SSL On Website Which You Should Know

What is SSL?

What does SSL stand for?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.

Now you may be having questions like

Why use SSL for Website?

Why SSL Certificate is required?

Why buy SSL Certificate?

SSL has a lot of benefits due to which many of the online websites use it.

Below are the reasons I mentioned why to use SSL on our website.

9 Reasons To Have SSL On Website Which You Should Know

reasons to have ssl on website
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reasons to have ssl on website

1.Good for search engine

Google recently announced that websites using SSL will get higher rankings in search engines.

As a wise webmaster, you should definitely start using SSL for your website or blog.

People used to think SSL is meant only for e-commerce website but the truth is SSL is important even for a blog

2.Earns trust of users

By using SSL you can earn the trust of users.

Ask me how?

If a site is using SSL a green padlock icon is shown in address bar of the user browsers

User will see that icon and can trust the site he is getting information from or buying this product by doing electronic transaction

Hence one of the main reasons to use SSL is that we can earn the trust of users who visit our website.

3.AMP uses SSL

AMP is nothing but Accelerated Mobile Pages which is a project of Google to serve users with fast loading websites.

In AMP the content of the website is cached by Google and served to the user by using Google link.

4.To avoid not secure warning in browsers(Google Chrome)

With the recent update in Google Chrome browser (update 51), the website who are not using SSL will be shown as Not Secure.

This is really bad if you are doing e-commerce business

People will fear to buy anything from your website.

Forget about buying they will not even visit your website next time due to fear of hacking and loss of data.

5.Protect user sensitive information

By using SSL you can protect users sensitive  information such as credit card details as it won’t be stored on your website

People nowadays are very cautious before they enter their payment details

I myself check for SSL before I buy anything online.

6.Better conversions

Now you might be asking how does it help in better conversions?

The answer is as people will see green padlock SSL icon on your website or blog

They will have a feeling of trust and genuineness that you can be trusted

If you are having an e-commerce website or your selling any digital products on your blog people will make a transaction from you.

Hence your conversion rate will increase and so your business.

7.Get an SEO Boost

Google has around 200 ranking factors and SSL is one of the important ranking factors in SEO.

SSL does help a website in getting a rank boost.

8.Protects your brand

Will you like people complaining about your brand?

For example, someone will say Hey I this website shows an insecure message when I check out.

It makes me worried will my visit to this website is safe or not?

By using SSL you can make your customers and visitors happy and trusted

9.Prevents hacking

Yes SSL does prevent hacking.

Now you will ask how does it help in the prevention of hacking?

I would say SSL masks your private information and doesn’t  allow your sensitive data to be stored on a website.

By doing this hacker cannot use eavesdropping or other kinds of hacking attempts

How to get SSL?

You can get SSL for FREE from almost all web hosting providers.

To start using SSL you can visit your cPanel and get it activated.

If in case your web hosting provider doesn’t offer free SSL no need to get disappointed

There is a website called SSL for free.

It is totally FREE.!!

You can get your free SSL from this website just that you have to renew your SSL every 3 months when it is going to expire.

I will be making a separate post on how to install SSL for your WordPress website.

So, friends, I hope you found my post on “9 Reasons To Have SSL On Website”.

If you have any doubts please let me know

Also, don’t forget to share this post with other bloggers and webmasters this might help them a lot.

Happy Blogging

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