ZebPay Promo Code 2019 – Earn 100 Rupees Worth FREE Bitcoins!!!

ZebPay Promo Code 2017
ZebPay Promo Code 2017

ZebPay Promo Code 2019 – Earn 100 Rupees Worth FREE Bitcoins!!!

Are you looking for ZebPay Promo Code ? If yes then you are on the right place.

I am sharing promo code for free bitcoin app called ZebPay.

This is a zebpay trick/zebpay hack to earn free bitcoins

As you all know in India bitcoin is getting momentum there are many joining promotions you can take benefit from.

In this post I will show you ZebPay Promo Code by which you can earn bitcoins worth 100 Rupees

ZebPay India is one of the leading platforms in India to buy and sell bitcoins.

It’s a mobile first company in which you just need a mobile app to buy and sell bitcoins


To avail this offer please refer the steps given below –

Lets see how to use ZebPay Promo Code 2017

How to Use ZebPay Promo Code 2019 To Earn Free Bitcoins

On your Iphone device or Android Device use the below link to install ZebPay App

Download ZebPay Android App

Download ZebPay iOS App

Once app is installed just add your name and mobile number so that you can do your verification

Now click on Top right menu button and then click on “Free Bitcoins

ZebPay Menu
ZebPay Menu

After clicking on “Free Bitcoins” you will see screen like this below –

ZebPay Promo Code 2017
ZebPay Promo Code 2017

Here you will get an option to enter your promo code type there : REF57841522

That’s it

The promo code will be applied instantly and bitcoins worth 100 rupees will be credited in your account

This amount is not very much but why not to grab the opportunity to grab FREE Bitcoins

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I hope you found  my post useful on “ZebPay Promo Code 2019 – Earn 100 Rupees Worth Free Bitcoins”.

Happy Earning..!!


  1. is it a safe site? is there a possibility of misusing my PAN card information? can I also buy from this site bit coins?


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