MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review 2023: How to Make Money Online with Them

Last Updated on July 3, 2023

Looking for MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review?

Membership services are often referred to as alliance services, agreements under which an online trader’s platform charges fees to send them traffic.

The sites provide links to the web and are compensated for according to a clear arrangement.

The deal typically depends on the number of persons sent to the site of the retailer by the partner or on the number of persons sent to purchase or take any move.

Those contracts cost according to the number of visits to the banner display list. In general, whether there is traffic on the trader website or the money from a connection to an affiliate website, the trader website contributes to the affiliate website to their deal.

The appointment of associates is an effective way to offer products online, but it can also be an economical and efficient marketing technique.

Membership networks or “partner brokers,” serve as mediators for affiliates and commercial affiliate websites. They control all operations, coordinate all payments, and assist affiliates in establishing the required website links.

In addition, affiliates facilitate the recruiting of members by the incorporation of an affiliate online retailer platform in their registry.

As we all realize, associate programs are the perfect way to make a significant contribution to product marketing MyThemeShop is a Web-based business that delivers standard, accessible WordPress themes, and plug-ins. It covers all types of blogs, organizations, and sites.

The themes and plugins are purchased once and each theme for infinite areas of 24 × 7 support can be used forever.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review

MyThemeShop is a luxury theme store for WordPress with over 358193 satisfied worldwide members. For each niche and enterprise blog, they provide a selection of WordPress themes. Besides its WordPress themes, MyThemeShop also provides numerous WordPress plugins, such as WP Subscribe Pro, WP Review Pro, and 19 variants more.

All users who are associated with MyThemeShop will have access to 90 or more themes by paying $87 for a single period.

This enticing deal attracts more eyes, as a successful theme provider indeed. MyThemeShop has a kickass partner scheme that allows you to progress MyThemeShop posts, plugins, and commissions on any good comparison for future clients.

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Commission Structure of MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of MyThemeShop and one of only a few high premium affiliate programs that allow 70% of profits to be received as a profit. Not unexpectedly, these technically rich WordPress themes are sold quickly and every month you earn 3 to 4-figure affiliate revenue.

MyThemeShop helps advertisers and advertisers, via its partner scheme, to connect themselves with their WordPress sales of themes and plugins and to receive a referral group.

MyThemeShop lets you retain a low turnover of 70 percent, making it a profitable franchise network.

The partner program MyThemeShop is quick to join and easy to support.

You can explore high-quality topics to sell to an audience that is familiar with the benefits of MyThemeShop themes that make sales simpler.

This approximate estimate of the profit potential of their affiliate program is available on the official MyThemeShop affiliate registration page.

With its practicality, it is convenient to assume that the above figure is for an average of 2 transactions a day.

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Benefits of MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

1. Standard Commission Rate

Higher ratings, the justification for the use of this affiliated service by most bloggers and marketers. You get a fee of 70% for each sale you produced for the MyThemeShop Affiliate Program.

2. Organized branding

MyThemeShop is a famous company to deliver the latest Professional and Freestyle Plug-ins at a reasonable price. This makes marketing and commissioning of goods convenient.

Members who engage in these programs can help to collect money from their visits to the site if they want to buy products or services from their merchant’s site.

3. 2 tier associate program

MyThemeShop is a 2 Tier partner network meaning that you can get discounts by providing services or recommending MyThemeShop to others.

You will get a 10 percent discount to recommend MyThemeShop to others.

4. 60-days cookie transfer

Return Cookie for 60 days is the fastest way to raise money for the sponsored content by clicking on the new subscribers’ link to the blog today, then you’ll get a payment through your affiliate within 60 days.

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5. No threshold for average compensation

As we all realize, the minimum price requirement extends to most partner programs.

But the great thing regarding reward is not a minimum compensation requirement in the MyThemeShop partner scheme.

Any month, regardless of the number, the money you raise will be paid.

6. Promoting banners

You may also use banner and pictures for MyThemeShop items here to boost revenue.

They are sponsored by banners of all types.

7. Promoting 150 + brands

The MyThemeShop partner software offers several plug-ins and themes.

It is also easy to pick a good plugin or a theme that you can support and you can make much more benefit by selecting the right commodity.

These services organizations pay their members according to the number of guests they report to join as participants.

This means that the user generally fills in some details on the trader’s website required, which the trader’s website may use as a trading lead or as a sales lead.

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8. Pay per click

The trader’s platform pays for these services depending on the volume of visits to the site of the retailer clicking on the connection.

They have nothing to buy because what a tourist can do when he gets to the merchant site does not matter to the associate.

How to Join the MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

Consider these measures to join the MyThemeShop Affiliate Programme:

  • Tap on ‘Sign Up’ and then go to https:/
  • You can log in to Facebook or Google currently by entering your ‘Name’ and ‘e-mail address,’ then clicking ‘Sign up.’
  • Login info will now be added to the dashboard.
  • Go to the ‘Affiliate Info’ tab and attach your PayPal Email and Switch to the ‘Configure’ tab.
  • That’s it. You are also a client of MyThemeShop. Start your profitable business.

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How to Promote and Make Money Using MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

You are mistaken if you believe you can spot a banner in your dashboard blog to make money. You can’t just sell just a banner to receive a huge sum.

To support MyThemeShop topics and plugins, you could use certain affiliate marketing tactics. It allows you to sell at least two a day.

MyThemeShop allows you to consciously support the brand to earn money, as with all partner programs.

But MyThemeShop does not have a basic earning provision, unlike some hosting partner scheme. As often as you can receive just however you desire.

Here are some basic money-making tips:

1. Writing Article Analysis

The most frequent consideration is that the sales to affiliates are doubled. Any affiliate in MyThemeShop writes Meta-analyses so only some will sell from a review post.

If you write a comprehensive analysis of some items, it will provide your visitors with quality and earning also.

It lets them determine whether the product suits them better or not.

You can also purchase the item from your reference if you preferred the service.

There are some measures that are to be performed while writing a thesis or article.

  • Study for the correct keyword before publishing the analysis post.
  • Write a caption heading that enhances the CTR of your article for visitors.
  • Write a concept summary article as soon as it begins to increase the rating of your quest.
  • You may have conversion keys.
  • To have a summary post on the 1st page on Google, use the Skyscraper strategy.
  • Using ties in all text areas during review research.
  • Try to use an enticing heading to read your post.
  • Have a theme and feature video that you are advertising.
  • Post “Top 10′′ articles of the sort, such as:” Top 10 travel bloggers topics
  • Using Action Alert.
  • Layout or plugin’s pros and cons.
  • The price shall be inclusive.
  • Finally phrases or Conclusion part.

2. Position BANNER inside Blog POST

Using banners ads to generate and apply some unique banners to your blogs.

This raises the CTR and conversion. Assume it or not, though, if you put your banner in blog entries, the click-through rate will improve and undoubtedly the conversion will improve.

Therefore, it is recommended you put a banner in the sidebar as well as blog entries. Using this strategy it will raise your profits with the MyThemeShop Affiliate.

3. Build trust

This is a very crucial component of your performance digitally.

If you just want your blog to earn a profit. The first aspect you have to do is build confidence.

You will certainly be buying the product you endorse if your blog followers believe you.

Helping your potential customers fix their issues is really convenient.

You should enter and assist Facebook groups with this.

This is the easiest way to communicate with people with the same viewpoint.

4. Referring SAB much as you can

While it is a 2-level affiliation network, you can make a good amount of money from it. But you can receive 10 percent of each fee if you recommend affiliates to MyThemeShop

Enable as many subsidiary businesses as possible to earn 10 percent of your cumulative income. That’s why it’s a strong online source of income.

Assume you’ve got 20 customers and they get $500 a month. Then, every month you gain ten percent without making a conversion-i.e. $50 * 20 = $1,000.

5. Display STAR Quality Ranking

When supporting MyThemeShop Themes and Plugins Analysis, you need to share your conversion rate with the star rating of this theme or plugs.

During MyThemeShop themes and plug-ins analysis, you must post this theme or plugin’s star rating to improve your conversion performance.

For this, you can also show an attractive star rating using the Author HReview Plugin.

Therefore, ensure that you make a successful commitment to the MyThemeShop partner network for better earning. You can also raise the traffic on your blog to raise your revenue.

How to Generate Affiliate Link in MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

The URLs that use affiliates to advertise the website or goods are an affiliate referral source.

It provides a user ID or an associate name that can be used by a single associate when browsing the website.

When the client performs a conversion successfully (that is a sale or a document submission), a reference and a fee are granted to the associate.

The affiliate reference URLs can be created in three major ways:

  • The affiliate will apply its specific affiliate ID dynamically to the final page of every URL or product page. E.g. http:/   For further specifics on affiliate URLs, you can see the examples on the internet i.e.  Affiliate URLs
  • By reposting the website URL from every link on your site into the URL of your sites and then pressing “URL Build,” the affiliate will create their specific reference URL (when logged into) from the Affiliate region.
  • You should have your own distributor referral connections. You just have to add your affiliation name to the URLs you have.

Affiliates will use their social media sites, e-mails, and everywhere else to post connections to their own platform to connect clients on your domain.

Conclusion on MyThemeShop Affiliate Review

MyThemeShop is the biggest source of sales for affiliate marketers.

If you’re really not part of that, you lose a significant income stream.

It will allow you to make thousands of dollars per month, even with little attention.

MyThemeShop has a tremendous potentiality, as we have seen, to help you make your blog a respectable affiliate revenue.

Themes and plugins, we realize, are the key components of a site.

Both people who have started a blog have to buy a web theme.

MyThemeShop introduces 80 + themes and plugins to support. It offers all sorts of subjects like travel writers, corporations, blogs, etc.

So, advertising these items on your blog and making money is really convenient.

It is highly recommended for bloggers for extra income and use their potential talent to raise the productivity of their products in the MyThemeShop Affiliate Program.

Hope you found my post on MyThemeShop useful.

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