ZoConvert Review: Is It The Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform?

So it’s more than just an occasional bout that people go crazy over and then forget about it altogether, yes, Facebook it is. The age has defined that social media and communication between brands and customers cannot get more open than this. Barriers have broken down between customers and a retailer or a service provider. Users are able to swiftly send messages, exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio and other sorts of files and at the same time react on other users’ messages and also interact with bots. Facebook Messenger also facilitates voice and video calling. The standalone apps support using multiple accounts, conversations with optional end-to-end encryption, and playing games.

Chatbots today are in use and made to understand basic questions, come up with an answer and execute myriads of tasks. Facebook engagement is easier and more valuable than you would’ve imagined it to be. And the best part is that you don’t have to get an idea of it the hard way.

You might already not have a complete grasp on the tools available within Facebook’s apps, extensions, insights, tactics, and bots that can immensely aid you in making your Facebook ad spend at least 80 times more effective.

Most people tend to focus just on the top part of this giant of a scope for marketers—the Facebook ads. They end up spending their entire time optimizing that tiny potential. Little do a lot of marketers realize that Facebook Messenger marketing is changing the whole relationship between the sellers and buyers.

Some features are available within the Facebook app for marketers to use, that not many have completely honed the capability of are given below. Before you proceed to take bigger and more important steps to check if you’ve used these features to their full capacity.

  • Comment Automation
  • Broadcast
  • Click-to-Messenger Ad
  • Chat Widget

The 5 Minutes Rule

As a marketer and especially as an e-marketer, you should be aware of the “5 Minute Rule”. Post a revelation by several studies and reports, marketing experts have come to a consensus that a response delay from a brand by just 5 minutes can cause a 400% decrease in odds to qualify a lead. This poses a problem to both large and small enterprises that either receive a lot of messages in a day or cannot provide services 24X7.

Here comes the most important part. A survey reveals—as many as 93% of businesses do not or not yet have started following the 5 minutes rule. Be among the first few to make that choice of using chatbots and automate those repetitive tasks and more.

What are Smart Businesses doing with Facebook Messenger?

The businesses that are already exploiting the Messenger to take their brand connection with the users on a different level have in unison agreed on using Facebook Messenger marketing tool to boost your brand performance like never before.

There are available in the market a number of such tools that have shown success at a different rate. Getting started with selecting the right one for your business can really be a task not easy to handle. So, how do you choose?

Following are the benchmark standards you should use to review and analyze any Messenger marketing tool before taking your final decision.

1. The Plan and Price of the Tool

Money matters and you just can’t spend it on things that come with a chance of duping you. So ask questions regarding the cost of the platform. Does it require a flat monthly fee? Or does it depend on the number of your subscribers? It’s a good idea to start with the one that uses your subscribers as the base.

2. The Interface of the Tool

Marketing isn’t an easy discipline. Are you ready to use a complicated tool that takes hours and hours to be understood? Having an uncomplicated and user-friendly interface is a must. The availability of drag and drop interface is one to look forward to as it eases so many tasks.

3. The Campaigns, Sequences, and Broadcasts

Remember why you are really implementing a bot for your Facebook Messenger marketing—it’s to be effective at sending campaigns and broadcasts. Make sure that the software you choose is friendly to send campaigns and broadcasts to any particular segment of visitors.

4. What about Bot Elements

In this day and age if you stick with sending a plain text your customer the chances are that failure is soon to follow. You need to able to send videos, attachments, galleries and more such content that the Messenger is capable of. A tool that does it all in the best and easiest way is the one to go for.

5. More Marketing Tools

There are so many tasks that need to be taken care of in order to build a brand image you desire. A simple tool can’t always be enough. You need to check and go for a Messenger bot tool that comes with inbuilt integrations to support you further in promotions and marketing.

6. Reporting and Analytics in that Tool

If you cannot keep a track on how the things you are implementing are performing do you believe you’ll be effective in the long run? You need to check if the software you pick is able to report the statistics related to the things already sent and response on them. Also, is the tool efficient enough to track experienced visitors?

7. The Form and User Input

The function of a bot is to ask a range of questions, collect responses and then save them in the user profile. Check on the validation of user input.

8. The Range of Tags and Custom Fields

Picking a basic Messenger marketing tool will never solve the purpose. Check if the tool comes with tagging based on the actions? What about the customization fields? Also, check if this can be done manually.

9. What about the Integration

Like mentioned before, you can’t just go for a basic tool that is almost incomplete as it is unable to integrate the data from other tools and software. These other tools and software need to be equally authentic and effective in getting their bit done.

ZoConvert Review

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Does the word “bot” give you a pang of anxiety that you’ll have to diligently work on coding that can turn out to be a disaster? So, other than providing with all of the above-mentioned features ZoConvert is that Messenger marketing tool which is probably the easiest to set up and has the capability to hook you immediately with the advanced and smooth functioning.

Simply set up your account, login and enter an all-new world of Messenger marketing that is unbelievably simple to manage and is yet very effective. ZoConvert’s front-facing platform is incredibly streamlined, clean and to be honest really nice to look at. With a clean interface, it becomes harder to mess things up. Don’t forget that up until now you are doing it all for free. Just what you need—ZoConvert manages the pricing according to the subscribers of a Facebook page. ,

Using this particular tool is a piece of cake. All you have to do is play with different boxes and options provided to you and create a flow chart as per your need. You just need to quickly mention whatever is it that you want your subscribers to know and bam! They would immediately get a message to their personal Facebook prompting a dialogue.

ZoConvert a sought-after Messenger marketing tool

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In my experience, using ZoConvert boosted my broadcasted message open rates to as high as 80% percent and at the same time, click rates improved the click rates by around 50%. I also noticed a 5X more earnings as compared to email marketing. Certain things I noticed about ZoConvert that made it stand out from the rest of the options available.

1. It’s Hyper-Flexible and Fast

it hardly requires anytime to get installed and ready-to-use without having to know any bit of coding. The user interface is extremely easy to understand.

2. It Automates you Tasks like no other

Setting up default replies, scheduling notifications based on timezones, broadcast messages, segment subscribers—get it al automated using this wonderful tool.

3. You’ll Immediately Notice Better Engagement

By being able to respond to a 100% of your customers this tool helps in encouraging visitors to become buyers making your site’s engagement rate improve steadily (at least mine quickly did).

4. Help Available any and every time

This Chabot works 27/7 and is surely replacing live chat and other forms of communication such as emails and phone calls between a business and its customers.

5. Collecting and Analyzing of Customer Data is Smooth

This platform is designed to understand customer behavior and gathering data about them such as their— location, gender, characteristics, type of device, browsing habit can all be gathered and analyzed effectively.

So there’s way more to Facebook Messenger marketing than meets the eye. I have a strong sense that Facebook marketing isn’t going to decline anytime soon. It’s going to become exponentially more powerful. Facebook Messenger marketing has fundamentally changed the game, and it’s done so in two areas where marketing rises or falls:

Interactivity or dialogue — Messenger marketing, even when powered by a bot, has a personal feel. Instead of bullhorn marketing — telling your audience to do, buy, read, visit, watchYou’re asking for their feedback and opening up a conversation.

The speed of engagement — Unlike the glacial speed of email marketing (like drip campaigns), Messenger marketing has a much swifter cadence. Many people have a pavlovian response to the crisp ding of their Messenger notifications. They want to see who’s sending them a personal message. This means your open rates and clicks through rates are shooting up.

And it can finally be concluded that using ZoConvert is the most authentic and the best tool available for you to use and see that success.

I hope you found this “ZoConvert Review”.  If you found it useful please share it with your friends on social media.


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Read on to know more about ZoConvert Review. Also find out its features, prices and how it can be used in your marketing plan.

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