10 Best Semrush Alternatives of 2023 [Free & Paid]

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Looking for the best Semrush Alternatives?

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Best Semrush Alternative from my side is – Ahrefs

Semrush happens to be created by SEM / SEO professionals for SEM / SEO professionals.

This solution has the knowledge, experience, and data to assist you in getting your projects to a level. Immense amounts of search result page (SERP) data are collected for over 105 million keywords as well as 70 plus million domains, comprising: organic domain positions, AdWords ad copies and positions, destination URLs, volumes searched, CPC, competition, number of results and much more. Accurate, personalized data with fast turnaround times are also provided for your special projects.

Marketing professionals throughout the country and around the world use Semrush as a portion of their everyday routine.

From researching the way products used to get advertised to finding the best way to write advertising copy, Semrush is the perfect partner for a well-run marketing department.

Search tendencies, competition, and the money expended by your competition happen to be some of the hallmarks of doing the presumption out of any sort of marketing strength. Semrush here is to be your reliable resource.

Advantages of Semrush

This is because, with it, you will be able to see at a glance different data on your website, such as the keywords by which it is positioning, find new keywords, new topics to address and carry out a full audit of your website, to correct possible errors, among many other things.

And if this seems little to you, with it you will be able to discover nothing more and nothing less than your direct competitors, in addition to being able to “bare” their websites completely, analyzing the keywords by which they are positioning, the link building strategy that they are carrying out, the ad campaign they are working on, etc.

Pricing Comparison of Semrush Alternatives

Before buying something, you should be aware that each of the Semrush pricing plans includes the following properties:

  • Site audit
  • Position tracking
  • On-page SEO Checker
  • Social media poster
  • Social media tracker
  • Marketing calendar
  • Backlink audit
  • Post tracking
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Prospects for organic traffic
  • Content audit
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • Organic research
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Ad Builder
  • Advertising research
  • Show ad
  • Links
  • SEO content template
  • Sensor
  • Word Difficulty
  • Analysis of deficiencies
  • Traffic overview
  • Lead Generation Tool
  • Topic research
  • My reports

How to Find Free Semrush Alternative Tools

Without a doubt, Semrush is one of the best tools for those of us who must daily monitor the results of any digital marketing strategy.

But there is a small detail: if you do not have a big budget, it can be expensive. Still, it is not time to fail. In times of skinny cows, all we have left is creativity. And also some alternatives to Semrush, that you can use and that are totally free.

Semrush has everything you could want in an SEO and digital marketing tool because it uses to have wide-ranging analytics, a dominant keyword research tool, reporting, and much-added subjects.

But even though its remarkable features, it’s clear that Semrush is not for everyone.

If you are looking for a possible alternative to help you achieve your SEO and online marketing goals, before making a decision, take the time to explore each of these alternative tools to Semrush first, to determine if they are worth it or not.

To start, here are the alternative solutions to Semrush or sites like Semrush that you can use without spending a single euro.

Alternative Tools to Semrush Keyword Magic

The Keyword Magic Tool is an extraordinary method to discover comparable keywords to your target, particularly the Broad Match this is incredible for paid search keyword thoughts. You can access the tool from your dashboard by following this way:

Dashboard to Keyword Analytics to Keyword Magic Tool

When it use to be clicked an exceptionally basic search bar is displayed. In spite of the fact that the tool looks very modest, it is extremely ground-breaking to locate the most rewarding keywords that will make your campaigns reach the following level. Over 4.5 billion keywords are there in their database by means of indicated by Semrush. This is a colossal database you must benefit from. At the point when you begin to design any PPC campaign or content marketing strategy, you have to realize where the opposition is and what individuals are searching for in that niche. You must know precisely, what those long-tail keywords are that your competitors didn’t hit them yet. Just as questions, phrase matches, accurate matches, or semantically related search terms. The keyword magic tool encourages you to pinpoint those keywords and redo your keyword research.

Keyword Magic Tool restored the search volume of my focused on keyword along with throughout the entire other tail varieties. Clearly, the list is long, as should be obvious just for the “parasailing” keyword the tool gave 13,030 results an all-out month to month search volume of 341,710. The Keyword Magic tool can give you a great many keyword recommendations that would be practically unthinkable for you physically find. It gives propelled filters to recognize your focused on keywords in semantically related groups, which are consequently generated from each seed keyword.

Top 10 Best Semrush Alteratives to Boost Your SEO

Checkout Semrush Now

1. Ubersuggest

The Ubersuggest interface, and its clean graphics, is easy to use and works on the same principle as other keyword research tools. Just enter your keyword or phrase in the search bar, indicate the language in which the keywords interest you, and send your request. Ubersuggest will then place this keyword in Google search (via the API), and bring you the associated results. Ubersuggest gives you a list of keywords associated with the one you previously indicated. These keywords are extracted using Google Suggest and Google Adwords.

Many results appear with their CPCs, their monthly search volumes, as well as their competition levels (the difficulty of positioning themselves on this keyword in Google) indicated by their PD (Paid Difficulty) and SD (SEO Difficulty). The results obtained are directly related to your keyword and indicate suggestions for related searches carried out by Google users. You have the possibility of sorting the results according to the volume of searches, the CPC, or even the rate of competition. The Ubersuggest interface also allows you to filter these results by indicating negative keywords, which will, therefore, be removed from the search so that it is more relevant and that the results correspond perfectly to your needs.  You also have the possibility of filtering the search volume, the PD, the SD, and the CPC by indicating a minimum and maximum and also choose to limit the search from Google Adwords or Google Suggest.

Checkout Ubersuggest

2. KWFinder

As a content creator, SEO, or site editor, it is necessary to use certain tools that can improve your SEO. Among these is KWFinder. This tool is not really known to all because of its low rate of use. However, the fact remains that it is an SEO tool that deserves more attention. This is because of the many advantages it has. Here is our opinion on this tool!

A very precise tool

What is interesting with KWFinder is that it is better than the Keyword Planner Tool from Google. You will certainly have noticed that the latter no longer has the possibility of displaying the exact number of searches that were carried out monthly on the web. Indeed, it is no longer very precise, which leaves a gray area when it comes to improving its SEO.

The reason why KWFinder is the ideal solution for analyzing your keywords is that it allows you to have precise information on the number of keywords searched during a period. Since 2014, since this software was developed, you will be able to:

  • Find out the precise number of monthly searches that were carried out for a keyword
  • Determine the different variations of this keyword
  • Know the difficulty of being in a niche
  • Perform a comparison of metrics with the first 10 results obtained
  • Have it all in the language or country of your choice.

It also means that with a single search, you have the possibility of knowing all the trends of a keyword in a year, the number of searches carried out monthly and the level of competition in the paid results. In addition, it will be possible with KWFinder to have related keywords that have been searched by different users.

Choosing your SEO tools well also requires you to orient yourself on the price of these tools. With this in mind, it would be better to opt for SEO tools at affordable prices. As with all products offered by Mangools, KWFinder is available at a reduced price. However, you will need to subscribe to the Mango site to access it. You will then determine which option will benefit you the most.

Checkout KWFinder

3. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a Google Ads tool, one of the best alternatives to Semrush free, as well as being one of the most reliable. With this SEO tool, you will be able to know the average of monthly keyword searches, but the results will not be as accurate as with other products. Now, if anything stands out Keyword Planner is to inform you of the price paid by advertisers for appearing on Google Adsense advertising banners, giving you valuable information on the competitiveness of addressing certain keywords and the average amount of advertiser bids for those keywords. Consulted daily by SEO agencies and by the most professional SEO specialists, Keyword Planner is a Semrush free alternative that you will have access to from the beginning of your website creation.

Before going too deep into the details, it’s important to understand exactly what the keyword planner can be used for.

This tool is designed with PPC (Pay-per-Click) ads in mind. So about half of that, you will check will be geared to running a fruitful remunerated search campaign.

These use to be a few of the main advantages of Google Keyword Planner:

  • Search out new keywords along with phrases, paragraphs, categories, and websites.
  • Realize search volume tendencies and historical data for dissimilar keywords.
  • Check keyword performance forecasts based on your budget and average bid prices.
  • Limit your results based on geographic location, language and date ranges.

Filter results by normal monthly searches, organic impressions, competition level, recommended offers, ad impressions, and organic average position.

For your purposes today, here some features are maintained that focus on finding keywords that you can use to improve your on-page SEO strategy.

Why should you be using Google Keyword Planner?

Imagine that you wish for writing an article about arranging fish. Nevertheless, before you twitch, you require to make sure there is an audience for it. The best way to solve this is to “ask” Google if there is any interest in the keyword “prepare fish”.

That is where Google Keyword Planner is very useful since it returns a series of suggestions related to the term we are looking for.

For each and every keyword suggestion, it tells how many people search for it each month, as well as how much competition there is to get it.

It may surprise you to discover that there is a lot of competition when it comes to keywords related to the simple phrase “prepare fish”.

Taking a look at all the suggestions offered by Keyword Planner, one of its best options would be the one you should choose.

Many keywords have decent search volume and low competition. In other words, enough people are looking for them and they are worth it as there is not so much competition for your article to simply get lost among all the results.

Currently, let’s review how to use a keyword planner assists to make a solid decision:

Here is a clue and it returns a long keyword suggestions list.

  • It assists to classify which of those keywords have decent possible.
  • It happens to tell how severe the opposition will be for each and every keyword.
  • Making use of a Google keyword planner use to allow you to approach content creation methodically.
  • With the exact tool, you will be able to generate fresh thoughts, scrutinize their possibilities, and choose what kind of keywords you wish to target first.
  • Google Keyword Planner is a free tool and you can get access to Google data. Something that has no comparison!

Checkout Google Keyword Planner

However, it is not the only keyword planner you can use, so feel free to try others.

4. Semrush Alternatives for Domain Analysis

1. Monitor Backlinks

It is a another website like Semrush.

To improve your search engine rankings, you must create and maintain a good link building strategy.

Monitor Backlinks allows you to avoid penalties for poor quality links 

At the same time, you can use it to check the backlinks of your top competitors and identify their most valuable link sources.

You will be able to view their linked pages also for finding out what counts as a good link in your niche, and for this, you simply have to click on the links below the “URL to” column to find these pages.

Although Monitor backlinks are not free, you can generate free reports for up to two websites a week using the “SEO Free Backlink Checker” tool.

All you have to do is create an account, enter the URL of the website you want to analyze and click “Verify now”.

The free reports include a total of 300 backlinks for each URL, including metrics such as the reference page “trust score”, anchor text, and landing page.

Monitor backlinks will also tell you if the links are tagged as no-follow or do-follow links.

Checkout MonitorBacklinks

2. Searchmetrics

Today, an SEO department has at its disposal a wide variety of tools to obtain as much information as possible. For this reason, it is desirable to introduce a widely used and useful tool, Searchmetrics. It is a very complete platform because it provides relevant information, as well as interesting data about the content and the different campaigns.

Knowing the competition and the sector in which it operates is essential to differentiate yourself and be in the right place, as well as to grow correctly as a company. It is also essential to analyze the different keywords and choose them correctly so that they are related to the business model.

What is Searchmetrics about?

It is a tool that allows you to obtain a very complete analysis of the web page and check your position with respect to the competition.  It is a way of seeing the positioning of the company in the sector and the image that customers have of it.

Some of the most important features it provides are analysis of keyword rankings, campaign performance, link connection, competitor analysis, and SEO analysis with 30 search engines.

In addition, with it, you can get countless insights to optimize the website to the maximum and improve its performance. It also allows the creation of custom alerts and reports.

What can be done with this tool?

With Searchmetrics a large number of functions such as the SEO Research Area and the Project Area can be deployed.

The SEO Research Area allows us to extract an exhaustive analysis to know the organic visibility and the positioning of the selected words so that they appear on the web in this way. It is a way to make a comparison of domains and know the status of the company.

It also allows knowing the competitors and knowing what position the company occupies against them. It provides a large amount of useful information to implement strategies and actions so that they have a positive impact and improve the results of the organization.

The Project Area is a very complete tool that allows you to configure the project you want by choosing a specific domain. In this way, the positioning of the chosen keywords can be monitored and tracked, as well as compared with other companies that are interested in analyzing.

Also worth noting is its section on organic directories, through which you can find out the directories or paths of the domain. It also allows knowing the evolution of the visibility trend of both domains over time. In addition, with it, you can obtain graphs of the main domains that the competition considers.

Why is Searchmetrics a cool SEO tool?

Because it offers a complete vision of the company, as well as the sector and the most direct competitors. It also offers great performance in terms of search and content.

For community managers and SEO experts, it is very useful to have access to the information necessary to carry out new content strategies on networks, blogs, or web pages. Having reliable data available to the communication manager is key to implementing appropriate strategies.

To get global advice on the Internet, there are many companies willing to offer help to improve efficiency, quality, and, above all, profitability.

In short, the importance of SEO goes beyond the web. It is a matter of being up-to-date and knowing the trends from tools such as Searchmetrics, as well as transmitting an image in tune with the company’s values ​​and achieving a good position in Google.

Checkout SearchMetrics

3. Serpstat

Serpstat is a Ukrainian SEO solution originally developed for the internal use of an agency. Over time, this tool has improved to become very comprehensive to the point of allowing its significant growth and becoming a product used outside the agency.

From the first steps on the tool, we very clearly feel the similarities with Ahrefs and especially with Semrush. Personally, being very familiar with the latter, I quickly took my marks especially since the interface is rather ergonomic.

Serpstat consists of 5 main sections:

  • Website analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Position tracking
  • Site audit
  • Each section has other features which you can find on this page.
  • Website analysis

This section allows you to analyze a particular area from several angles.

SEO research: From there, you can follow the positions, make a domain against domain comparison, identify the main competitors for your site, explore the best organic pages on any site.

Paid search: If you plan to make PPC ads on Adwords to generate traffic, this function can be interesting. When you put a keyword in the search bar, you can see data connected to keywords, ad examples, competitors for that keyword, and ad search.

Batch analysis: This allows you to quickly compare metrics from multiple domains (up to 200 at the same time)

Infographics:  Allows you to see different data such as traffic development or the position of your keywords in graphical form.

URL analysis: When you type the URL in the search box, you get a list of keywords and their ranking on Google for that specific URL.

Competitors: Displays the competitors at the URL entered in the search bar, as well as their total number of Facebook shares.

URL vs URL: This tool allows you to compare a specific URL of your site with 1 or 2 competing URLs, and to discover the common or unique keywords of the specified URLs.

Missing Keywords: Displays keyword for what kind of competitors’ pages rank in the top 10, but happens not to be current in your quantified URL.

Keyword research: Thanks to a very complete database on many languages, including French, Serpstat allows you to find new keyword opportunities and analyze those of your competitors.

Keyword research includes the following features:

SEO Search: Lets you see the volume of keywords, associated keywords, query suggestions, pages on the SERPs, and the competitors most present on these keywords. Among the possibilities, we will notably retain the Related Keyword function for the associated keywords and thus find even more expressions and synonyms for the keyword sought. This allows for example to optimize queries of the featured snippet or People Also Ask type.

Paid search: Allows you to have other ideas of associated paying keywords, competitors, sample ads, and ad search reports.

Content Marketing: Lists suggestions for expressions in interrogative form in relation to a given keyword.

SERP Analysis: Shows the top 100 results on Google in organic and paid search for a keyword.

Checkout Serpstat

While as referenced, the most widely recognized issue individuals have with Semrush is its powerful price tag, a few of us are likely searching for Semrush alternatives because of different reasons. The following happens to be a few alternatives for Semrush, paid, alongside a concise conversation for each on how they’ll associate to Semrush.

1. SpyFu

With SpyFu, you can do almost anything. From keyword research to PPC analysis to influencer marketing. SEO SpyFu is one of the best affordable alternatives to Semrush. Competitive SEO analysis remains one of the main strengths of this tool. SpyFu is one of the best analysis tools for the competition, which has a lot of useful features and functions, although its user interface is not very attractive. The tool offers both SEO and PPC options, along with an integrated keyword research tool.

What can you do with SpyFu

First, it must be said that this tool supports markets in the United States and the United Kingdom. Its set of tools and features include SpyFu Kombat, sPYfU Classic, Keyword History, Smart Keyword Finder, among others.

How does it work?

All you have to do is access the official website of the tool and then enter the URL address of your competitor’s page. Once you click on the Search icon, almost immediately you will be shown a series of results that have to do with both SEO and the PC of that site.

For example, you can instantly know organic search and the total number of unique organic keywords that have been viewed for that particular domain. You can also find out the estimated number of clicks from all organic keywords.

You can also know the incoming clicks of Google, both organic and paid, in addition to having the opportunity to know what are the keywords that your competition uses in Google AdWords.

Another interesting thing about this tool is that it allows you to see a top of the competition pages in terms of organic traffic they receive. Not only that, but you can also know the ranking of organic keywords, along with the clicks that are made per month, and last but not least, you also have the opportunity to check the inbound links of your competition’s pages.

Checkout Spyfu

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best tools to analyze backlink profiles from competitors and can be used to monitor backlinks from any website. Ahrefs is undoubtedly the best payment tool to be able to see the traffic of one or several websites and to analyze much more than just that… It is recognized for a large amount of data it provides for SEO work.

This must be understood before reading further.

Site Explorer

On the “Site Explorer” page, you can enter the URL of a site in a search bar to obtain information on the profile of its inbound and outbound links. On this page, a graph also shows you the new referring domains of the site and those lost. It also makes it possible to know which anchors were used to make the links to the analyzed site.

Ahrefs creates several graphics from its database on the site analyzed. Still, on the “Site Explorer” page, graphs are generated to represent the evolution of organic traffic, organic keywords, and the positioning of target keywords on the SERP. Ahrefs gives you the ability to retrieve this data from all results pages around the world. Thanks to Ahrefs, you can know the evolution of the traffic of your site in Morocco or Japan.

The Ahrefs “Site Explorer” page is not limited to these few tools. It would take ten pages to present them all. However, nothing prevents you from browsing the site and testing all the features!

Content Explorer

The “Content Explorer” page, a French content explorer, displays the most popular content on the web, regardless of the subject. Ahrefs offers you the possibility to refine your searches using the filtering and sorting functions. Thus, the language, the number of shares on social networks, or the search volume corresponding to your criteria will be displayed.

Monitoring of measurements and positions

The majority of SEO experts start their working day by watching the progression of sites in the Google ranking. Ahrefs has made this verification simpler thanks to its “Rank Tracker” page, a dashboard that allows you to monitor position variations on search engines and receives indications on points for improvement. You can analyze ongoing projects but also have an eye on your competitors and their traffic.

Checkout Ahrefs

3. Moz

Moz is the name of a software that was born in order to help companies in terms of positioning but that, over time, has evolved to be a complete suite that facilitates work in different fields. It still allows you to work in SEO with more ease, but it also helps to improve the writing of content, to choose topics of interest to the target audience, and even to refine the strategies to follow in social networks.

A multipurpose suite that, in general, exists to give something of added value to any user who decides to use it. It was born from a project that took its first steps in 2004 as a blog for marketing and SEO professionals, which in 2009 started to focus on the development of positioning software and in 2013 it finished taking its last leap to find something else Humanized and more in line with modern marketing, attraction marketing.

As a software suite, Moz has a wealth of fairly useful tools for digital marketing professionals. All of them are located on the same website, which allows having a specialized portal to carry out all kinds of tasks.

And what are these tools that we are talking about? The following:

  • Open the Site Explorer.
  • Open Mozbar.
  • Open Local Moz.
  • Choose Mozcast.
  • Choose Moz Analytics.
  • Follower wonk.
  • Open Fresh Web Explorer.
  • Over the Page Grader.
  • Rank Tracker.
  • Crawl Test.
  • Keyword Difficulties and SERP Analysis.

Moz: Reason for using  

Specified the diversity of tools that this software used to have, the solutions to questions regarding what Moz is to look clear. It is not only something that is valuable to develop added effective SEO strategies, but it is also something that helps to elaborate a higher quality content and of interest to the public, which facilitates better connecting with the audience through a noteworthy work.

Thus, taking advantage of this tool and using it properly guarantees the company a closer relationship with its target audience and, therefore, a higher return value and more benefits. It allows from knowing the state of the web in the eyes of search engines, how to see the degree of authority it has, or what keywords to use to better position different content. It is a multipurpose tool.

Checkout Moz

4. SEO Powersuite

Do you know SEO PowerSuite? It is one of the main tools for SEO and, without a doubt, one of those header tools that you have to have if you are a professional SEO that works with medium and large websites. Want to know more about her? Keep reading!

What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is a Freemium SEO tool which is another Semrush alternative free that greatly helps to position all kinds of projects. From their website, they boast of being a comprehensive tool with which you can attack the different important areas of SEO.

The good thing about SEO PowerSuite is that it is designed so that anyone can take advantage of it, regardless of whether their website is small, medium, or large, has many or few keywords, or any other type of differentiation.

Checkout SEOPowersuite

How to Choose the Best Semrush Alternative

Semrush is an online platform that manages your online visibility. It works as a digital tool that analyzes the keywords with which your website is positioned in search engines and monitors its evolution, which will allow you to improve your organic ranking day by day and gain efficiency in paid searches.

The free Semrush version, however, has many of its limited features and the most common program is paid with a monthly subscription system. In this article, we will see what Semrush includes for free and what are your best alternatives on the market.

What includes free Semrush

Semrush It is one of the most outstanding SEO tools on the market. Their prices range from $ 99 a month to $ 399, but you can get a completely free trial version.

With more than 5 million users, Semrush stands out for helping you find the most important keywords for your web positioning. It is also very useful in terms of displaying your competitors’ social media strategies, content, organic searches, and paid searches. As you know, in positioning it is as important to know what you do well or badly as to know what your competitors are doing.

Therefore, Free Semrush helps you build the best strategy in networks, market analysis, content and public image, SEO, and paid traffic.

How to get started in Semrush

Getting started with Semrush is as easy as going to their website and registering online. You will enjoy your free period immediately and, from then on, you will be able to navigate among its 35 different tools, analyze and compare up to 730 million domains, and 18 billion keywords. The only requirement to register is that you are a company or a person of legal age in your country, 18 years in most cases.

Click here to claim your FREE Trial

Conclusion on Top Semrush Alternatives in 2023 to Consider for Your SEO

In conclusion, Semrush is a paid tool and its free version can only be used for a limited time and with restricted functions. That is why before disbursing a large amount of money in the paid version, you may be interested in some of the free alternatives that exist in the market.

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