29 Best Golf Affiliate Programs for Monetizing Your Golf Blog in 2024

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Golf affiliate programs are great way to monetize your golf blog.

In this post we have shared with you the list of best golf affiliate programs.

So let’s get started.

If you calculate on an average people that are indulged in playing golf, the number shall go more than 24 million easily that too every year.

This is one competitive sport that needs different equipment, to begin with.

That is why there is quite a lot of demand by the people to purchase the new club or even replace the old one almost every year.

There are even some people who plan to retire early and plan to start living their dream life by spending a week playing golf.

While this may not be the same life that you are hoping to live someday but it can certainly be a good inspiration to join an affiliate program.

If you have decided to be a successful affiliate marketer and have been earning quite out of it, then this is the right option.

You can be a perfect guide to those people who are already struggling to find the right equipment.

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Why Golf Affiliate Program is a Must-Try

The price of golf equipment that is sold in the market is an annual $9,666 million which is just a tentative number.

The real value could be more than this.

Also, there is so much of amount that usually golfers wish to spend on their equipment which of course is much great and can be spent by the participants is not just golf, but also football and baseball.

The reason why the golf affiliate program is a must-try is that:

1. A better scope to earn money

Some so many golfers often have money to dispose of which they would prefer on spending on the sport they love.

Since golf is one such luxurious game that such people love to play around with, they prefer buying new equipment.

That is why if you promote a golf affiliate program, you can have better money in less time.

2. Less Competition

Although golf is a popular sport the concept of affiliation in this field is an emerging one.

That is why you have a better scope to earn more and face less risk.

3. Better Opportunity to build Link

Many times, people link the site of golf with their success stories, besides it is one niche that can give you good scope to create some better opportunities for building links.

This way you can promote golf affiliate programs and make money from the site.

The type of products you can sell in the Golf Niche

4. Memberships

Another better type of affiliate marketing is to choose the membership promotion of the houses and golf clubs.

Such communities have the best price that usually a player must pay. Right After the user signs up, it is you who earn a good commission.

Such membership comes with golf brands membership, golf course, packages, and even other membership that can be pricy if purchased separately.

5. Books

E-books concepts are trending these days and if you sell them then you can earn quite a lot of commission too.

There are many tutorials and biographies associated with golf which you can certainly sell and even earn a good commission out of it.

6. 1-to-1 session

There are golf institutions for the players that offer one-to-one sessions of coaching.

If you promote their programs and the upcoming events, you increase your chance of commission.

7. Golf Learning

There are different programs that you can use as affiliate marketing.

These programs can give you a better understanding of how exactly golf should be played.

It also helps you share the process by which you can improve the skills of golf.

Since this pandemic crisis has increased the dependency on digitalization, it surely is a great scope for an affiliate marketer to offer the golf learning courses promotion.

8. Tourism

If you want to spend more time on travel packages then it can be a great deal too.

By this, it means there are some packages that you can sell to companies and come up with their business trip every year.

This would add a better golf course to your account and the client would enjoy the sport too.

Promoting the golf course and destination can give you a better platform to earn money.

9. Courses

There are some platforms and sites where people can book golf courses.

If you promote the destination and encourage people to book the slots for them then you are likely to make money.

So, booking inquiries can also give you a better scope to earn money.

10. Simulators

Some people love to play a sport not just for fun but also as a mind stimulator.

Now you can make this a money-making opportunity because golf courses during pandemic crises are expensive and are located in distant areas.

You can consider selling stimulators where people may enjoy sport on a digital platform while you earn better money.

With so many available options, you may wonder which exactly should be the golf program that needs to be chosen.

You need to consider whom the focus is made, the type of player, a niche that you choose, and so on when it comes to golf affiliation.

That is why listed are some of the best Golf affiliate programs that can help in monetizing your site.

List of 30 Best Golf Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online

1. TaylorMade

TaylorMade is one popular golf equipment provider and is said to be the leading source of certified products.

That is why for people to buy this online becomes a lot easier. You can consider the TaylorMade golf affiliate program wherein you can even trade for the equipment that is already used.

With 30 days of cookies and a commission of 5%, you can access the links and creative for sales improvement.

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2. Callaway

Callaway is another trending brand that is preferred by many golfers.

Those who prefer to buy the certified equipment’s often rely on the Callaway for pre-owned golf clubs and equipment.

Callaway also offers Trade-up programs wherein people can upgrade their existing equipment and also get an idea about their current club’s price.

With 30 days cookies and a commission of 9%, you can always golf or Callaway golf affiliate program where once you have at least a pay-out threshold of 25% you can start earning commissions

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4. Fairway Golf

Fairway Golf is one of the old yet well-known companies that you may come across.

This company is in the field of creating the best accessories, clubs, and apparel of golf for more than 25 years now.

It has also been specialized in custom-made clubs.

Fairway Golf is the best Affiliate program for golf where you can manage the commission through Share a Sale and even have the access to the reports in real-time with the best marketing tools. With 60 days cookies and commission up to 10%, you must start promoting

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5. Buggies Unlimited

Go ahead and try out Buggies unlimited which is another trending golf affiliate program that can be the best platform for you with 3- days cookies and commission up to 10%.

At buggies, you get different accessories like cargo boxes, new tires, and the golf cart and utility cart at a discounted rate which of course is profitable for you too.

There is a ShareASale network through which you can manage your affiliate program.

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6. ProTee UK Golf Simulators

Those golfers who prefer to have 3D stimulation of golf for home, commercial, and even for professional purposes can always go for ProTee UK Golf Simulators.

Pro Tee UK golf simulator affiliate is one fine option to choose from since you can buy and create your stimulator depending on your needs.

It gives a real-life experience like the way you get the feeling of playing at clubs itself. With 30days cookies and 5% of commission, you get access to tools for improving your conversions.

7. Golf Outlets USA

Golf Outlets USA gives you a 5% commission with cookies for 30 days and the reasons why you must go for this affiliate program is because people prefer buying the products that this brand offers in bulk quantity.

This can help you enjoy a good conversion ratio.

Besides, it is possible for selling at a low rate as compared to other vendors.

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8. TrendyGolf

TrendyGolf is the Golf affiliate program for golf that you may want to choose. It gives you a 5% commission with cookies for 30 days.

Here you shall come across the top-notch quality of sports apparel which gives the latest golf fashion clothing from across the world, it is one of the best online retailers that is associated with brands like Ralph Lauren and Hugo boss.

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9. Austad’s Golf

Austad’s Golf gives you a 7.5% – 9% commission with cookies for 60 days.

This is a family-owned brand where players usually come to purchase the best of the items and even can return them once they use them.

They have the option of 20/20 playability which is why it is quite trending.

If you make sales up to $5000 you have high chances to earn 9% of the commission which of course is the best thing to choose.

11. Swing Man Golf

Swing Man Golf is one popular solution to avail the best of the training programs associated with golf.

So far there is so much positive feedback that the company has received from the customers for the programs that you surely can make the best out of its golf affiliate programs.

It gives you 30 days of cookies with a commission of up to 50%.

Your commission score increases every time the user signs up for the program using your site.

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12. The Golf Warehouse

The name itself suggests the purpose of its business.

Well, certainly it gives you the best golf-related equipment. Talking about its affiliate program, well, you get a commission of 6.5% with cookies of 30 days.

For successful commission earning, you can access their catalog of daily products and different materials of marketing as well.

13. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program is now one of the leading eCommerce platforms where you can earn quite a food commission.

Certainly, Amazon has got its own associate’s affiliate program where you have the scope to earn nearly 10% of the commissions for each sale.

Even if the cookie duration is less but this is one trustworthy brand so you don’t have to spend much time to gain the trust of the vendor.

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14. American Golf Affiliate Program

American Golf Affiliate Program can be another leading option that can help you earn a 3% commission for every sale with cookies that last for 30 days which is quite sufficient.

This brand offers clothing, golf clubs, and the best quality equipment for both female and male golfers.

This brand is known to have its unique product set which you can sell and improve your site monetization with a good traffic rate.

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15. Golf Simulator

Just like the name defines, it sells simulators to help people improve their game at their comfort of homes sitting on a couch.

Alongside, the brand new equipment they also consider selling second-hand and used products to fit all the budgets.

This affiliate program gives everyone an opportunity to start making money, and offers 6% commission per sale with the 30 days cookie duration.

16. Rain or Shine Golf

This is another amazing golf affiliate program where you can earn a commission of up to 5% with cookies for 30 days.

This is the best option for all the YouTube Influencers and bloggers and even publications who want to promote the products like golf nets and stimulators or hitting mats associated with golf.

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18. Vegas Carts

Vegas carts is among the big player manufacturers of top quality engine conversion and installation kits for Yamaha golf carts, EZ-GO, and Club Car.

It gives 7.5% commission per sale with cookies for 30 days. Also, it makes the affiliation simple enabling you to manage, track, grow and promote with advanced features like never before.

The program also offers 14 day free trial for everyone to give it a shot and find why it stands out of the crowd.

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19. TrendyGolf

Trendy Golf is a known apparel that offers a sports collection where you can enjoy the commission of up to 7% and that too with cookies of around 30 days.

Brands like Hugo Boss, Puma Golf, and Lacoste are being golfed on the large scale here.

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20. Proozy

Proozy golf affiliate program can be quite an amazing golf source and profitable for you since you can earn around 6.75% of the commission on every scale.

Besides, the cookies of 30 days are the best part of Proozy.

It comes with the best deals on different fashion brands.

There is also an affiliate program that you can join for free and then promote it too.

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21. Global Golf

Global Golf offers the best range of equipment and gives you the scope to earn a commission of around 6 % with 30 days of cookies as well.

This is one popular online retail platform here a plethora of golf products are being sold from the best of the manufacturers and even the new and used golf clubs’ collections that are well maintained.

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22. Golf Outlets Affiliate Program

Golf Outlets Affiliate Programs can offer you a cookies duration of 30 days and a commission scope of 5% which you can earn.

This outlet is known for the retailer collection of clothes, apparel, balls, shoes, and even accessories to name some.

Its program of affiliation is conducted with the Commission Junction (CJ).

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23. Golf18Network

Golf18Network offers another great platform for the Affiliate Program where you can earn around 6% of the commissions.

The cookie duration is usually 21 days in this case.

This is one of the best options where you can find ample courses close to you and join at home with a few clicks.

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24. My Score Card

My Score Card makes it convenient for the coaches and tournament organizer to monitor the handicaps’ performance.

They have the indexes for USGA handicap and which is why the best comprehensive report is generated.

You get 16% of the commission if you promote My Score Card with cookies for 30 days.

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25. Nike Golf

Nike Golf is one reliable brand where you can buy the best quality winter wear and regular shoes for women, men, and even kids.

Joining this retailer team give you 30 days of cookies duration with the scope of 11% of the commission.

You can be an Affiliate partner if you have a good blogging site, news site, or even sports or shoe sites

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26. GolfGym

GolfGym offers another good Affiliate Program with 30 days of the cookie duration and a commission rate of up to 20%.

This is one best platform where you can enjoy all sort of training videos and courses that allows players to improve the swing speed and skills.

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27. Galileo Golf Nets

Galileo Golf Nets come with the Affiliate Program in which you get the scope to earn 12% of the commission and that too with the cookie duration of 30 days.

This store offers the most reliable yet portable Golf Equipment like nets which can improve the game to a great extent.

28. Putterball

Putterball is a popular company that is known for the Putter backyard game of golf. This game is designed for the right addition to a party.

It is best for those who want to make a good putt around in its backyard.

With commission up to 6.40% and cookies duration of 10 days, you get the affiliate program that runs through Flex Offers.

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29. Titleist

Titleist is also a good affiliate program that comes with some great flex offers.

With a cookie of around 30 days and a commission of around 6.40%, you can have the best affiliate program to enjoy.

You can easily join their affiliate program and start earning a commission.

Besides, they offer the best property patents and even the product lines such as gear balls and clubs that you can sell off quite easily.

This increases the demand and scope for you to grow online.

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Conclusion on Best Golf Affiliate Programs to Earn Money Online

Now what you saw are some of the best affiliate programs for golf that you can try out. These programs are of course tested by experts and are highly recommended.

Being trustworthy is the best option you can choose.

It is now time to look for the right golf niche on which you can focus.

To stand out best against the competition shall make it easy for you to focus on options that are searched most.

Take your time and compare amongst the programs.

Know where you have better knowledge and scope to earn a better income and then decide on the program to earn better money with just a few clicks.

Remember it will not happen overnight.

But once you make your mind, this is the best platform to be a passive income earner.

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