Sufyan Shaikh - Founder of BloggingIndian.com blog
Sufyan Shaikh – Founder of BloggingIndian.com blog

Hey everyone,

I am Sufyan Shaikh.

I am glad you want to know more about me

I am the Founder of the blog BloggingIndian

I am currently working as a Senior SEO Specialist at Dentsu Global Services

I started blogging in the year 2016 by watching YouTube videos. I was checking a video on my mobile phone that I wanted to buy.

I saw a video on the right hand side having the title “Make Money Online”. I was like can we really make money online?

To my curiosity, I clicked that video and watched it till the end.

It was a video of my blogger friend Akash Gola who blogs at Chopnews.com

He nicely explained everything and decided that day only I should start my blog and earn money for myself.

So I started my blog on mobile phone specifications. I was a very newbie at that time, and I copied content from other blogs.

It was a big fail..!! 🙁

Later on, I realized this niche was not for me.

I started to learn more about SEO, WordPress and Blogging.

I contacted and added many blogger friends on social media and started taking tips.

I am still a learner who wants to learn and earn more 🙂

What is BloggingIndian?

BloggingIndian is a blog, especially for those who want to learn about blogging.

I was looking for a 2-word domain name for my niche.

I thought why don’t I use a simple name which is easy to pronounce and remember and can be related to my niche.

So I purchased this domain on 29th August 2016 from Ewallhost.

I have used numerous hosting for my blog such as Godaddy, and Hostgator. com, Hostgator.in, Interserver and Basezap.

Checkout the Tools I Use on this blog.

What you will get from BloggingIndian?

In this blog, you can read information about WordPress,SEO, Blogging and Web Hosting

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