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About Vapourhost: Vapourhost Review 2021

Vapourhost Review
Vapourhost Review

Vapourhost had started in mid-2016 after which it went live fully in 2017.Their main vision is to bring revolution in hosting industry and provide high quality hosting with an affordable price to its customers.

They are constantly working towards their quality and serving their clients best as they could.The dedication towards their work for customers is highly appreciable.

Eventhough Vapourhost is the new entrant in the industry it has got lot of love from webmasters.The number of people making their own sites is growing day by day.Vapourhost team also makes sure their clients queries are solved at the earliest.

They are indeed good and their top priority is customer’s satisfaction

Why You Should Buy Vapourhost

As a newbie blogger who don’t have much money to invest and is getting started to learn digital marketing and make money online,Vapourhost is indeed a good choice to get started with your blogging career.

Vapourhost Hosting Plans

Vapourhost Mini Plan

In this mini plan you can host small WordPress blogs or websites with less traffic.It is ideal for those who are just starting their internet marketing career.Mini Plans is divided into further 3 plans as follows :-

  1. Mini 1 Plan {$0.40 Per Month}
  • 1 GB SSD Space
  • 25 GB/Month Bandwidth
  • All Premium Features
  • Single Domain

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  1. Mini 2 Plan{$0.55 Per Month}
  • 2 GB SSD Space
  • 35 GB/Month Bandwidth
  • All Premium Features
  • Single Domain

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  1. Mini 3 Plan {$0.70 Per Month}
  • 3 GB SSD Space
  • 45 GB/Month Bandwidth
  • All Premium Features
  • Single Domain

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Shared Hosting Plans

In shared hosting plan you can host multiple websites.These plans are good if you want to host WordPress blogs or websites.Shared hosting plans comes with three plans

  1. Shared Plan 1 {$0.90 Per Month }
  • 5 GB SSD Space
  • 50 GB/Month Bandwidth
  • All Premium Features
  • Premium Perks
  • Single Domain

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  1. Shared Plan 2 {$1.80 Per Month}
  • 10 GB SSD Space
  • 100 GB/Month Bandwidth
  • All Premium Features
  • Premium Perks
  • Three Domains

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  1. Shared Plan 3
  • 15 GB SSD Space
  • 200 GB/Month Bandwidth
  • All Premium Features
  • Premium Perks
  • Unlimited Domain

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Advantages of Vapourhost

1. Affordable Plans

In this giant market of hosting companies there are hell lot of companies who are providing hosting services at high cost and it is not easy for blogger or internet marketer who is just starting out in his internet career.

Vapourhost provides cheapest plans with affordable hosting price to its customers

2. Amazing Support Provided

Vapourhost owners are online most of the time via Facebook and their chat system provided in hosting account.They even have secret group for their customers wherein they solve all their customer queries.In that group they also share many free goodies like themes,plugins and valueable advices for newbie bloggers

Expansion at high rate

They are growing everyday as more and more people are buying services from them after knowing their quality services provided by them.

3. Money back guarantee

Eventhough they provide hosting service for cheap price they even offer 30 days money back guarantee to all their customers.If you don’t like their service they will refund your money without asking any questions.

4. More than 98% uptime

Uptime is something every webmaster is concerned about.They don’t want their blog readers or buyers to see their website/blog showing error on their browser when they visit.

Vapourhost team constantly works on improving their server’s quality by making it highly powerful systems so that they provide extreme quality hosting services to their customers

Free SSL Provided

Vapourhost provides free SSL Certificates for the webmasters as SSL has become one of the important ranking factors to rank high in Google searches.

Disadvantages of Vapourhost

1. Buy domain from third party

Yes you heard it right.You will need to buy domain from third party like Godaddy or Namecheap for your blog/website so that you use hosting service from Vapourhost.

I hope Vapourhost team will surely try to implement domain services in full swing so that customers will not need to buy domain from third party companies.

2. Less Marketing

I have observed they are doing less marketing for their web hosting services.I had word with the hosting owners they told they will surely increase their marketing efforts so that they reach out to more potential customers who will buy hosting service from them at affordable price and high quality

That’s all about advantages and disadvantages of Vapourhost as of now.I will keep updating this post whenever there is update in Vapourhost services.

I would say my fellow blog readers to try their hosting service atleast once.Go and buy their mini plan for Rs 25 INR.

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Conclusion on Vapourhost Review 2021

I would definately recommend my readers to buy from Vapourhost so that you get best hosting performance at cheaper rate.

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