GeneratePress vs. Astra WordPress Theme Comparison 2023: Which One to Use?

Looking for a comparison between GeneratePress vs Astra?

Which one you should consider?

WordPress is a PHP-based, fully accessible content management system that works with either a MySQL or MariaDB server.

A plugin framework and a template system, known as Themes in WordPress, are among the elements.

Two of the most successful premium WordPress themes available at the moment are Astra and GeneratePress.

They also use the same strategy in general, making it challenging to select between them. You can’t go wrong with any of these themes if you’ve been seeking the most bang for your buck.

However, if you had to choose between Astra vs GeneratePress, which one would win?

Overview: GeneratePress vs Astra

These are two of the most prominent WordPress themes, according to the figures. They use the same style overall, making it more difficult to pick between them.

Both provide a simple multipurpose foundation with a plethora of Content Editor features to make them your own.

Each can be used for various purposes, including a blog, a company website, an online store, a membership site, and so on.

Tom Usborne’s GeneratePress is a compact, multipurpose theme.

It occupies less than 10KB in size out of the box and has an excellent name for its focus on simplicity. states that GeneratePress is used on over 300,000 websites as of December.

Over 1,150 people have given it an excellent five-star rating.

Astra is likewise a compact, multipurpose theme that occupies less than 50KB. It’s from Brainstorm Force, a well-known company for bringing add-ons. Astra has a record of becoming the first and independent non-default WordPress theme, which reached one million active installations on

More than 4,800 people have given it a stellar five-star rating.

The WordPress Customizer, which gives a handy graphical, code-free interface to make modifications, is used by GeneratePress and Astra to make most of your edits.

An advantage of utilizing the Customizer is seeing how your changes look in live time without saving and reloading.

GeneratePress and Astra are so customizable that it can be hard to tell them apart while browsing at a site’s front-end design.

Both include everything you need to create a beautiful, functional website, but they differ in a few ways that could influence your final decision. This article might help you choose between the two.

Features: GeneratePress vs Astra

GeneratePress features

  1. It’s lightweight.
  2. User-friendly on portable devices.
  3. Quick load time.
  4. Modular layout.
  5. The site is 100 % responsive and looks fantastic on any device.
  6. It is built with the flexible Flexbox Grid framework.
  7. It has in-built schemas for improved SERP results.
  8. Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, BuddyPress, Bb Press, and WPML are all functional with this extension. Excellent browser compatibility. It’s compatible with Elementor and Beaver Builder, the two most popular site builders.
  9. 100% accessible.

Astra features

  1. Speedy loading. It takes just about half a minute (30 seconds) to load.
  2. Well-coded.
  3. The documentation is excellent.
  4. Sites for beginners.
  5. Theme customization is simple.
  6. Integrations with plugins.
  7. It is SEO-friendly and works with all WordPress SEO plugins like RankMath, Yoast, and other similar platforms.
  8. It is Developer friendly and makes the handling of data easy for developers.

Pricing: GeneratePress vs Astra

At, both GeneratePress and Astra offer free and premium editions, with premium versions unlocking extra functionality.

In terms of premium variants, the prices are nearly equal. The only difference is that Astra’s premium Agency themes demand a more expensive purchase.

Modules, assistance, and a variety of other services are not available in their free versions.

  • GeneratePress Pricing

GeneratePress accepts two types of payments:

Help for one year is $59. After your first year, you can subscribe for a 40% discount.

$249 includes lifetime support and upgrades.

Both options allow you to use them on a limitless number of websites.

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  • Astra Pricing

Astra has the same two premium theme pricing options:

Support/updates for one year are $59.

$249 includes lifetime support and upgrades.

Both options allow you to use them on an endless number of websites.

Astra offers a 20% discount on renewal.

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Astra’s business strategy also contains the possibility to white-label the template, while GeneratePress does not. You could use Astra Pro on your limitless customer site regardless of whether you have Astra Pro or business licenses.

GeneratePress, on the other hand, has a few distinctions.

You’ll need to have at least the $169 (one year)/$499 (lifetime) Mini Agency Bundle if you would like access to the professional Agency templates.

This package also includes Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor/Beaver Builder and some of the company’s other extensions.

Pros and Cons: GeneratePress vs Astra

Every WordPress theme out there has its benefits as well as drawbacks. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of utilizing these two themes.

Pros of Astra

1. Page load time

Astra is the quickest template, taking 0.5 seconds or less to load.

For quickness, Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript, which has been wholly tuned for efficiency.

2. Options for Design

The Astra template allows you to create nearly any type of website.

On top of that, their free edition contains 20+ free beginning templates and website builder tools. Astra is WooCommerce compatible, which means it can be used to create an e-commerce website.

3. Site Design and layout

Astra Premium includes a Site Layout feature that allows you to control the site’s general layout.

You can use Astra’s module to show your primary content in a framed, full-width, or fluid form. You can also specify specific margins, spacing, and other features.

4. Premium membership

Premium customers of Astra get access to a personal 24/7 Support team via webchat.

On their base of knowledge, they also provide in-depth, step-by-step articles and video guides to their consumers.

5. Coding that is developer-friendly

Astra uses default WordPress information and adheres to the most exemplary standards and codes to make it much easier for site builders.

Astra also includes a plethora of connectors and filtering for Custom Layouts.

6. Assistance for Page Builder

If you don’t know how to code, Page Builder is the most refined approach to create a great website. The Astra pattern gives well with a variety of Page Builders.

7. SEO-Friendly

The Astra theme is fully responsive and optimized for search engines.

It also works with all WordPress SEO plugins, including Yoast, Rank Math, and others. The Astra template also includes a built-in SEO protocol code.

 Cons of Astra

  • The free version has limited customization features and theme elements.
  • On the free edition, there is no provision for chat help. However, their level of expertise contains a wealth of free video and article tutorials.

Pros of GeneratePress

1. Website Library

GeneratePress premium members have access to a library of 45+ pre-built web designs. If you have the “GP Premium” extension installed, you can apply template styles with only one press.

2. Code is developer-friendly

The creator of GeneratePress provides active support. This template features a lot of connectors and filtering, making it ideal for developers.

3. Detailed Documentation

For newcomers, the subject documentation is the most essential aspect. They have a fantastic array of articles, movies, and other media.

4. WooCommerce Assimilation

You must install WooCommerce if you want to create an eCommerce platform. You don’t need to buy the additional theme for your eCommerce store because GeneratePress has WooCommerce support.

5. Best Customer Help

GeneratePress includes a support forum where you can directly contact the Developer’s issues. This forum is quite busy and well-kept, and you will receive responses in 12 hours.

6. Support for Page Builder

When you’re not a programmer, Page Builder is the ideal way to create a site without coding. Any website builder is entirely compatible with GeneratePress. Elementor, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architecture, and others come to mind.

7. Best Plugins

This platform works with all of the best current WordPress plugins, including Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Bb Press, Schema, and other similar plugins.

8. Money-Back Guarantee

GeneratePress comes with a 30-day money-back assurance. If you are unhappy with the functioning of the GeneratePress Premium plugin after buying it, you can request a refund.

 Cons of GeneratePress

  • Limited Functionality: GeneratePress’s free plan has a restricted set of features. You must purchase a GP premium add-on if you require extensive customization and exceptional support.
  • There are no customer services for the GeneratePress theme that is available for free. They do, however, provide beginners with theme information.

Conclusion on GeneratePress vs Astra

GeneratePress and Astra are insanely popular; they’re equally fantastic WordPress themes in which you can’t go astray. WP Astra includes a few more customization and design options than GeneratePress. It also comes with lots of free plugins that may be used to expand the functionality.

The Astra Websites function, in particular, is fantastic, allowing you to integrate numerous demo sites with a single click (perfect for agencies). GeneratePress also provides a few ready-to-import web pages. If you look at the cost, you’ll discover that GeneratePress is much less expensive than Astra Pro.

In Astra, there are more connections, starter sites, customization possibilities, and many other features. Is that to say it’s better? Not always, to be sure. It really doesn’t matter if Astra has other beginner websites if you like GeneratePress’s starter site because you need another single template. Similarly, if you are not into WooCommerce, Astra’s somewhat better and more thorough WooCommerce interface is irrelevant.

GeneratePress, on the other hand, has a small performance benefit, which is a high priority.

There is no variation in price between the premium and standard editions. When pricing is taken into consideration, there are two points to bear in mind:

  • Astra’s free edition is more flexible than GeneratePress’s free plan. If you just need the free version between either template, you’ll likely choose Astra.
  • To have access to the paid templates, you’ll need to purchase one of Astra’s business packages.

The type of webpage you’re creating should also be taken into note. GeneratePress, for instance, maybe the ideal choice for a brochures blog or website, but Astra is likely to be a better choice for WooCommerce stores and online courses.

The bottom line is that you can’t go astray in either theme, so you don’t have to be worried about making a mistake. Instead, simply choose the way that better emphasizes and reinforces what you are seeking.

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