How To Get Free .COM Domain Name And Hosting From Fastcomet

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How To Get Free .Com Domain Name And Hosting From Fastcomet

Are you looking for post on How To Get Free .COM Domain Name And Hosting From Fastcomet  then you are on the right place.

In this post I will share with you how to get free .com domain name and hosting from Fastcomet very easily

I request you to read all the steps and follow it simultaneously so that you dont get any issues.

I also made a post on create a WordPress blog within 10 minutes

The hosting used in above post is Bluehost.

But I got many requests from people that they are looking for much cheaper options and affordable renewal rate.

That is when i stumbled upon this awesome hosting called Fastcomet.

So without wasting your time lets get started on How To Get Free .COM Domain Name And Hosting From Fastcomet

How To Get Free .COM domain Name And Hosting From Fastcomet

Step 1 – Navigate to Fastcomet Homepage

Click here to navigate to Fastcomet Homepage

You will be taken to page as shown below

homepage of fastcomet
homepage of fastcomet

Step 2 – Click on See Plans

Scroll down to the page and you will see options as See Plans

Click on it and you will be shown the Fastcomet Hosting Plans

Fastcomet Hosting Plans
Fastcomet Hosting Plans

Step 3 – Choose Your Required Hosting Plan of Fastcomet

If you are just starting out you can choose StartSmart plan as it is best suitable for starters who just want to get started in blogging

Now click on Get Started

Step 4 – Select Domain Name

In this option you can either register a domain for FREE or use an existing domain name which you had purchased earlier

If you want to get free domain name for FREE you will see option like this

Select your domain name
Select your domain name

If you want to use your existing domain name you will see an option like this

Already existing domain name
Already existing domain name

Step 5 – Enter your account details for Hosting Account

In this step you will be shown whether your free .COM domain name is available or not

Also if its available you need to enter your personal information as shown

Account details of Fastcomet Hosting
Account details of Fastcomet Hosting

Scroll down to see more options

Account details Continued
Account details Continued

Keep reading post on “How To Get Free .COM Domain Name And Hosting From Fastcomet” for more information

Step 5 – Choose Billing Cycle

Fastcomet offers 4 billing cycle as shown below

Billing Cycle of Fastcomet
Billing Cycle of Fastcomet

I recommend you to use 12 months options as you will be offered FREE Setup 

Also the total charges will be 47.40 USD per year

It is really good option as many hosting provides higher renewal prices after completing 1 year with them.

Step 6 – Choose Addons

You can choose Addons for your hosting account as shown

I really dont recommend to buy Search Engine Submission

I would definitely recommend you to use include Domain Privacy (ID Protect) as it will help you protect your contact details from spammers via emails and phone calls.

Fastcomet Addons
Fastcomet Addons

Scroll down for some more options

Fastcomet Addons Continued
Fastcomet Addons Continued

Step 7 – Choose Configuration Options

In this option you need to choose datacenter nearest to your location

Following are the list of Datacenters available in Fastcomet hosting

  • Singapore,Asia-Pacific
  • Chicago,US,NA
  • Dallas,US,NA
  • Amsterdam,NE,EU
  • Frankfurt,DE,EU
  • London,UK,EU
  • Tokyo,JP,Asia
Configuration Options
Configuration Options

Step 8 – Enter billing information

In this step you need to enter your billing information and proceed to payment

Billing Information
Billing Information

After filling the data scroll down below you will be shown Order Summary

Total Order Summary
Total Order Summary

Once all thing is correct go ahead and click on Create Account 

Total Price (Including FREE Domain Name + Hosting ) = 47.4 $ per year

Total Price (Including FREE Domain Name + Hosting + Domain Privacy ID Protect) = 57.35 $ per year

Thats all ..!!

Your hosting account will be ready in seconds

I hope you found this post helpful on “How To Get Free .COM Domain Name And Hosting From Fastcomet” if you did please share it with your friends who want to start their own blog

Click here to get your free .COM domain name and Hosting from Fastcomet

Happy Blogging 🙂


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