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Top 50+ Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2024 with High DA to Get Quality Backlinks

Last Updated on February 15, 2024

Thanks to the development of technology and the use of the internet there are so many amazing things that have emerged. Options like social media now can give users a better platform to stay connected irrespective of location. Today we shall explore more in-depth about top Social bookmarking sites and their contribution to the business till now

What Does Social Bookmarking Mean?

There is a process of tagging a page of the site. Social bookmarking sites that process which has certain tools that are browser-based. It is easy for you to use such tags and visit the site as and when you want anytime.

You don’t have to again visit the post to find that particular site when you can use ample bookmark post features. Since the concept of Social bookmarking sites list is online, at least you will be able to access them at your ease be it from any device irrespective of the internet.

For some of the resources such as content marketers and social media, the use of top Social bookmarking sites has increased. If you have a look at today’s time, well it is quite diverse. Besides, there are online communities that are quite dynamic. This means the user can talk about the link and even create the group depending on the shared relevancy.

If you ever have come across an article or a site that can improve your skills in marketing then you may want to refer to it in the future. To make the reference part easy for you, it is a social bookmarking site that can prove valuable.

Using free Social bookmarking sites can help you save a lot of your valuable resources and articles which you may want to explore later. It keeps all those important data in the central location and thus saves your valuable time of searching it all over again.

This kind of bookmarking is one way to save a certain web page to the platform of social bookmarking. This way revisits it as per your need from any device. The bookmarking site is quite important for marketers since the user can add, share and even annotate the bookmarked web pages.

Why Social Bookmarking is Needed & Its Importance

The primary reasons for opting for a free social bookmarking submission sites list for your business are to offer better expansion to the brand and reach out to the major audience. If you trust the content that you have created is engaging and interesting or you have got such got from other resources then you don’t have to share it on your own.

It is more similar to social media and has been thriving off user sharing. This eventually would find out your reach that expands at the organic level since the users take more data and share more links for you too. Now you may wonder how Social bookmarking sites can be of importance and that is why here are a few things you need to know:

1. Quick Site Indexing

Search engines like Google and Bing thrive on the data on every site. Such information also helps the site to rank at the top. The data is usually collected by web crawling for updates and information.

Once the search engine updates and stores the data, this process is called indexing. With social bookmarking websites, it becomes convenient for Google to know what content you are using. This boosts the process of indexing. The search engine then finds and later ranks the content quickly

2. Backlinks

Right after your content comes on the high pr Social bookmarking sites, the backlink is created. This link then further takes you to the original site. They are of top-notch quality besides; legit backlinks are even part of getting the page on the top rankings amongst search engines.

With the use of social bookmarks, domain authority can be boosted. This way the high authority makes it better for ranking and ensures the keywords relevant to the industry are easily found.

3. Improve Traffic

Using the free social bookmarking submission sites list is important for boosting the traffic of the site. The bookmark which you have created on the browser may not be able to do it. However, bookmarks can have a direct impact on the ranking but they can surely improve the traffic too.

Right after your content comes on the social bookmarking site, it becomes convenient for the people to follow it which shall then direct them to the site. If they find your content to be quite engaging then you can expect more visitors to land on your site within months.

4. Social signal

Google can count down the social bookmarking websites as signals of the social. They help the search engine to understand the popularity of the brand amongst the public. The content which usually drives ample people to the site can have better domain authority. It is equivalent to a good ranking too.

List of High Domain Authority DA Social Bookmarking Websites List in 2024 to Build High-Quality Backlinks

S.NO Social Bookmarking Sites Domain Authority
1 https://twitter.com/ 94
2 https://www.pinterest.com 94
3 https://linktr.ee/ 92
4 https://trello.com 92
5 https://www.evernote.com 92
6 https://www.scoop.it 92
7 https://getpocket.com 91
8 https://slack.com/intl/en-in/ 91
9 https://slashdot.org/ 91
10 https://www.reddit.com 91
11 https://flipboard.com 90
12 https://lastpass.com 90
13 https://www.soup.io 90
14 https://steemit.com/ 89
15 https://www.diigo.com/ 89
16 https://www.plurk.com 87
17 https://www.metafilter.com/ 86
18 https://www.tumblr.com 86
19 http://www.instapaper.com/ 85
20 http://www.list.ly/ 85
21 https://padlet.com 85
22 https://www.instapaper.com 85
23 https://www.pearltrees.com 84
24 https://dzone.com/ 83
25 https://feedly.com/ 82
26 https://contently.com 80
27 https://www.intensedebate.com 80
28 https://www.techdirt.com/ 79
29 https://lockerdome.com 78
30 https://weheartit.com 78
31 https://www.fark.com 78
32 https://www.mindmeister.com 78
33 https://www.tagged.com/ 77
34 https://itsmyurls.com 76
35 https://miro.com/ 74
36 https://newsblur.com/ 74
37 https://www.mendeley.com 71
38 https://bubbl.us 69
39 https://wakelet.com 67
40 http://www.blogengage.com/ 66
41 https://coggle.it 66
42 http://getsocialpr.com/ 65
43 http://socialmediainuk.com/ 65
44 http://socialnetworkadsinfo.com/ 65
45 https://www.symbaloo.com/ 65
46 https://www.easypolls.net 64
47 http://blokube.com/ 62
48 http://listbookmarking.com/ 62
49 http://www.blokube.com/ 62
50 http://www.citeulike.org/ 62
51 http://www.folkd.com/ 61
52 https://start.me 60
53 http://start.io/ 58
54 http://www.livebinders.com/ 58
55 http://www.spoke.com/ 58
56 http://www.ttlink.com/ 58
57 https://www.allmyfaves.com 58
58 https://www.dropmark.com 58
59 https://www.livebinders.com/ 58
60 https://www.protopage.com 58
61 https://www.sitepronews.com/ 58
62 http://www.sitejot.com/ 57
63 http://www.storeboard.com/ 57
64 https://app.thebrain.com/ 57
65 https://mind42.com 57
66 https://thebrain.com 57
67 https://www.storeboard.com/ 57
68 https://readwritenews.com/ 57
69 https://www.tripoto.com/ 56
70 http://blogmarks.net/ 55
71 http://blogmarks.net/index.php 55
72 https://www.bibsonomy.org 55
73 https://zeef.com 55
74 http://linkagogo.com/ 54
75 http://youmobs.com/ 54
76 https://raindrop.io 54
77 https://stampsy.com/ 54
78 https://www.social-bookmarkingsites.com/ 54
79 http://www.bizsugar.com/ 53
80 https://share.bizsugar.com/ 53
81 https://solo.to/ 52
82 https://sqworl.com 52
83 https://www.bagtheweb.com 51
84 http://www.designfloat.com/ 50
85 http://www.freewebsubmission.com/ 50
86 https://www.crawlyourlink.com/ 50
87 https://app.wisemapping.com 49
88 https://followus.com/ 49
89 https://www.onfeetnation.com/ 49
90 https://www.yemle.com/ 49
91 https://goldenhome.netboard.me/ 48
92 https://topsitenet.com/ 48
93 http://www.4mark.net/ 47
94 https://papaly.com 47
95 https://www.woddal.com/ 47
96 http://www.video-bookmark.com/ 46
97 https://addwish.com/ 46
98 https://bookmarkos.com/ 46
99 http://www.myfav.es 45
100 http://www.only2clicks.com 45

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

1. Share links, pictures, and videos

The best part about Social bookmarking site lists is that it lets you save better on bookmarks online. You can simply tag important keywords and share the same in your group. Since your bookmarks will be on-site, it lets you view the sites that you like the most from any device through any location.

2. Improved search engine visibility

Since high da Social bookmarking sites can get ample visits each time, it is better to boost the traffic for the site. If you have more bookmarking chances are high that you will get more visitors too.

3. Better Google indexing

The scope of high pr Social bookmarking sites is the quickest way to have search engines visit the site or a webpage. In short, once the link of the web page for the site like clip markets is used for bookmakers the search engine indexes the links which depends on the keywords price in the site.

4. Increase in SEO value

Thanks to Social bookmarking sites, it is better for people to find the best of the sites and thus improve the backlines. This eventually results in a better ranking of your site or the webpage. Once you post engaging content that comes to a large audience, it will then lead to better website awareness and improve website traffic.

Even if the free Social bookmarking sites are off the radar but you can make the best use of them for their subtle advantages. Social bookmarking sites offer fresh content search engines which are often visited in the Social bookmarking sites. This contributes to brand awareness too.

5. Better online visibility

Another advantage of a high da Social bookmarking site is improved visibility only. However, for this, you need to make ample submissions for your social bookmark ranking site. It may not be sufficient for you to submit the site on just a few options. If you wish to improve the online visibility on such sites it is then better to let the professional do the job and see the magic wand of social bookmarking improving your brand recognition online.

How to Do Social Bookmarking?

There is no hard and fast rule for doing high pr Social bookmarking sites list. Rather, you need to understand that having a good website is just one part of the point. You have to understand the right way of using it so that you can enjoy better advantages from it.

There are some of the easy steps given to you below which you can follow initially. Once it is done, you will be then able to grasp some more knowledge on it.

Whether it is the product, article, or service whose social bookmarking you want to make, ensure the selection is done well. Once you choose the right category, it is important to know the service or the product.
Before you go ahead with the target price, give your product or the article a better definition. This shall include the title and description which can grab the attention of the readers. See to it that title is simple but trendy too.

Then you need to submit the post by targeting the keyword. You have to make sure the keyword is targeted in the title for better tagging. Other than this, you can also include it in a short description and tags during the URL submission on any site.

You then have to write the article in a summarized manner. It has to be descriptive with an introduction and see to it that it is not at all promotional. Understand the right flow that has to be maintained throughout while framing better sentences and grammar.

You are just one step far from submitting the story. Remember, as you come across some sites directly for publishing the bookmark, they shall review it. If they liked the story then it will get published otherwise will not be poised at all.

You then have to submit the links in the right category. You can understand the category depending on the location.

Never forget to make the bookmarked URL submission done in the search engine. Because Google has stopped direct submission but if you do the right URL promotion then it may improve the chances of getting indexes.

Keep in mind that when you publish content on a social bookmarking site, the page should be understood clearly. You can then make the small article your way without any copying of the convenience from the source.

Make sure you take the screenshot before the bookmarked site publishes it. Because if the article is not published by some site it at that time the reporting shall be complex.

Effective Tips for Doing Social Bookmarking

Now that you want to make the right use of a high pr Social bookmarking sites list, you need to understand some tips which can help you in a better way. Some of them are listed below:

1. Make engaging content

If your content is not engaging then you can’t get so far with social bookmarking. There are so many users on the site such as Reddit who can share links that they may find interesting.

You must maintain the blog quality with such a relevant and interesting post. In the end, if the content is good then some people would want to share more.

2. Selecting the right network

Social bookmarking is one efficient way when it comes to link posting. Suppose, there are users on Reddit that appreciate the interesting yet unserious links. If you belong to a legal firm then Reddit is not the right source but Delicious can be which helps in sharing and building some of the valuable yet explanatory links.

Keep in mind that social bookmarking site is not similar to the search engine. They are made in the interest of the users. That is why you must keep the community in consideration while choosing a site for social bookmarking.

3. Efficient tagging

Another important thing about using social bookmarking for business is by letting your content get the right tag so that other users can view it. Every bookmarking community comes with the Folksonomy. This is one tagging way that ensures your content reaches the right audience.

4. Users don’t entertain scams

There is no way you can fool the users. They understand if it is spam then it is a bad marking. If you often do the social bookmarking site with links that are not at all of the good quality then it is your brand that will face the problem. On Reddit, there are users who are often wary of the efforts of direct marketing which will be downsizing such links until it is not visible on the site. You have to be extremely organic when you plan to use such social bookmarking for your brand.

Pros and Cons of Social Sharing Sites

Using a social bookmarking site is always fun. But you have to keep in mind that every technology or part of the technology or advanced platform comes with pros and cons and the same is applicable to the social sharing sites too. Talking of which some of them are listed below:

Pros of Social Bookmarking Sites

1. Now create a network with no boundaries

The primary aim of such a networking site is to create efficient networking itself. This can be done on any platform of social media.  The best part of using such a site is that it lets every user get in touch irrespective of the location.

2. Quick data availability

Before the era of social media ever existed, it was communication that was done through mailing. The trend of AOL and Yahoo was also quite high as a part of instant messengers.

However, on social networking sites, is communication that you can do quickly over other options. You don’t have to look for the news by actually vising the news site.

3. Better channels of marketing for business

The best part about social networking sites is the channels of marketing that they offer. Social media marking is one marketing technique that is used on the sites of social networking or the platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube.

There are more than 4 million users that usually discover your information associated with the product or service that your business offers

4. Better awareness

If you have already been witnessing the revolution and events that are happening in a modern way across the world then you probably know that a networking site is important for all of this.

You can use any of the trending social media platforms to spread the message and even let the people be part of the event for better awareness.

Cons of Social Bookmarking Sites

Some users may not be aware of the type of issues that may occur when they start using the social networking site. Here is the list of some:

1. Addiction

As compulsive behaviour is created because of the social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook, it eventually leads to negative effects. The social networking addict often checks the feed of the social media and even the profiles of the people are checked for quite a time. The compulsion of using social media can make a person quite an addict.

2. Mental illness

Such site often shares link that may increase the risk of mental health issues such as loneliness and depression. If there is much of the time that you spend scrolling through social media it can then affect some anxiety symptoms as well.

3. Risk of fraud

This could be yet another challenge you need to be aware of the social media companies. There are so many fake accounts on different sites that are created. Facebook and Instagram are not exception. It has come to a notice that more than 3 million fake accounts were removed in the past 6 months which were completely fake.

Other than these privacy issues, hacking and cyberbullying, or misleading information are also at high risk which the user needs to be aware of.

Do Social Bookmarking websites help you with SEO and traffic?

The best part about the social bookmarking site is that it can drive ample traffic. If the people bookmark the post and even do vote for the same, it can be seen in the searches which eventually shall lead to the traffic on your site.

Other than sharing the post on such a social profile, you may want other people to bookmark your data. For this, it is important to add the button of social bookmarking to the blog. This way readers would be able to bookmark the content with just a few clicks.

How to drive website traffic from Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking sites such as Reddit or Stumble lest you look for the content as per the keyword or tagging. Suppose, if you type Travel word in the search bar, you shall get the respective list of the sites. Considering the SEO perspective, well such tags and keywords can be helpful for the link depending on the categories in which it fits.

This makes sure that only those people who are interested in the content will click on the link and thus the bounce rate reduces. Besides, when they as well share the same bookmarking link, it can result in more traffic referrals too.

FAQs about Social bookmarking sites in 2024

1. Can Social bookmarks be helpful in SEO?

Certainly, Social bookmarking plays a very important and major role to improve the SEO of the site. Even if many people are still not making use of it as they used previously but it still holds organic importance especially to give better search exposure.

2. What is the right social bookmarking site example?

There are so many sites of social bookmarking you may find online that lets you bookmark the post and even the blogs but most of them can be spam or may not add much of the value of the site. Pinterest, Digg, Reddit, Mix, and Slashdot to name some are the trending ones.

3. What is the best way to create the links for the site other than bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is just one way of creating links. Rather there are so many ways. If you perform blogger outreach, using the broken link, the skyscraper technique, and also writing guest posts are some of the best options.

4. How a website gets better advantages from a social bookmarking site?

In terms of off-page SEO techniques, it is bookmarking that can help in creating quick links for the site. The best part of using such a site is they are an easy, cheap, and fast way for promoting the content at the same time engage with the audience.

5. Can there be a penalty that Google may charge for excess bookmarking?

It depends. Google can charge a penalty if you are using ample bookmarking sites for posting the blog links as there are many spammy sites. It may not even charge you the penalty if you have been using it within the limit. That is why choose only selective bookmarking sites with better user engagement

Conclusion on Social Bookmarking Sites List

Now that you are quite aware of the social bookmarking site, see to it that you use it in the right manner. You can use it as a part of your marketing strategy or generate better traffic on your blog. However, make sure you follow the practical guidelines and check on the results often for a better outcome.

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