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Last Updated on March 27, 2023

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An Overview of GeneratePress

GeneratePress is Tom Usborne’s free WordPress theme. GeneratePress is a common free WordPress theme, which is particularly preferred by professionals who create customer’s WordPress pages.

GeneratePress is a WordPress multipurpose theme that helps you to customize it to any niche websites.

GeneratePress is present in over 100,000 domains and has also earned an impressive 5-star ranking with 692 ratings, according to

It is, beyond doubt, an incredibly well-developed, fast-loading, mobile theme that was ever used in my blogging career.

It can be used as a basis for their own themes by developers, or you can buy modular add-ons to add additional functions.

GeneratePress is designed to be a modular theme, such that features are enhanced.

GeneratePress is designed to be lightweight and easily encoded.

The regular, free theme itself is very simple, but with a range of add-ons, you can expand and incorporate more functionality.

This prevents the theme from being blown up by tons of features that you never use.

Free vs. Pro Version Comparison of GeneratePress

The GeneratePress is both free and pro edition available.

When you are not searching for additional enhancements and you are well-known for modifying the CSS coding, the free edition is enough for you.

The GeneratePress pro edition can be turned on using the GP Premium plugin.

The Premium GeneratePress edition is not really required if you don’t need any modules.

GeneratePress Free Version

Once you update and activate GeneratePress free theme, ZERO GeneratePress price provides a number of pro-features for life.

Finally, it is a demo and children’s theme that enables all the features of this edition to be taken advantage of.

At first sight, GeneratePress looks like a very basic children’s theme, but it is appealing compared to other themes available in WordPress.

GeneratePress free edition has a stunning basic feel. In addition, almost any big page creator such as Divi Creator, Elementor, and Beaver Builder, etc. is sponsored.

  • The free edition of GeneratePress enables the replay of header templates, a configuration of fonts, and typographies.
  • Mobile-Friendly: The whole topic was designed with smartphone reactivity. No matter which person, this child’s theme suits each system with a penny question.
  • 14 Pro Modules: There are 14 pro modules known as the “Web Library,” which lets you optimize the features of the subject.
  • Typography & Font Editing: Typography is a feature that helps you to personalize fonts in any part of the subject. You can edit your blog & heading sections with the GeneratePress Free version.
  • 1-click Reset Option:This 1-click restore option is completed in seconds should you just decide to return your site to original settings.
  • Custom CSS: You can also build some parts of the theme using CSS code if you also have little information about editing HTML & CSS when using GeneratePress free edition.

GeneratePress Pro version

Actually, a GP Premium plugin is a pro-version of the GeneratePress.

When you install the app using an access code, you can immediately allow all advanced features (including free software) and add-ons.

GP premium is a lot easier to customize. You may play any part of the subject with this plugin without touching upon the code area.

  • Site Library: With 3 clicks on your next site you can import any premium demo app (GeneratePress’ spacious and marketer is the most used theme).
  • Colors:60 color options, be a link, heading or paragraph, to manage any area of your site.
  • Page Header: In full screen and parallax mode, this function adds a translucent header or custom logo graphic.
  • Blog: Display blog entries in the line, column, and theme and give your web a spectacular view.
  • Backgrounds: Add / remove context images, and project them with numerous types of effects of parallax.
  • Spacing: Enables the correct space and margins between website items such as widgets, contents, sidebar, menu items, headers, footers, etc.
  • Mega Menu Plus: A function causes the menu portion to slip out and the logo can disintegrate or not change.
  • Typography:  70+ typographies, amazing fonts and Google font, accessible in only a couple of clicks for your blog, frames, connections, plugins, footer.
  • Secondary Navigation: This is another helpful search tool such as the main search for the introduction of mega-menu links on the web.
  • Copyright: Page available for copyright removal from the bottom of the site by creating a copyright request.
  • WooCommerce: The GeneratePress Woocommerce module helps you to develop and personalize the visual features of your web.
  • Sections: This functionality can be used in case you want to build a post/page in the segment. Click the button “Use Tab” on the right side of the editor to use it.
  • Elements: This is a selection of 14 elements of the premium theme from GeneratePress. This enables the site to be activated / disabled any component like navigation, homepage, footer, history, web archive, etc.
  • Hooks: It is another version of the GeneratePress premium. Its feature allows you to apply PHP code to the plugin on your website region (for example the Web hosting intro partner disclosure below the badge depends on the loop. This is an associate disclosure.
  • Import/Export: You can use the import/export feature to create a copy of the GeneratePress settings of one site in another, in seconds.
  • Documentation: Premium creator made it easy, even for beginners with documentation page, to customize the WordPress account. You will add/delete/adjust your GeneratePress theme to fit your needs in this resource.
  • Support: GeneratePress is a free version own community that helps the hands of others. You can access your WordPress-based support page with the free edition of GeneratePress and their private support is available 24/7 when you purchase the GeneratePress package.

GeneratePress is Suitable For

GeneratePress is the best choice for high-performance users who want to be able to modify and monitor their website precisely.

GeneratePress is the best choice for high-performance users who want to be able to modify and monitor their website precisely.

You can do almost anything with GeneratePress and since GeneratePress focuses on efficiency, the platform you create will have a fantastic base for fast loading.

GeneratePress is Not Suitable For

You might find the choice of a niche theme developed exclusively for fashion bloggers happier if you know that you want to make a fashion blog!

Although GeneratePress has become much simpler to use, GeneratePress looks really stripped down when you first launch it due to its pre-constructed site database.

You’ll almost definitely have to go in and configure the stuff to make GeneratePress look as you like it and while GeneratePress provides a huge advantage in terms of how customizable it is, some users, particularly casual users, don’t want to change it themselves.

Awesome GeneratePress Features That Makes It Unique Theme

1. Optimized Performance and Fast Page Load Times

GeneratePress also concentrates on outstanding efficiency and safe coding in all its apps. The whole theme is under 30 kb which is about as tiny a WordPress theme you’ll ever find. While most other WordPress optimized subjects are 200+kB now.

GeneratePress also has no reliance on code to prevent the Google Page speed Insights from frequently reported render-blocking fault.

2. A lot of adaptation options for WordPress customizer in real-time

Beyond performance, the customization options for GeneratePress are another area that does well.

GeneratePress uses the WordPress Customizer, which is useful for you to see all the improvements you made in real-time.

The free version of GeneratePress offers you great alternatives, but you can configure pretty much all about your platform if you have GeneratePress Premium.

You can customize comprehensive settings for your layout field, for instance.

  • Header: You can shift your header and change the theme.
  • Navigation: GeneratePress enables you to access two separate choices with sticky menus.
  • Sidebar layout: One or two sidebars can be used.
  • Blog post layout: Like image size featured, metadata, and so on.
  • Footer layout: How many widgets can be included, etc.?

In the same way, you can control the font area on every individual element, including buttons, on your website.

Altogether, GeneratePress will give you a lot more customizing choices than the other topics in the WordPress Customizer.

3. Page-level settings have comprehensive monitoring of each piece of content

Most of the themes are based on the same settings for each post and website.

You may have some custom templates or formats – but beyond that, you do not have much control.

4. Made it easy to build your platform from premade starting pages

In the past, GeneratePress pages have to be created from a blank perspective regardless of whether the theme was complicated for average users.

However, before 2018, the developer introduced the latest Web Library functionality that can conveniently import one of the more than 25 pre-release Sample websites for users of GeneratePress Premium.

5. Additional Helpful Pro Extensions plus a modular approach

In addition to providing additional style controls in the WordPress Customizer, GeneratePress Premium also has many other useful features like:

  • Elements: This unique feature allows you to create personalized hooks, headers, and templates for page layouts.
  • Page Header: You can build a specific page header per page.
  • Sections: This is a form of lightweight page design. This helps you to create individual “pages” of your own grid and column settings on a page.

GeneratePress Pricing

At you can get the core GeneratePress theme for free.

The free version might not offer you nearly as much of the WordPress plugin options. GeneratePress Premium is pretty affordable too.

It costs only $39.95 and you can use this at unlimited spots.

If you want to renovate to continue getting help and updates after your first year you will still get a 40 % discount. So, the use of GeneratePress gets a lot cheaper.

Is GeneratePress Really Worth of Your Money

It costs only $39.95 and you can use this at unlimited spots.

When you know that the standard premium theme in WordPress typically costs about $60, so GeneratePress has fantastic value and has value for money.

Conclusion on GeneratePress WordPress Theme Review 2023

GeneratePress’s design controls allow you to transform it into any WordPress website. Or perhaps you can even find a starter website to save you time, that suits your needs. Moreover, this is one of the easiest WordPress themes you’ll discover.

When you are searching for the best possible results, it is a perfect option to use GeneratePress as the base of your WordPress website.

You should not have trouble loading your site in under one second if you combine this with fast hosting.

In order to get going, you can download GeneratePress and purchase and configure the Premium plugin from

The great thing is that the flagship library operates in all areas, regardless of the field you do blogging.

Do not hesitate to invest in the GeneratePress premium if you’re searching for a powerful financial resource for building your WordPress platform. GeneratePress may be the perfect base to use for common niche blogs.

GP Premium helps save you time as you like when you modify the site.

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