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Last Updated on April 7, 2024

Over the past few years, the Internet has got quite a lot of popularity, and there is no doubt that it will benefit you the most when it comes to starting a career with this. Talking about starting a live blog well, this certainly is a great goal, but you must understand and learn everything from scratch.

In the end, competition has increased so much that being a first-time blogger, you may need some time to start with the whole journey. But before starting with learning tips, it is important to understand how to start a lifestyle blog and make money, but before that, you must know what exactly a lifestyle blog is all about, and there is no scope to grow with it.

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog and Make Money in 2024 (Step by Step Guide for Beginners)

This type of blogging is a more generic blog that is less specific to a niche but holds equally good value. It can be quite a tricky thing when it comes to describing lifestyle blogging. But to be precise creating a lifestyle blog, includes different niches such as budgeting, home décor, food, fitness, career, beauty, happiness, and almost anything.

The bloggers are successful in such specific niches as they share more transparent views. As you shall be starting with such a blog, it is equally important to understand what you can do with the blog posts. Of all, the most crucial thing that shall get your lifestyle blog noticed is the kind of living that you follow.

1. Choose the Focus of your lifestyle blog

This is one of the important steps that need to be followed to create a successful lifestyle blog. It includes different decisions to be made, such as the Focus of the blog and how you are planning to direct it. It is important to find a blog position that can give you a better scope of success, and you shall grow in this competitive sector.

Make sure the lifestyle blog that you create can also focus on reviewing the products since many customers look for them. This way, you can interact with the audience and share your opinions and thoughts as well.

You can also consider the aspect like providing advice to others, sharing your experiences, and explaining to them how to live with them. As a lifestyle blogger, you need to look for the subject of the blog. It is better to select from your interest, passion, or knowledge and stay determined.

2. Select Your Lifestyle Niche

Once the Focus is set, you must be clear with the lifestyle niche on which you shall begin writing. Blogging needs to be fun. It is quite a creative concept, and hence, you must look for the niche on which you are doing it from your heart when you are writing. It must reach out to the customer’s soul and hence must be authentic.

The readers must understand what and why the words you have put are so valuable. It is important to brush up on some blogging skills. It doesn’t always have to be a boring activity; rather, make it something creative and juicy.

Your post should have an impact in such a manner that readers and writers should both feel free while working on such a blog. You should choose a niche and define it along with the aspects that you shall be covered in it.

3. Select Your Blogging Platform

Once the niche is decided for your lifestyle blogging, it is time to look for an efficient blogging platform. There are so many available platforms that can help you on how to start a successful lifestyle blog.

Some are available for free of cost, while some need to be paid up. Some options like, Blogger, Wix, and Squarespace offer different packages that may vary from premium to self-hosted platforms.

Of all, WordPress is one fine option as there are more than 600-WordPress sites being created; it has quite a huge set of visitors to reach in a month; besides, there is a good community of developers working on it, which is why there is no room for disappointment at all.

4. Choose Your Domain Name

Before starting with a blogging platform or moving ahead with hosting, you need to decide on a name for the domain. It is important to have a custom domain for the blog. The domain must look at something that can define what your blog shall be talking about.

The custom domain, however, should not necessarily be associated with,, or If you have a custom domain, you get complete ownership of the domain, and no one else would want to claim it.

Look for a name that is simple and easy to remember. There are options like Namecheap, where you can find more domain names that are available.

5. Buy Your Domain Name and Hosting

Once you have decided what your blogging platform should be called, it is time to buy the domain name and start with blog hosting. The name of the domain is like an address that will get to your blog if typed or looked up online.

That is why there must be some link created for it. Hence, the domain name should be purchased along with hosting. In that case, Bluehost is the best option for the new blogger with some of the best other features like great SEO and easy maintenance of the site.

Click here to start your Lifestyle blog now on Bluehost (FREE domain)

6. Select and Install a Theme for Your Lifestyle Blog

A theme shows the overall blog appearance. It also depends on how you want to design your blog. As stated earlier, it is always better to personalize your blog, for which a few customization options and tweaking need to be done. The overall aesthetic appeal of the website is important/. That is why whether it is the font, colour, image, widget, or even the designs, you must take it seriously.

The responsiveness of the website is important; besides, the experience matters too. It must be user-friendly, and your site theme should create the first impression too. For the lifestyle blogs, there are different options to make a choice. It is always better to select a theme that is strong, affordable, and pretty

In that case, self-hosted is the right platform as it lets you download and even use the free theme. Besides, if you have already set your budget, you can consider premium themes. It can be customized and is not a cost-friendly option. Besides, it is fast, and you can get customer support as and when needed.

To be precise on how to set up and make money with a lifestyle blog, the investment in the premium theme should be made to give you better advantages for a long period. But if you seem to be quite tight on the budget, it is better to go for free themes initially and then invest in the paid options.

7. Create Essential Pages & Logos for Your Lifestyle Blog

There are some essential pages for the blog, such as the contact page, about us, privacy policy, and even the home page. As per the site type you have, you may want to add some valuable pages such as the serves and products page.

Essential Pages:

  • About Page: In this section, you must explain your site and blog niche. It is one of the highest and most visited pages and hence must be created finely.
  • Contact Page: In this section, all the contact details from which you are accessible should be created. This includes email addresses and mobile numbers as well.
  • Privacy Policy: before the user starts using the products and services of your site, they must go through this page which is all about terms and conditions, disclaimers, and all-important privacy-based laws. It helps to make sure that you are complying with laws that can protect the privacy rights of the reader.

Create a Logo:

Other than the above-mentioned basic pages, the logo is extremely important.  To create a logo, you must come up with a unique design that defines your business in just one small picture. It should be made with high resolution and should be put while you start with your business.

8. Start Blogging

After all this big process, it is time that you start blogging. But remember, content must be unique and valuable. You must put your ideas well in the content, and it should stand out unique over the rest. You can list down your blog post ideas in the spreadsheet.

As the dashboard of WordPress is super easy to understand, you need to keep in mind that the more you use it, the easy it shall become for you. A blog planner, which in other words, is a spreadsheet, can help you stay more organized.

There are so many things you can think about writing about. As your first blog of yours gets published, don’t forget to click the picture because that excitement will keep you going.

Every content of the blog needs to be created keeping the reader’s interest in mind. It could be knowledgeable or experienced-based, but it must be relatable.

9. Promoting Your Lifestyle Blog

Once the content is published, your next task is to make it reachable to more audiences. The lifestyle blog, of course, cannot exist in a vacuum. To get the very first visit, it is important to start with blog promotion. For this, you must target some of the audience that you know at the initial stage, maybe as your family and friends.

Moving further, promote your blog on the social media platform. It is, however, the most important strategy that needs to be followed rightly. After every blog post, it is always better to share it on social media. There is a snippet section from the content that may grab the attention of the target reader.

Other than this, there is also an email list that should be created. This list should be about the subscribers of the blog. Initially, it is better to use the resources that were already available. It is better to send an email to the exiting contact along with the blog link. Other than this, you can even share the link on the group or share it on the forum and other online communities.

10. How to Make Money from Lifestyle Blog

Now, starting a lifestyle blog and earning money is one of the most crucial parts that you should not ignore. Well, there are different options available such as:

  • Affiliate Marketing: It is best suitable for beginners. You, in this case, don’t have to have a huge bunch of audience to start making money. All you need to do is have an engaged audience that can fit with the product you are planning to promote.
  • Google AdSense: This is another easy way for lifestyle bloggers to choose for earning Money. The setup and maintenance process is all simple. You just must add other networks once you have steady traffic.

Other choices you can sell are your products and even opt for the promotion of other brands to earn money; these are some easy choices for which the rate of income is quite good.

FAQs on How to Setup a Lifestyle Blog and Make Money

How do lifestyle bloggers make money?

Affiliate marketing and sponsored ads are two fine options that lifestyle bloggers prefer to make Money.

Are lifestyle blogs profitable?

Yes! Initially, it may take time and hard work, but once the whole profile is set, it is possible to start earning a good income on a regular basis.

What are lifestyle blog examples?

Fashion, Food, Travel, Home Décor, and gardening are some of the lifestyle blog examples that are trending and can be worked on.

What should I post on my lifestyle blog?

Interview, experience, travel bucket list, most things to do, inspirational quotes, and childhood memories are some options that can do wonders.


To start with, a lifestyle blog may not always be an overwhelming experience as initially, there are ample steps that need to be followed. But once you are ready, use this platform in the best possible way and start building and growing your lifestyle blogging.

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