What Is Keyword In SEO? How To Select A Profitable Keyword?

What Is Keyword In SEO - How To Select Profitable Keyword
What Is Keyword In SEO - How To Select Profitable Keyword

What Is Keyword In SEO? How To Select A Profitable Keyword?

If you are into blogging you must have heard a lot of Keywords

Having knowledge of keywords is very important.

How to do keyword research?

How to use keywords ?

There are lot many topics related to keywords

But what does exactly a keyword means?

If you are new to blogging and doesn’t know about what do you mean by keyword

This post is for you.

So let’s try to understand it first

What Is Keyword?

What Is Keyword In SEO - How To Select Profitable Keyword
What Is Keyword In SEO – How To Select Profitable Keyword

Keyword is nothing but which tell search engine (Google) what is our site about.

Search engine then calculates how much time we have used that keyword in our article

For example if your keyword is about “how to make money” then Google will come to know that your blog post is about teaching or sharing how to make money online

Also when any user search for keyword such as “how to make money” he will land up on your WordPress blog post.

One important thing I would like to tell you is never stuff keyword

Keyword stuffing means using a particular keyword again and again in such a way to increase weight of that keyword in that article

If Google comes to know about this your blog will be considered as spam and can be removed from search results.

As a blogger you should write post both for user and search engines

Also make sure keep track of keyword density in your blog posts.

What are Keyword Types?

Now you must have got that we have to use keyword in our blog post to rank our article.

But lets understand what are the keyword types in SEO

Basically there are 2 types of keywords

1.Short tail keywords

2.Long tail keywords

You can get both of these keywords using Google Keyword Planner and even Google Search Engine

Now lets find out what are these types of keywords

Short Tail Keywords

As the name suggests these keywords are of short length.

Example of short tail keywords can be “make money”, “seo”, “off page seo”

Moreover these type of keywords are hard to rank in Google

This is because there already big authorative sites ranking on Google for these short tail keywords

But if you rank a short tail keyword there is high possibility that your blog post will get huge traffic.

Now let’s see another type of keywords used in SEO

Long Tail Keywords

As the name suggest these keywords contain more than 3 words in it

Example of long tail keywords can be “how to make money online from home”,”off page seo techniques for beginners”

Now you must have got the difference between long tail keywords and short tail keywords

The main benefit of using long tail keywords is their low competition

It is because not many websites or blogs target such long tail keywords for their content

My advice will be select a keyword in such a way that it should be a long tail keyword and has low competition

From low competition I mean is not many blogs or websites are ranking on that particular keyword

Now lets see how to use your keywords in blog post

How To Use Profitable Keywords In Blog Posts

Use your main keyword in title of your blog post.

Make sure you use your keyword in H2 and H3 tag in your post

Use your keyword in permalink (url) of your blog post

Use your keyword in first paragraph of your post

Last but not least use keyword in Image ALT tag

Read – How To Make Image SEO Friendly

I have also wrote a detailed blog post on On Page SEO.

I request you all to read that post till the end to get better understanding of how to do on page SEO

You need to make sure you properly follow SEO techniques then only you will be able to get good amount of traffic from your blog.


I hope you found my article on “What Is Keyword In SEO? How To Select A Profitable Keyword?” useful.

If you have any questions or suggestions make sure you leave your comment below I will be happy to help your queries

Happy Blogging.

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